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11 secrets that sales experts don't want to tell you

1. Sales psychology

1 What customers want is not to be cheap, but to feel that they are taking advantage.

2 Do not argue with customers about price, but discuss value with customers.

3 There is no bad customer, only bad service.

4 It doesn't matter what you sell, but how you sell it.

5 There is no best product, only the most suitable product.

6 There is no unsellable goods, only unsellable people.

7 Success is not luck, but because of a method.


2. The Art of Selling

Customer asked: what advantages do you have compared with company A? 

Suggested rhetorical question: If you ask this way, you must have known about product A. In your opinion, which aspect of it makes you most satisfied, and why? After answering, you can say calmly: I understand very well, we also have these functions at the same time, in addition... sales is very creative, it is a profound knowledge, it is a comprehensive An art work based on the knowledge of marketing, psychology, eloquence, performance, etc.

Therefore, a worker is a laborer who uses his hands; a helmsman is a helmsman who uses his hands and mind; an artist is an artist who uses his hands, mind, and soul; only a salesman is qualified if he uses his hands, mind, soul, and legs.


3. Sales strategy

In Wal-Mart supermarkets in the United States, beer and diapers are sold together, which increases the sales of both diapers and beer. The reason is that American women will ask their husbands to buy diapers for their children after work, and men will buy diapers after buying he bought back his favourite beer, which formed such a magical sales effect. This is cross-selling and related selling ... As a marketer; you must be good at observation and learn to study sales strategies. A good salesman Strategies often lead to different results!


4. Five unspoken rules in bargaining

1 Never make an offer first, whoever makes an offer first will die first.

2 Never accept the other party's initial conditions, whoever accepts will suffer.

3 The bargaining price must be lower than the opponent's expected goal, and it is a fool not to kill.

4 Let the other party feel that his asking price is too scary.

5 Be ready to leave at any time, forcing the other party to make a hasty decision.


5. The most lucrative character is obsession

The survey found that 80% of new business can only be negotiated after the fifth phone call from the same person. 48% of salespeople lose a customer source after making the first call. 25% give up after the second call. 12% give up after the third hit. 10% continued to call. The 10% who don't give up are the ones who earn the most.


6. Create value

At first black pearls were not a good sell, many people thought they had a bad color and were gray and dull. Later, the businessman put the black pearl in the fifth avenue window and marked an unbelievably high price; at the same time, he continuously published advertisements, placing the black pearl against the backdrop of diamonds and precious stones. In this way, something of unknown value was hailed as a rare treasure overnight. No matter how good things are, if you don’t know how to shape the value, you can’t afford the price; no matter how ordinary things are, as long as you shape the value well, you can still afford a good price!


7. Practical sales skills

1 Sales does not require you to change others.

2 The success of sales depends on the goodwill of customers.

3 How to identify identity: Who is the customer? who am I?

4 To establish common beliefs and values, use "we" more.

5 Use "but" less and more "at the same time".


8. Three things to do when visiting customers

1 Pay attention to let the customer speak, every 45 seconds of speaking, must mobilize the customer to speak for 15 seconds. Keep speaking at the same rate as the other person.

2 After 3 minutes, it is necessary to find the customer's interest area and guide the topic to the hot spot of the other party.

3 Try to make customers remember their own unique characteristics, not the company's or the product's. Pay attention to the other party's psychological expectations, personality characteristics, qualities and experience.


9. The secret of selling in convenience stores

1 The best-selling drinks are placed at the bottom of the store: let you shop more.

2 Interrelated items should be placed together: stimulate your needs and let you buy more.

3 There will always be snacks in front of the cash register: let you buy things you didn't want to buy. The layout of the store layout is carefully set up, doing everything possible to induce customers to spend more money. Have you ever discovered these secrets?


10. Ways to resolve customer complaints

The golden steps to resolve customer complaints with high EQ:

1 Exert empathy and listen carefully to the content of complaints.

2 Express thanks and explain why he takes his complaint seriously.

3 If there is a mistake, apologize for the matter; if yes, apologize for the mood.

4 Promise to deal with it immediately and actively make up for it.

5 Propose a solution and a timetable, and ask the other party to confirm.

6 Satisfaction confirmation after doing the event.


11. Pricing strategy

Why is the last digit of the product price "9"? A price slightly lower than the integer is called the “magic price".

For example, a price of $29.9 is psychologically classified as more than $ 20, while a price of $30 (or above) is regarded as something of more than $30. More than $20 seems to be much lower than more than $30.

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14 workplace golden rules, which can effectively help you survive in the workplace better

Friday, October 20, 2023

14 workplace golden rules, which can effectively help you survive in the workplace better

1. There are only two types of people in the office, the protagonist and the secondary characters

In the workplace, if you want to live a relaxed life and don't want to climb up the ladder, you can only be a secondary character for your lifetime. The disadvantage of playing a secondary character is: you will die first without any credit. Considered first during layoffs. The current workplace is definitely not a place to raise lazy people. If you want to survive better than others, you have to be the protagonist and let others be the secondary character.

2. Everyone must have great ambitions, even if they want to destroy the world

Ambitiousness is the first condition to be a protagonist. In the workplace, if you don’t have a goal, you won’t be able to climb up the ladder aggressively, and in the end you can only become a secondary character and a victim of others. So whether you want to destroy the world or become the richest man, you must have ambitions and take this as your goal.

3. Don't be fooled by ideals, ideals are needed, but not others' ideals, but your own

When mentioning great ambitions, some people will think of corporate goals, corporate culture, and impassioned speeches from the boss. Forget about those, the boss's ideal is only the boss's, but in the workplace, you are independent. Keep a clear head and not be easily fooled. No matter what ideals others have, you must firmly remember your own ambitions, which is the foundation of your life.

4. If you really have no ambition, then fight for money

Everyone wants to retire, no one will want to work for others for life. So making money is the most important pursuit of people. A very dangerous situation in the workplace is that the boss uses ideals to win over people and wants people to work for nothing without money. But if you are really willing to work without money, then you are worthless. Since you are worthless, what is the need for existence? Money is the only thing that measures your worth. If you really do not have ideals, then strive to make money.

5. You may not be smart, but you cannot be careless

The workplace is the same, you can be not smart, but you can't be careless. People who are not smart are at most clumsy and do worse things. And in the workplace, it's not a great sin. But if you are not careful, you will violate the interests of others at any time, and commit the taboo of offending others in the workplace. Keep your mouth shut, don't talk about your colleagues when you can, and don't say bad things when you can say good things about people.

6. The boss will know everything you say. So think about what to say and what not to say

Don't expect your boss not to hear what you say in private. The boss knows everything, that's the truth. It's exactly the same in the workplace, as long as you're not talking to yourself, you have to worry about the person you're talking to getting word out. And experience tells us that every comment about the company will eventually reach the ears of the boss. So when you talk to anyone, think carefully about what to say and what not to say. Never say what you shouldn't say, and shut up what you don't want to say.

7. Playing stupid is always the least likely to make mistakes no matter when

When someone asks you to make decisions, no matter how you choose, it is wrong. Then pretending to be stupid is the best choice, which is the least error-prone way when you have no choice. Don't worry about being stupid, even if everyone sees that you're being stupid, they still can't do anything about you. Those who are really unlucky are those who have made decisions.

8. Thinking of yourself as the smartest person is often the stupidest

In the workplace, always thinking of yourself as the smartest person is always a secondary character. A truly smart person is one who can be a fool or shrewd as and when necessary.

9. You must have a backing, but what is more reliable than a backing is to make yourself valuable

Therefore, in the workplace, building a good relationship with your bosses is a must, and it is very important to find a good backing for yourself. And more importantly than that, make yourself worth enough that every boss has to win you over.

10. You belong to the boss, but the boss does not necessarily belong to you.

When a boss tells you that you belong to him, you must be clear in your heart that the boss is not yours. You are his and he is his. When your affairs conflict with the interests of your superiors, they will betray you without hesitation. Always remember that you are your own and only you can be responsible for yourself. Don't believe the boss's words of pretending to be close, it will be a trap at any time.

11. The boss says he is very reassuring about you, but the fact may be just the opposite

If the boss is really at ease with you, he doesn't need to mention it often. True trust is shown through actions. When the boss is willing to do things that hurt others and fight in the workplace with you, that is a manifestation of trust. But the boss verbally said that he is relieved with you, but he should be careful. It is very likely that you have done something to make the boss suspect that you are unfaithful.

12. Think about problems from the standpoint of the boss, and do things from the standpoint of oneself

When your boss trusts you and asks you to do something, you must have a ruler, and don't do everything stupidly. You have to think about the problem from the standpoint of the boss, understand why the boss does it, and what purpose it can achieve. Then make a decision based on your own position, some do it, some shirk it. Choose to do things that are in your own interests, and evade ideas that are not in your interests. Please use what you do to please your boss, and let your boss know that you have done your best by what you don't do.

13. There must be shortcomings

In the workplace, there must be flaws. A perfect person with no flaws will be hated and respected by others. If even your boss keeps you at arm's length, your career path will be in danger. So smart people will deliberately expose some shortcomings, especially innocuous ones, so that the boss thinks he can handle you, and that is the safest situation. But the shortcomings must not be fatal, but they cannot be your real weaknesses.

14. Everyone is on the side of evil, because everyone has their own good

Finally, a word about ideals. Everyone has their own ideals, and what is good for their own ideals is good, and what is not conducive to other people's ideals is evil. Because people have different positions and different needs. So in the eyes of others, you must stand on the side of evil. You are always your own good and others' evil.

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30 Tips for a Minimalist Life

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30 Tips for a Minimalist Life

1. Making money is the most effective way to protect yourself and those around you.

2. Don't look down on anyone. Many people who wear slippers may be millionaires.

3. People who suffer the most are often the most sober.

4. Broken love is not terrible; it is just paving the way for the arrival of true love.

5. For ordinary people with no background and no resources, insisting on doing one thing can make you surpass 90% of your peers.

Singing, painting, writing, design, etc., find a hobby that you can stick to for more than 10 years, and keep cultivating. There may be no improvement in the first two years. After 5 years, you will get a huge return. After 10 years, you can put this  Do things to the extreme, surpassing the lives and achievements of 90% of your peers.

6. Action is the best way to improve your personality. You may not be able to see anything for a few days, but after a few years, your enthusiasm will spread to a certain extent, and many people will be willing to work hard with you.

7. There are four things in life that you must never do: Don't just take the easy road; Don't try to change others; Don't dare to start because you are afraid of failure; Never have a temper that is greater than your ability.

8. Don't let yourself stop for a long time. Once you get used to being comfortable, you will lose the ability to seek change and eventually become a person abandoned by the times.

9. Wealth is conserved, and the amount of money you make is positively related to the value you provide.

10. It is easy to give up, but it must be cool to persist. Fate will fail a person who works hard, but never fail a person who has been working hard. Treat yourself better, and be cruel to yourself.

11. The easy way is downhill.

12. It's not that you can't find love, but you can't hold on to love. until you think your love is not the love of your life.

13. Reading a book does not change, but if you keep reading, there will be. Reading is not for eloquence, nor for superiority, but for maintaining independent thinking and keeping a sober mind in a noisy world.


14. Adults can choose to do anything, this is your freedom. Provided that, to think clearly whether you can bear the consequences and the price.

15. True self-confidence comes from fully accepting yourself. otherwise, you will only admire the strong and despise the weak.

16. Salary is always linked to authority. Talking to the leader about salary increase is worse than increasing authority.

17. The horoscope of interpersonal communication: ignore prejudice and stay away from prejudice. People who have prejudice against you, no matter what you do or say, he will oppose you. To avoid these troubles, not explaining or arguing is the best counterattack.

18. In the face of small groups, a neutral relationship is the safest. Don't rush to stand in line, neither good nor bad to people. Because a small group formed for the purpose of isolation will inevitably split again for the purpose of isolation.

If you support him to isolate others today, tomorrow he may unite with others and begin to isolate you. This is due to human nature.

19. In the implementation stage, I am most afraid of having scruples. Just do the planned things, don't always think about it, waste time and torture yourself.

20. People with high emotional intelligence never deliberately please others, but always please themselves.

21. Never lie to yourself. It is much easier to deceive yourself than to deceive others, but it is much more difficult to wake yourself up than to wake up others.

22. The most cost-effective business is to invest in yourself. A shrewd person spends money to improve, but a foolish person only spends money to enjoy, and sit back and eat.

23. To maintain lifelong learning, don't stand still. When the times abandon you, they won't say goodbye to you. If you don't make progress, it is the biggest regression.

24. You try your best to run forward, not to change the world, but to not be abandoned by the world.

25. Be yourself. You can become someone in one day.  Everyone is born an original, don't let yourself live as a pirated version.

26. Don't pin your happiness on others. Because people will change and love will disperse. The road of life is always to be walked by yourself, no one can replace your happiness, and no one can pay for your happiness. Self-sufficient happiness will not worry about gains and losses.

27. Let go of the love that makes yourself humble. For the purpose of love, is to make yourself better, not to scar you all over.

After all, some love can be met but never sought. Those who cannot wait should not wait, and the world that cannot be squeezed in should not hold on.

28. Always keep 30% of the mystery for yourself. Only then will others see a side of you they didn't expect, and you will always bring something new to others. This rule applies to all relationships.

29. 99% of all the people you meet in your life are strangers. So, relax, you don't have that many viewers.

30. If you can't say good things, avoid bad things or shut up. I am afraid that what you say unintentionally will be deliberately interpreted by people with ulterior motives.

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The top level of self-discipline: "Never expose, but stay away, and quietly eliminate you.”

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Friday, October 6, 2023

The top level of self-discipline: "Never expose, but stay away, and quietly eliminate you.”

If you don't like a person, you don't need to compete with him, and you don't need to waste your saliva for someone who is not worth it.

Don't affect your mood, be a "transparent person", hide yourself, stay away from him, and you will win. 

Yes, in the world of adults, you have to digest your grievances by yourself. You don’t need to tell your story to everyone. Few people really understand you. Most people will only laugh at you from their own standpoint.

All you can do is tolerate and become stronger and stronger step by step. Jump out of the circle that you hate, and leave people who have different views from you.

We only have more than 30,000 days, and there are very few things that are really worth paying attention to. What you really care about is your relatives, friends, and other people's criticism or appreciation.

The rest of your life is expensive, don't waste time on people you hate, the best way for adults to end a relationship is not to quarrel and collapse, but to alienate silently.

What is the difference between the thinking of the poor and the rich?

Chapter One

The poor are overwhelmed by feelings, looks, and relationships, and rarely think about the underlying logic.

The capitalists say, “It’s only once in a lifetime.” The poor are so worried that they save half a year’s worth of money to hold a wedding of the century.

Capitalists say, "Women should pamper themselves." Poor people are tempted, they should eat and play, and buying a bag costs a month's salary,

The capitalists say, "Diamonds are forever, and one piece will last forever." The poor think it is too true, what sincerity is there without a diamond ring? 

Sometimes I feel that the capitalist is really bad, he will say whatever you like to hear, in short, you will be full of joy when you clean up your bank account, and feel that you have not neglected yourself. Then the days pass year after year, and you have nothing left, only a room full of unused old products, a closet of discarded brand-name clothes, a few broken stones, and a piece of paper that has been repeatedly consumed by beauty salons until it is sensitive. Face.

Chapter two

[Change, starting from the way of thinking

1. Live fish will swim upstream, and dead fish will drift with the current.

2. When an event is considered an opportunity by everyone, it is no longer an opportunity.

3. Youth is capital, but it is worthless without hard work.  

4. If you care about the people in front of you, you will lose the future.  

5. President Roosevelt said: Be the master of time, the master of destiny, and the helmsman of the soul.  

6. The rich make money from capital, and the poor get rich from knowledge.

7. It is unfortunate that others look down on you; it is even more unfortunate that you look down on yourself.

8. You can lose everything in the world, but you can't lose hope and confidence.

9. The wise create opportunities, the strong seize them, and the weak wait for them.

10. A person has two plots of land: one plot of land during the day is to fill his stomach, and one plot of land at night is to cultivate his own future.

11. Having nothing is a kind of wealth, which makes people take action to change their destiny. 

12. People often use books to judge unknown things, and often take wrong inferences as correct conclusions.

13. What do the poor lack? On the surface, they lack funds, but in essence they lack ambition, ideas in their minds, courage in their bones, understanding of opportunities, actions for change, and perseverance in their careers.

14. The smartest person in the world borrows the experience of other people's bad head and blood as his own experience; the most stupid person in the world uses his own bad experience as experience.

15. Only by suffering what others can't bear, enduring the anger that others can't bear, and doing things that others can't do, can you enjoy everything that others can't enjoy.

third chapter

Workplace: Choice is more important than change

1. Don't start easily, don't change the track easily once you start.

2. Rolling stones do not gather moss, change careers do not gather wealth, frequent switching is not recommended

So think twice before switching job every time.

3. If you really feel that the moment is not suitable, don’t stay for a second. The faster you leave the wrong place, the closer you will be to the right place.

4. Career planning is ultimately to be loyal to your heart, to your choice, to do what you like, and to work hard for it.

5. For unsuitable jobs, persuading yourself not to leave is more like persuading yourself to swallow your anger. And the work you love, persuading yourself to persevere, is to be strong for love.

6. Choose the right industry and the right position, and the whole person will devote himself to it. I asked a designer who worked on the plan all night, isn't he tired? He told me: This is my work. There are passion in the eyes.

7. Choosing a career is actually very simple: do what you can do, do what you like, and do what you are willing to work hard for.

8. Jobs said: Being overwhelmed by other people's loud opinions drowns out your true inner voice. Your intuition and heart know what you want to be.

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