Sunday, December 31, 2023

To the person I care about the most

To my family 

When I was young, I always felt that my parents were nagging and controlling too much; when I grew up, realized that only our parents are the ones who don’t ask for anything in return and desperately protect us. It is the love of my parents that makes me more firm on the way forward.

Dear parents, thank you for your careful upbringing and sheltering me from all worries. In the past, you were my biggest backer; in the future, I will be your best backer.

I want time to go slower, so that I can love you longer. It is my greatest wish that you are safe and sound ; my greatest peace of mind is that everything at home is safe. Remember to take good care of your body.

To my lover 

In my opinion, the most beautiful thing in the world is meeting the right you at the right time.

Along the way, we have had quarrels, misunderstandings, frictions, but fortunately, we have not given up on each other. We have experienced many things together, and finally we can be more considerate, tolerant, understanding, and successful with each other.

Thank you for making me believe that the world is worth it. Please also believe that no matter what kind of wind and rain you experience, I will stand firmly by your side. 

To my friend 

I am very happy to have you all by my side. We used to chat and sing together, cried and laughed together, and experienced the beauty and freshness together. Thank you for allowing me to be my truest self unscrupulously.

Dear friend, thank you for appearing in my life, giving me warmth and joy; thank you for doing your best to help me when I encounter difficulties.

Because of our busy schedule, we don't have many chances to get together often, but I believe that no matter how far away we are, we can't stop thinking about it in our hearts; no matter how busy the day is, it won't dilute the friendship between you and me. In the years to come, may we keep in touch and walk together warmly.

To myself 

You have cared about many people, but don't forget that you are the one who deserves to be loved.

In the face of difficulties, you know how to adjust your emotional state and live a more orderly life; in the face of failure, you are not discouraged and constantly update your cognition. thank myself, have experienced troughs and setbacks, but I treat the people around me more gently.

Dear self, thank you for all the kindness and beauty you bring to this world. Today, I also want to say to you: "You have worked hard!" From now on, don't forget to love yourself. There are infinite possibilities in the future, may your heart be full of hope, fearless and brave, go forward.

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This year, thank myself

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Friday, December 29, 2023

This year, thank myself

Thank you for your persistence  

This year, I believe you have had many warm and happy moments, but also encountered some difficulties and ups and downs.

Maybe you've overcome the odds, or maybe you're still dealing with challenges, but thank you, you've kept going this year.

Thank you for the self who has always refused to admit defeat and never flinched, thank you for the self that has been accumulating strength and facing difficulties, and thank you for the self that is running with all its strength and getting more and more frustrated.

Say "Thank you" to yourself, and move on. Please believe that there will be a rainbow after the storm, and you will grow into a stronger self.


Thank you for knowing how to cherish yourself

This year, you, who are one year older, know more about cherishing.

Cherish your family, cherish your friends, cherish the present, and cherish every little happiness. Occasionally, when I feel tired, I feel very satisfied when I think that there is a place called home waiting for me behind me .

This year, you have learned not to leave your bad temper to your family, you have learned to prepare small surprises for your lover, and you have learned to accompany your children with more patience.

This year, thank you for knowing how to cherish. Please cherish this happy time, give them more warm support and companionship, and express your love and gratitude to them more.


Thank you for believing in love

This year, we went around and met, met, and got to know many people.

Some people are very lucky and finally met the person they like, and lived a sweet little life with the blessings of relatives and friends; Life; some people become a little anxious because the end of the year is approaching, but they are still determined to find happiness.

No matter what state you are in, remember to thank the self who has always "believed in love, expected love, and bravely loved".

Please believe: you are worthy of all the good things in the world, you will meet the most beautiful and suitable person, eat three meals and four seasons together, and enjoy joy and sweetness.


Thank you for not being perfect

This year, some plans may not be completed, but you don't have to blame yourself too much. In the long journey of life, it is inevitable that we will encounter some bottleneck periods. Facing setbacks is a crucial life lesson sometimes.

Gently say "it's okay" to yourself, and hug the imperfect self.

Don't be too frustrated when you encounter problems, don't care too much about other people's evaluations, take care of your own emotions, and think about your shining points. Give yourself a little more time and you will transform into a better version of yourself.

Don't be afraid that your life answer sheet is not full marks. A healthy and happy you is the perfect answer.


2023 is coming to an end. This year, you may have expressed your heartfelt thanks to many people, but don’t forget, you are the one who deserves the most thanks.

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Each of us should be responsible for making ourselves better

Friday, December 22, 2023

Each of us should be responsible for making ourselves better

Have you ever think of what is the meaning of life? You may not have time to think about it, especially when you are busy every day, and days pass without knowing it. When you calm down one day, you can't help but think about these questions, why are you busy every day, what are you busy with, what problems did you solve, or make yourself better?

I feel like I am lost and have no direction on some days, and sometimes I feel that I have a clear goal, but I don’t know how to go forward. Especially when there is nothing to do, and it feels meaningless to do anything. Many people may encounter this situation, but after a few days when the mood improves, they will return to the old way.

We should make some time for ourselves, sit down and think about the meaning of our life. Some people may think that this is a question that people will think about when they are depressed. We should learn to take the initiative to think about these issues. We don’t have to worry about wars, our three meals a day, or where even to live. What we have to think about is how we can live a better life, or make our family life better. We should be grateful that we can live in this beautiful era, and we should cherish this beautiful life even more. Why are other people living better and better but not me? It is our irresponsibility to ourselves and our irresponsibility to our family.

Just because we live in the best time, we don't know how to struggle, don't know how to work hard, As long as we have food and shelter every day, we forget our origins. Our ancestors used their lives and their youth to buy us a good time, but we eat and drink every day. We play games and watch TV shows with our mobile phones. Just forgetting to work hard and forget to learn and progress for a while is actually irresponsible to oneself.

We must learn to protect ourselves and learn to make ourselves stronger. This is our responsibility. We don't bully the weak, but we also don't allow others to bully us. What's wrong with us is that we lack fighting spirit, our ancestors survived such difficult times, but now we don't have the courage to stand up. The economy of others is getting better and better. It's time for us to wake up; we should at least be responsible for our own better lives.

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Learn to be down-to-earth when your ability can't support your dreams

Friday, December 15, 2023

Learn to be down-to-earth when your ability can't support your dreams

Don't always think about doing big things, just don't be greedy and set yourself too high a goal, a goal that is difficult to achieve. You can only do the small things in front of you down-to-earth. When you do the small things well and improve your ability, you will naturally be able to do big things well.

The reason is very simple, you are an ordinary office worker, if you are asked to be a leader and manager, obviously your ability is not up to it, and you will not be able to support a company or a single business. What you have to do is to do the things in front of you in a down-to-earth manner, improve your ability, and only when your quantitative accumulation reaches a certain level can there be a qualitative change.

Maybe some people will be unconvinced, and say that in the past, others can do business without knowing anything, and there are many people who are successful, but maybe you only see some people, and you may not see how many people went bankrupt.

Let's analyze the reasons first. First of all, the reform and opening up made business very easy, because there were very few people doing business. As long as you have the courage and ideas to do it, it is easy to make money. This is called an opportunity, but how many people can do it? Seeing and seizing opportunities, most of them can’t see them, and think they are speculative. People who can see opportunities have certain insights, which is what we often call cognition. If we put you at that time, you may not have such cognition, cognition is also a part of ability, when your ability is not enough, you will not see opportunities at all.

Another one is whether you can bear hardships and hard work, work hard to do it well, and persevere.

So we should not always feel that there is no opportunity. I believe that each of us will encounter good opportunities, but when you do not have the knowledge and ability, you cannot support the opportunities you encounter at all, and you will also miss the opportunities.

When the ability is not enough, when you can't see the opportunity, it means that your cognition is not enough, the ability is not strong enough. When your ability cognition reaches a certain level, you will find opportunities everywhere. 

As long as you work hard, learn, improve your cognition and enhance your ability, you will become someone else Be the object of envy and become what you want!

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People will never know how good they are unless they push themselves

Friday, December 8, 2023

People will never know how good they are unless they push themselves

Human potential is unlimited, and only by constantly stimulating our potential can we make ourselves better. 

How can I unleash my potential? 

Sometimes we have a feeling that the more powerful people we meet, the stronger we will become. In fact, this is invisibly forcing out one's own potential. People have a competitive mentality, no matter what they do, they will think of doing better than others. So if you want to make yourself stronger, you have to learn from people who are better than you. It's very simple. For example, when we study, we will play and study with people with similar grades. Those who study well can become friends with those who study well, and those who study poorly stay with those who study poorly. If good learners and poor learners are together, either the poor learners will be influenced to become good learners, or the good learners will be spoiled, and their academic performance will become worse and worse.

People who step into society are also with people who are similar to themselves. If you are poor, you will be with poor people every day, and rich people will also be with rich people. If one day you step into a circle that doesn't belong to you, you will feel very uncomfortable. Either you leave this circle, or you try to change yourself to fit into this circle.

Similarly, if you are with a group of unmotivated people every day, you will continue to hang out like them every day, but suddenly one day there will be a change and let you go to another circle, such as going to work or studying. You will find the gap between you and others. If you want to be like them, you will change and learn from them, become as good as they are. Of course, if you don't have the courage to change, and if you don't have the determination to persevere, you will leave this circle and find the same circle as you used to be in.

Only when you push yourself, you will know how good you are!

I saw a story like this a few days ago, and I don't remember the specific plot, but it probably means an old lady in her 70s, with no culture or expertise, her child failed to do business and owed more than 20 million debts. To make matters worse, the child died in an accident. As a result, all the debt collectors came to collect the debt. When they saw an old lady, they felt that there was no hope of collecting the debt, but the old lady said, don’t worry, I will pay back the debt my son owes you. As long as you trust me, I will find a way to return the money to you. She is a trustworthy person, and her son is also a trustworthy person. They will never break our promise. She really did payback the debt as promised.

Each of us has unlimited potential, and the story of the old lady inspires us even more. As long as you are willing to make changes and push yourself, you can do it too. Don’t always feel that you are inferior to others and be afraid of others. Force yourself to make changes, and believe that one day you will become better and better, and you will admire yourself.

Push yourself and you will become the best version of yourself! You will also be proud of your achievements!

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You must work hard and persevere silently until you have achieved results

Friday, December 1, 2023

You must work hard and persevere silently until you have achieved results

Before you produce any good grades, you must study, improve your abilities, and strengthen your skills. Everyone must work hard before they succeed. If you don't work hard, you will never get the affirmation and respect of others.

Others can just say that your work is wrong, and you have no ability to argue with others. But if you work hard to change silently, when you achieve certain results, even if what you say is wrong, others will think that what you said is right. Only when your professional level improves and your ability is affirmed by others, others will respect you and think you are a master. If you have no ability, everyone will look down on you, and you will not listen to what you say, and others will not listen to you, even if what you say is right, they will not listen to you. 

Achievements are the only reason to convince others. Only if you see your own problems, you can change to improve your abilities and make yourself stronger. It's a very simple truth. A successful person is surrounded by many people. Everyone will obey what he says and does. Even old people respect him. Similarly, when you have no grades or abilities, no one will take you seriously.


Before you have achieved results, don't tell others about your ability and strength, because if you have no ability, you have no achievements, and you simply don't have the ability to support you to argue with others, even if you are right. So before you have no achievement, only by doing things silently and doing things well, can you be affirmed and respected by others, and what you say has weight.


As a boss or as a leader or as a technical worker, you must have achievements in your profession and be able to do things well. If you can only talk, but has no actual action or ability, others will not obey you. Even if you are the leader, others will look down on you. Because they think that you don't have the ability but to rely on others to help you do it, and others will always respect the strong. Ordinary people like us work very hard and work very hard every day, but we have no achievement and no expertise. Only when you stand out and surpass others and are more professional than others, will you become the envy of others.


Maybe many people think that they are very capable but this is a wrong perception. Others don’t look at how strong you are but how much you have achieved. It is only when you have real materials and achievements, others will recognize you.


When you haven’t reached a certain height, don’t talk about your ideals with others, or talk about your own ideas. If you talk about it, others will only think it’s a joke. When you are incapable, you must learn to bow your head to study, improve yourself, and don't argue with others about right and wrong.


Learn to bow your head to study hard, improve yourself silently, don't be afraid of hard work, as long as you are willing to persevere, then one day you will amaze everyone!

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