Friday, March 25, 2022

Things I learnt from the past 10 years of work

1. If one goes to other people's homes, and when the hosts suggest to drink tea or watch TV, it is time to say goodbye. People always remind others to do something trivial when they feel that they have nothing to say or do.

2. When one is reporting to their bosses, the boss is not looking at you and tapping his/her fingers on the table mean he/she is not satisfied with the report. But if he/she is initially shaking his/her legs under the table when you enter; while you were talking, his feet suddenly stopped shaking, then he has developed a keen interest in your words.

3. When talking to a new acquaintance, his/her arms are always folded, which shows that he/she is still defensive against you, so it is best to be cautious.

4. At the social gathering, beware of the person who toasts to you frequently. It is either he/she needs your help or he/she is hostile to you.

5. A person who is always boasting is just the opposite of his boastful appearance. He is an extremely inferior person. He only used it to cover up his inner inferiority complex.

6. When clinking glasses with others at a social event, your own glass must be lower than that of the other party, especially if the other party is an elder or leader.

7. If you ask someone a question and they didn’t answer you, stop asking.

8. When someone criticizes you, even if he is wrong, don't refute it first, wait for everyone to calm down before explaining.

9. You will meet all kinds of people in life. You can't be pleasing everyone, but one thing is universal: how you treat others, it will be reciprocal.

10. To survive in this world, one must first learn the word "endure".

11. Don't tell your secrets to everyone.

12. Do not gossip about work with colleagues. Your unintentional remarks may become evidence for others attack you.

13. There are real friends, but don’t know if you are lucky enough to meet them. Regardless of whether you have encountered it or not, don't backstab anyone.

14. When loaning money to others, you must factor in the worst scenario, thinking you won’t get the money back. Therefore, the loaned money must always be within the range that you can bear.

15. Among best friends, unless they are poor and got no means to have their meals, its best not to have monetary contacts. Many valuable friendships fail because of money.

16. It is for you to adapt to society, not society to adapt to you.

17. Don't let others know what you really think, laugh in front of others, hide and cry alone.

18. Simple things are complicated to do, and complicated things are simple to do. Be responsible for your actions, don't blame others, think about whether you should do it before you do it, and learn to solve it yourself when something goes wrong.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

Have you ever swiped your phone until wee hours?


Have you also had such an experience: At night, when you finish your day's work and lay on the bed, you pick up your phone and plan to have fun? After surfing for a while, you suddenly realized that it was already 3 o'clock in the morning.

Why are we so addicted, immersed such that we wasted a lot of precious time?

I used to play with mobile phones just to relax myself. If I can control my time well, there is no harm. However, this is not the case. After putting the phone down, you will feel that your brain is empty, and you will be hit by a deep sense of boredom.

A friend once said that there are too many short videos, and now he don’t even have the patience to watch videos of more than three minutes. If things go on like this, we will become more and more impatient, and gradually lose our goals and motivation.


What does it mean to your body if you are addicted to playing with your mobile phone and stay up late?

I saw with my own eyes a man who was crushed by staying up all night. Once, he was tall and thin, with outstanding abilities. He was a young middle-level person in the company and an idol for newcomers in the office. But after staying up all night, he fell into his home because of a cerebral hemorrhage. After several months of rescue and treatment, he slowly stood up. But everything needs to be learned from the beginning, re-learning to recognize numbers, re-learning to use mobile phones, and re-learning to walk alone. Although in the end he recovered physically, but he could no longer do his original job.

You are obviously sleepy, but you just don't want to close your eyes and rest. What does staying up all night mean? Sometimes, it will completely crush your body.

When you are young, you may feel that you are in good health and staying up late won’t do you much harm. When you get older, you will find that a good body is your greatest asset.


Playing with mobile phones late at night brings us only a short-term pleasure. Apart from consuming our energy, there is not much benefit.

Do something that makes yourself thankful for the future makes more sense. For example, if you want to learn a new skill, then learn it through various channels; if you want to become more knowledgeable, read a valuable book.

Even in 15mins before going to bed, we can enrich ourselves with meaningful things.

A good body and a good spirit are great assets; not staying up late and persisting in doing meaningful things are the best self-discipline.

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Friday, March 11, 2022

Work to live or live to work?


More and more people in the workplace have realized: "Work is to have better life, and life is not only for work." This mindset pays more attention to the quality of life, and enjoying such a life especially with family members.


It is indeed our job to make money, but if we spend every five days at work from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, we can’t even have proper meals. It only means that we chose the wrong job."


The pressure of work is often very heavy in our modern lives. It is understandable that a person in the workplace always puts his work first. However, don't take your work home. Think about how a person who is still working can integrate into the atmosphere of home, how can the family members who live with you feel your care and love, and how can the family produce the warmth it needs? If things go on like this, home will not be home. And because of the imbalance between work and family, it is difficult to ensure that you can devote yourself to your career, which will also affect your work. Marriage and family are the most direct support systems for individuals, and they are undoubtedly very important for the release and relief of personal stress. The support and recognition of family and family members is an important way for everyone to gain self-esteem, as well as a source of confidence and strength.


You should hurry home after getting off work to have dinner with your family and enjoy the family happiness. Some people always think that family and career cannot be balanced. In fact, there is no contradiction between the two. How to take both into account and treat them in a balanced way is an issue that we should be concerned about. In terms of importance, family and career should be equal. Blindly pursuing a career can easily lead to a disconnection with the latter; on the contrary, a certain degree of disconnection with the latter will also bring a certain counter-effect to the former. You can’t just look at your family from the perspective of your career, and you can’t always look at your career from the perspective of your family. While building a family with a perfect atmosphere, we should complement each other's career with this atmosphere, and let the family become the backing of the career. Relief yourself appropriately and take free time to enjoy the warmth brought by the family, so that while enjoying the ambience, the pressure brought by all aspects of the career will also be reduced.


Facts have proved that people can have a successful career and a beautiful family at the same time. Only if you are passionate about life and work, this is then a beautiful life. In fact, whether men or women, the key to having a good life lies in our attitude and satisfaction with material life, career and feelings, as well as our own skills and maturity in role-playing.


Everyone has different goals at every stage, and the order of career and family is also different. Taken together, the family is the backing of the career, and the career is the assurance of the family; once you try to get out of the labyrinth, understanding the essentials of various roles, striving to be a "good actor" and working smoothly between the workplace and the family are naturally the only way to succeed.


As long as time permits, we must try our best to make family life meaningful, and some details should not be missed. No matter how busy you are, no matter how late you go home, you should go to your child's bedside and hug your child every morning. There will be understanding and love between you and your family, and happiness will come for a long time.


In short, work conscientiously, live happily, and use your own efforts to make career and life fly together.

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Friday, March 4, 2022

8 workplace experiences summarized by veterans in the workplace

1. Don't tell your colleagues that you are planning to leave.

Don't tell anyone in the original company before leaving your job, so that you can protect your interests.

Resignation is a big event for the company. After telling your colleagues, it will get to the ears of leaders or supervisors. Then you eventually will have to leave.


2. Sharing too much with colleagues

Almost all people know that it is a taboo to share too much about ourselves, and the problem is that many people have not yet understood that their friendship with some people is actually very shallow.

But because they have the same views or practices on one or two things, they feel that they are very close. They get acquainted with others in a short period of time, say everything, and finally hurt themselves.

So the best way is not to tell any secrets to people who have known you for a short time.


3. Usefulness

In the workplace, the more "useful" you are, the more "restrained" others are towards you. If your boss can humiliate you in front of others, your colleagues can instruct you to do trivial things, not because you are not good. It is because you are "useless to them".


4. Devote your time carefully

Energy and time are limited. Often those who succeeded earlier knew at a young age that a person can only do a few things or even one thing well in his life. Thus they find themselves the right thing, concentrate all your energy on doing it, and then accumulate experience, and the compound interest effect of time allows them to be ahead of their peers.


5. Lose your temper at the right time

When you need to lose your temper, you have to lose your temper. Maybe you are not angry at all, but you can pretend to be angry. Although it will become a little awkward, but others will be wary that there is a threshold of you that needs to be respected.


6. Learn to have multiple income streams.

Learn a few more skills even if you are unemployed in the future, you will have a competitive advantage over others.

Just like if a salesman is developing multiple customers at the same time, he will not put all his hopes in one customer, and he will not be nervous about the gains and losses, so he will have more confidence to negotiate the business.


7. Don't tell your colleagues that you have other sources of incomes.

Be sure to keep confidential with your colleagues, to ensure that he will cause trouble to the entire company. Leaders think that you are not doing your job properly, since that you have other income anyway, so they will give you less promotion and pay raise.


8. No one is irreplaceable; people will be queuing to take your place.

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