Friday, October 13, 2023

30 Tips for a Minimalist Life

1. Making money is the most effective way to protect yourself and those around you.

2. Don't look down on anyone. Many people who wear slippers may be millionaires.

3. People who suffer the most are often the most sober.

4. Broken love is not terrible; it is just paving the way for the arrival of true love.

5. For ordinary people with no background and no resources, insisting on doing one thing can make you surpass 90% of your peers.

Singing, painting, writing, design, etc., find a hobby that you can stick to for more than 10 years, and keep cultivating. There may be no improvement in the first two years. After 5 years, you will get a huge return. After 10 years, you can put this  Do things to the extreme, surpassing the lives and achievements of 90% of your peers.

6. Action is the best way to improve your personality. You may not be able to see anything for a few days, but after a few years, your enthusiasm will spread to a certain extent, and many people will be willing to work hard with you.

7. There are four things in life that you must never do: Don't just take the easy road; Don't try to change others; Don't dare to start because you are afraid of failure; Never have a temper that is greater than your ability.

8. Don't let yourself stop for a long time. Once you get used to being comfortable, you will lose the ability to seek change and eventually become a person abandoned by the times.

9. Wealth is conserved, and the amount of money you make is positively related to the value you provide.

10. It is easy to give up, but it must be cool to persist. Fate will fail a person who works hard, but never fail a person who has been working hard. Treat yourself better, and be cruel to yourself.

11. The easy way is downhill.

12. It's not that you can't find love, but you can't hold on to love. until you think your love is not the love of your life.

13. Reading a book does not change, but if you keep reading, there will be. Reading is not for eloquence, nor for superiority, but for maintaining independent thinking and keeping a sober mind in a noisy world.

14. Adults can choose to do anything, this is your freedom. Provided that, to think clearly whether you can bear the consequences and the price.

15. True self-confidence comes from fully accepting yourself. otherwise, you will only admire the strong and despise the weak.

16. Salary is always linked to authority. Talking to the leader about salary increase is worse than increasing authority.

17. The horoscope of interpersonal communication: ignore prejudice and stay away from prejudice. People who have prejudice against you, no matter what you do or say, he will oppose you. To avoid these troubles, not explaining or arguing is the best counterattack.

18. In the face of small groups, a neutral relationship is the safest. Don't rush to stand in line, neither good nor bad to people. Because a small group formed for the purpose of isolation will inevitably split again for the purpose of isolation.

If you support him to isolate others today, tomorrow he may unite with others and begin to isolate you. This is due to human nature.

19. In the implementation stage, I am most afraid of having scruples. Just do the planned things, don't always think about it, waste time and torture yourself.

20. People with high emotional intelligence never deliberately please others, but always please themselves.

21. Never lie to yourself. It is much easier to deceive yourself than to deceive others, but it is much more difficult to wake yourself up than to wake up others.

22. The most cost-effective business is to invest in yourself. A shrewd person spends money to improve, but a foolish person only spends money to enjoy, and sit back and eat.

23. To maintain lifelong learning, don't stand still. When the times abandon you, they won't say goodbye to you. If you don't make progress, it is the biggest regression.

24. You try your best to run forward, not to change the world, but to not be abandoned by the world.

25. Be yourself. You can become someone in one day.  Everyone is born an original, don't let yourself live as a pirated version.

26. Don't pin your happiness on others. Because people will change and love will disperse. The road of life is always to be walked by yourself, no one can replace your happiness, and no one can pay for your happiness. Self-sufficient happiness will not worry about gains and losses.

27. Let go of the love that makes yourself humble. For the purpose of love, is to make yourself better, not to scar you all over.

After all, some love can be met but never sought. Those who cannot wait should not wait, and the world that cannot be squeezed in should not hold on.

28. Always keep 30% of the mystery for yourself. Only then will others see a side of you they didn't expect, and you will always bring something new to others. This rule applies to all relationships.

29. 99% of all the people you meet in your life are strangers. So, relax, you don't have that many viewers.

30. If you can't say good things, avoid bad things or shut up. I am afraid that what you say unintentionally will be deliberately interpreted by people with ulterior motives.

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