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The 4 kinds of food should be avoided if you have Gout

The 4 kinds of food should be avoided after high uric acid develops gout, so that uric acid does not get out of control

With the improvement of living conditions, people's diets are getting better, so this will lead to the high incidence of many diseases, one of which is commonly gout, and there are many people who call gout a disease of affluence, because it has a certain relationship with diet.

However, many people who suffer from gout do not treat it in time and do not control their diet, often overeating and drinking as they please.

For those who suffer from gout, is it still possible to eat and drink as much as you like? What are the effects on the body?

In fact, when you have gout, you have to control your diet and stop overeating and drinking. If you eat and drink as much as you want, the result is pain, and when the condition is severe, the pain is more intense and unbearable.

This is because when you suffer from gout, the level of uric acid in your body rises. If you don't pay attention to your diet, then the level of uric acid deposited in the joint cavity will increase and eventually form a kind of crystalline salt, which affects the normal movement of the joints, leading to movement disorders and bringing serious consequences to your life.

So after the emergence of gout, we must have proper control of their diet. If we overeat the following 4 kinds of food, then it will let the uric acid out of control, bringing serious harm to the body, which kinds of food are there?

1, High purine food

As we all know, purines are a cause of elevated uric acid in the body, so once the level of uric acid in the body is elevated, then it is difficult to discharge the body in a timely manner resulting in joint pain causing gout.

Therefore, in order to prevent gout, it is necessary to limit the intake of high purine foods, such as seafood and animal offal.

These foods are taboo for people with high uric acid, so if you don't want to suffer from gout, then you should avoid these foods in your diet.

2. Alcohol

When alcohol enters the body, it needs to be metabolised by the liver, which will then use the water in the blood, which will lead to an increase in the concentration of uric acid in the blood, which over time will form a crystalline substance in the human tissue and worsen the symptoms.

It is important to remember that beer is not a high purine food, but many of the substances it contains will be converted into purine-containing substances after entering the body, so beer is also a cause of gout patients to quit eating.

3. Strong tea and coffee

With the rise of the coffee industry, many people like to make a cup of coffee or strong tea to refresh themselves, which is a good thing in itself.

However, for patients, after strong tea and coffee enter the body, although it does not directly lead to an increase in purine content, but will make the vagus nerve in the brain in a state of excitement.

This will accelerate the production of uric acid in the body, but it cannot be excreted in time, so it will lead to an increase in the uric acid content in the body and worsen the symptoms of gout.

4, Spicy and stimulating food

When it comes to spicy and stimulating foods and diets that can raise uric acid, hot pot is at the top of the list, especially if there is hot pot soup, because a lot of seafood is put in it when the hot pot is cooked.

Therefore, it is best for people who want to prevent gout to avoid eating hot pot, otherwise they will suffer.

If you drink a lot of alcohol, strong tea, coffee, and a diet high in purines, or if you eat spicy and irritating food, it can lead to a sharp rise in uric acid, which can be very harmful to your health.

Therefore, it is important to eat a light diet with plenty of whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruits, and to drink plenty of water, with a daily intake of around 2000ml.

In addition to this, you should also exercise, such as walking, jogging and tai chi, which can help to improve your metabolism and help to relieve your condition.

What kind of tea is suitable for people with high uric acid and gout?

Nowadays, people's standard of living is getting higher and higher, and the number of people with high uric acid and gout is increasing year by year. Some people with high uric acid may be asymptomatic throughout their lives, but if the blood uric acid level continues to rise, it is likely to cause gout and make people "miserable". To reduce uric acid, one is to reduce the production of uric acid and the other is to increase uric acid excretion. To increase uric acid excretion, we need to increase the amount of water we drink, so what tea is suitable for people with high uric acid and gout?

Uric acid is metabolised through purines, which are the body's metabolic waste. The uric acid produced by the body every day is temporarily stored in a place called the "uric acid pool" and then excreted out of the body with urine and faeces. Under normal circumstances, there is a dynamic balance between the amount of uric acid produced and the amount excreted each day, but if more uric acid is produced or less is excreted, then excess uric acid will build up in the blood, raising the blood uric acid level and creating hyperuricaemia. If uric acid levels continue to rise, uric acid crystals can be precipitated and deposited in the joints, causing gout.

About two thirds of the uric acid produced in the body is excreted in the urine through the kidneys and one third is excreted in the stool through the intestines. Because uric acid is poorly soluble, it must be excreted in sufficient quantities in the urine.

In addition to reducing purine intake, another point in the dietary treatment of high uric acid and gout is to increase water intake to promote uric acid excretion. People with gout should drink at least 2000ml of water a day, choosing from plain water, mineral water, light tea, etc.

Whatever tea you drink, it is not effective in treating gout, but only plays a role in increasing the amount of water you drink. However, when drinking tea, you must choose light tea water. Strong tea has a high caffeine content, which has a stimulating effect on the autonomic nerves and may trigger an acute attack of gout. Because of the large volume of water consumed by gout patients, drinking plain water every day can be tasteless. Drinking some light tea can help maintain a certain amount of urine to promote uric acid excretion, prevent uric acid kidney stones and delay progressive kidney damage.

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Managing oneself well is one's essential skill

Managing oneself well is one's essential skill

Life, in fact, is a game between oneself. Do not give up the demanding for self is a person's real ability.

1, Manage the image.

I don't know if you find that as you grow older, people around you are slowly becoming two groups: one group is being destroyed by the years into unkempt, out-of-shape "greasy" middle-aged; the other group seems to have eaten preservatives, maintain very well. The different groups have a very different attitude to life.

I agree with the saying, "Managing your image is not about superficiality, but about respect for yourself and admiration for life." The real ageing of a person is never the ageing, but the loss of the demand for self. Don't concede defeat to life, don't bow to the years. The best maintenance product in this world is your self-discipline and not settling for less.

2. Manage your body.

I read news. An entrepreneur was unwell because of prolonged exertion and was found to have myocardial ischemia when he went to the hospital. The doctor asked him to be hospitalised immediately for observation, but he did not take it to heart. Who would have thought that he would pass away suddenly a few days later. Overnight, his prestigious education and wealthy career, which he had been proud of, were all in vain.

Health is 1, everything else is 0. Once the 1 is gone, there is no point in having more 0s. All the health that was overdrawn will have to be repaid a hundred times over afterwards. Every time you go to bed early, wake up early and eat on time, you are building up your energy for tomorrow.

3. Manage your emotions.

When you encounter trouble, your mind explodes, turning a very simple matter into a mess; arguing with your lover over a trivial matter, turning over old scores when you are not in the right mind,  without being conscious, opening your mouth and saying hurtful things ...... We have all been consumed by sudden emotions at some point because of something, and many of life's regrets and regrets are often the result of this. People who are truly mature know how to manage their emotions. They never lose their temper that they shouldn't, they don't rush things, they don't get upset because of anger, and they never use bad emotions to affect others.

4. Managing social circles.

After dealing with all kinds of people, you will slowly understand: friends, quality is much more important than quantity. If you are only concerned about the circle of drinking and dining, you will neglect those who treat you sincerely.

The worldly and hypocritical circle of people should be cut off; the negative circle of people who consume you should be shed; the circle of people who do not belong to you should be left. To sift through friends is to sort out your life, and to manage your circle is also the beginning of refining yourself. When the circle is clean, people are comfortable; when the relationship is comfortable, people are comfortable.

People can only be responsible for others if they are responsible for themselves first. Self-management is a lifelong lesson for all of us.

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These 10 signs that you are getting better

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These 10 signs that you are getting better

These 10 signs that you are getting better

Gradually getting savings

If you have read The Road to Financial Freedom, you will know that the first rule of happiness is to save money.

Old people love to save money, but in our generation, somehow, they have all become "negative" people. We borrow and overdraw for the future, and then use our present efforts to pay back our past spending.

Good saving habits will give you a sense of security and also give you more initiative in the world of "buying".

If you've graduated a few years ago and still don't have any savings, be sure to take note, but don't worry, start saving now.

Be able to get up early and go to bed early on your own initiative

The key to this one is "initiative".

A psychiatrist friend of mine once told me that the best way to treat depression is to give the patient a sense of control first.

I asked, "What is a sense of control?

He said, "It starts with taking the initiative to go to bed early and get up early.

Actually, going to bed early and waking up early is not so great. What is great is to take the initiative to go to bed early and wake up early for ten years.

In other words, you are not woken up by work or your boss, you want to go to bed early and get up early, you want to do something with your time in the morning.

Of course, it's also pretty awesome that you have to go to bed late and get up late on your own initiative for ten years as a whole.

Start accepting your imperfections

Everyone, in fact, has their own flaws.

But a person will focus more on his or her strengths and strategically ignore his or her weaknesses, which has two benefits.

Firstly, one can be more confident.

Secondly, one can put better energy into one's strengths.

In fact, the older one gets, the less likely one is to accept one's imperfections, but it is when one begins to accept one's imperfections that one will move towards perfection.

In one's twenties, one has to come to terms with one's imperfections.

In one's thirties, one accepts the imperfections of one's parents.

In one's forties one has to come to terms with the imperfections of one's children.

Imperfection is also a form of beauty.

Take the initiative to stop having friends with negative energy

The older you get, the more likely you are to see that negative people are actually lurking around you.

Many may be friends and relatives who are usually particularly close, but remember.

As you start to make the leap, you will find that you become more and more out of step with your old surroundings, and that those people you used to be very close to are instantly distant.

But don't worry, move on. Sometimes you don't have to cut off those friends, they will cut you off.

It's not a big deal, you just need to move on, and the brave will follow you on the road.

Start reading and exercising regularly

Apart from the dopamine production and the desire to learn, more importantly, you start to realise that there is more to life than just the little circle you were in.

A person who lies down all day will not know the kind of joy that comes from being on a treadmill.

Similarly, those who don't love reading will never understand how the world is seen by those who have knowledge in their brain.

Begin expressing yourself regularly

So, please start expressing and outputting regularly, for example, writing articles, which, at first, may not be read by many people, but as you write better and better and more, more people will read them.

Eat well at every meal

What is the most basic sign that a person is being alive?

The answer is to eat well at every meal.

You can take the initiative to choose some ingredients that will ensure you have three meals a day, with less sugar, lesser carbs and more high protein and vegetables.

The body is the carrier of the soul, when the body is finished, it's too late for everything.

Gradually start to be grateful for the world

I have a friend who send thank you to his loved ones everyday.

People can become particularly uncaring and ungrateful, taking everything for granted.

But once said, you feel the world is full of warmth, and really, if one is even grateful for every day one is alive, the state of being will change dramatically.

What's more, it's not just the person who is grateful that will actually benefit, it will be themselves.

Some studies have shown that a grateful person has a higher sense of well-being themselves than the person being thanked.

Understand the meaning of solitude

Solitude is the best period of appreciation, there will be a point when you do not have the accompaniment of your large circle of friends compared to now.

At the end of the day, people are meant to be alone. But there is one characteristic of masters: they are used to being alone, they enjoy it and they find a better version of themselves in it.

If you ask me what is the meaning of solitude, I think it is a kind of dialogue with oneself.

10 Knowing how to let go and not to cling to it

The last one is the most important, because almost all suffering comes from clinging to something or someone.

And as you begin to let go of that wrong person that you love so much

Letting go of that painful experience that you cannot change

Letting go of the things you hated but couldn't let go of

Congratulations, you've come out of it.

I hope this helps.

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Give yourself a chance to improve, believe that you can do better

Many people actually have a lot of time, but will just waste it. Most people will feel like they have nothing to do and rather spend time sleeping, playing games, watching TV, playing on mobile phones. And when they see other people succeed and make money, apart from being envious, they don’t think about why others succeed and how they make money.

Ma Yun once said:
"People who climb to the top of the mountain see the same scenery, and only people on the mountainside have various views."

Thinking about it carefully, many people still don't understand it. We can roughly divide people into these types of people:

1. Successful people are all hardworking, they never complain, they are always thinking about how to solve problems.

2. People who don’t have any pursuits. This kind of people may understand a bit of everything, but they don’t seem to understand anything. They always feel that hard work is meaningless. They feel that there is food and drink for the day, so why work so hard? Everyone has family members, and we all have to think about them. Birth, old age, sickness and death are not something we need to face.

Even if you are a selfish person, if you want to live a quality life, you can buy whatever other people want, and exchange whatever you want, and you live a miserable life every day, do you really feel comfortable?

3. People who don’t know how to live, maybe some people don’t understand that they should work hard, at least at the age when they need to work hard. It’s time to improve themselves, and they wasted their great youth in a muddleheaded way.

4. I understand the truth, but I feel that I am not capable enough. I believe that there are many people in this category, and they are willing to contribute and work hard, but they always feel that they are not capable enough, can't do well, and have no confidence in themselves. I feel that my education is low, I can't learn it by myself, and I can't reach the height of others.

This kind of people still doesn’t know enough about themselves, and they still have to learn to improve their cognitive abilities. At the very least, they need to understand that what others can do, we can do well through hard work. Don't use your low education, lack of ability, no capital, no rights, no connections, etc. as excuses. We have many successful cases without education, background or ability, but relying on our own hard work and perseverance to persevere and finally achieve success.

A person pays more attention to which aspect, which aspect he likes, will put more energy into that aspect. Many people like to play games and pay a lot of attention to games, but some people can make money through these , can change their own destiny, some people can only play it as entertainment. Where is the difference, how much thought have you put into it, how much have you paid for this matter, and what do you want to get through this matter.

I am also a game lover. The game I have always liked is League of Legends. I just like to play and find it interesting. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose. I just want to have fun. But some people are different. They regard it as their own dream or a career. Some people may say that playing games also requires talent and technology. In fact, these are far from enough. patience, persistence, dedication, We can take a look at how those e-sports players pay, practice and train day and night every day. Some can produce results, and some will disappear soon if you don't work hard! Even if you are talented.

We all want be appreciated by other people, but we will need to be equipped with proper skills in order to be appreciated.

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