Can you stop working now?

  Even if you have a golden mountain or silver mountain, and there is no new source of wealth, wealth will be expended one fine day. As the saying goes: It is better to teach people how to fish than to give people fishes.   Most people work hard for financial independence, but in the end they find that they have been slogging for most of their lives but they are still running in cycles. To achieve financial independence, we must remember a few principles: Income structure determines rich or poor Most people earn income through 8 hours of work, so the essence of earning income is selling time. Most people are thinking about how to increase the duration of paid work or increase the per hour rate. Most of their income comes from the salary they get from work every day. No matter how much time a person can work in a day, it is also limited. Therefore, the way to increase income mainly depends on the per hour rate and whether it can be sold repeatedly. Most people will strive to bec

Money management is only for the rich? 6 points of financial management knowledge that ordinary people should know to realize your financial dreams

Financial management is not exclusive to the rich, and ordinary people should also understand financial management. Is financial management really hard to learn? The answer is no, so here are some financial knowledge that ordinary people like you and me can understand. Everyone desires to have more wealth. Wealth is very important. Everyone knows that, but when it comes to financial management, many people start to feel confused. Because many people think that financial management is complicated. There are many wealth management products, including stocks and bonds, funds, wealth management products, paper gold, foreign exchange, P2P...etc. These investment types seem complicated. Therefore, many people prefer to store their money in the bank because they think financial management is too complex. But in fact financial management is neither difficult nor complicated, and ordinary people can understand it. For financial management, ordinary people only need to understand from two as

The eight golden periods of financial management in life, have you missed them?

In this new era of rapid economic development, everyone will not be afraid to talk about money. In the past, talking about money hurt feelings, but now you need to have money to talk about feelings? Therefore, everyone wants to make more money. There are definitely not a few people who are desperate to make money, and there are very few who are willing to manage money. However, when you want to manage your finances, you find that you have missed the best time. Okay, today, let us talk about the ten major financial opportunities in life. 01 The first is the budding period. It is the period before our secondary school. During this time, our financial resources are coming from our family members or relatives. This money is basically negligible, and it won't be of much use even if it is saved. So the suggestion is that you invest in your hobbies, what you like to do, and what you like to invest in. To put it bluntly, just do what you want. 02 The second is the ignorance period that

The fundamental reason why most people can’t save money is not because they spend too much, but because they lack a sense of crisis

01 As life is unpredictable, we are all worried. I remember the fables of squirrel and crow when I was young. Winter is coming, squirrels have been actively hoarding pine cones looking for food, but crows are lazy to go and find food. When winter really comes, squirrels have food for the whole winter, but the crow has nothing, thus   it can’t withstand the cold winter. In fact, we have long known the importance of preparing in advance, but I don’t think most people think that they will become that miserable crow. And many people cannot save money not only because they earn less and spend more, these are just behaviors, but the way of thinking is the most important. Because they can't think of the consequences of not saving money, life has not yet staged this scene for them. Maybe he won't be a crow, but he may be a frog slowly cooking in warm water, bewildered by the comfort of the moment, forgetting the danger that might come. 02 There was a girl on the Interne

Thoughts after 30 years old

01 Last month, due to the company’s manpower reshuffle, I was transferred to a new department. I will have lunch with my colleagues in the department occasionally. They paid about 5 bucks for lunch every day. What surprised me was that even though they were saving so painstakingly every day, they did not manage to save much at the end of the month. Therefore, after the age of 30, the ability to make money is more important than saving money. How to improve earning power? 02 Expand sources of income Nowadays, a single income has been unable to meet our living needs. Even though we are saving money, we need to spend to solve the economic difficulties of the family. Therefore, to expand the source of income, even if the income is not much. For example, I started blogging. Reasonably control expenses We all know that if we don't make conscious savings, no matter how much money we make, we can't save it. If we want to have a better life in the future, we have to star

45.6 billion money game! What "Squid Game" teaches us … (spoilers alert)

01 It took me two days to finish watching the hottest Korean drama "Squid Game" in Netflix. There are only 9 episodes, the whole series is relatively short, and it can be watched within a day. It started with 456 players participating in six rounds of the game for the 45.6 billion won prize, and through elimination, there was a sole winner. The weaknesses of human nature were fully exposed, and the contrast between good and evil makes people dwell deeper, thinking about life depicted In those childhood games. And in this drama, we see the cruelty of debts giving an important blow to life, making people risk their lives for the sake of money. 02 What financial enlightenment does this drama give us? 1. At any time, don't develop the psychology of gambling In the first episode, the protagonist is described as a person who is idle, loves to gamble, and lives off his mother. Because he loves to gamble, he is into of debts. His mother also has to share his bur

The truth about shopping you didn’t know: buying expensive stuff is saving money

Many of my friends say that tracking income and expenses is to save money. Trying to save every penny to buy the cheapest things? Wrong, buying more expensive item not necessarily cost more, but maybe it will save more money! Many people have this experience, go shopping in a big shopping mall, and have eyes set on a certain piece of clothing that may be too expensive. So he returned home and began to browse shopping websites to see other styles of clothes at cheap prices. He didn't hesitate to place an order due to the difference in price this time. If you want to buy a laptop, you may go to a physical apple store   but subsequently buy a cheaper version similar to macbook. These items were purchased under the influence of the idea of ​​"compared to expensive things, they are so cheap." In order to save money, I always buy cheap things I don't like in the past. I buy something not because I like it, but because it is "cheap" and "affordable.&qu