Friday, August 25, 2023

Change starts bit by bit

Many people find it difficult to change. For example, from staying up late to going to bed early, from not exercising to exercising frequently. Yes, it is difficult for each of us to change ourselves, it takes willpower to change. It is difficult to get out of a comfortable environment. After all, it is easy to go from frugal to lazy, but difficult to go from extravagant to frugal.

If you let a person do nothing every day other than to eat and sleep, everyone can do it, but if a person is busy from morning to night every day, few people may be able to persist. I see other people do good things, but I can't do it myself. In fact, we don't need to envy others for many things; we have to learn to do it. We must learn to persist in doing one thing, We should not be giving up when we feel that there is no result. Don't be in a hurry to do something. Many people feel that they have worked hard, very hard, but have not achieved much.

Doing a little less every day is better than doing a lot of hard work in a day, and giving up after a few days. The two results are completely different. I remember that we learned the story of the tortoise and the hare when we were young. Most of us must like rabbits. We feel that we are the same as rabbits. We run fast, and we can stop and rest after running. Many people think that the rabbit lost the game because it overslept. Many people think that the real gap exists, and the tortoise will never be better than the rabbit. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. First of all, Rabbit lost the game due to pride and complacency. He always felt that he was better than others. He didn't need to put in a lot of effort, and he could win easily. The second is to lose patience. If the rabbit can hold back his temper and insist on running to the finish line before going to rest, he will never lose. And the tortoise just won in the determination to persevere patiently. Even if it doesn't win the game, we know from the strength on paper that the rabbit will definitely win the game. As long as the tortoise insists on completing the game, it will be respected by others, because it has persisted and made efforts. There will be miracles if you work hard and persevere. If the tortoise feels that he can't win at the beginning, he gives up, he doesn't even have a chance to win!

Each of us should not give up on ourselves first, or give up when we feel that we are not good enough. Although we can't do as well as others, we will try our best to persevere, and there will be miracles! Many people see that the gap between themselves and others is too large, so they choose to give up, and the gap with others will only become wider and wider. Let's not think about comparing ourselves with people who are better than us, but learn to compare with ourselves. Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today. You are making progress. Persevere for a long time, and one day you will find that you will become better and better. Don't set your own goals too big, learn to set small goals for yourself, a goal that can be achieved every day, and you are improving every day. If you can be a little better than the previous day every day, it means that you are improving every day. We've all heard that more haste makes less speed.


No matter at work or in our life, we will find that only those who persevere for a long time can achieve good results, and those who say they want to change today will start working hard tomorrow, maybe tomorrow they will really start working hard, and they will work very hard They tried to change themselves, but it didn't take long for them to return to their old ways and become what they were before. It can't be said that they didn't work hard or make changes, but they didn't persevere. Without seeing any results, they will give up without motivation. On the contrary, some people make changes. We may not see any changes in him at all, but after a long time, you will find that he will undergo qualitative changes. Why, because he may only change a little bit, take a little time every day Come to learn, make a little change, persist for a long time, and a qualitative leap will occur.


In many cases, it is not that we do not have the ability to change ourselves, but that the goals we set for ourselves are too great, and we finally decide that we cannot achieve them and choose to give up. In fact, it is a very simple truth. For example, if we want to read a book, maybe you set a goal for yourself to finish reading the book in one day, but you read it very hard for a day and found that you didn’t read much at all. Work harder, read it for another night, and find that this is an impossible task, but it will make you feel very tired even to the extent of having no interest in reading in the future. If you insist on reading a little every day and keep going every day, you will find that you will learn new things every day and make progress every day. Even if the progress is small, you will not feel very strenuous, but you will only spend a small part of your time. There is no delay in anything else, as long as you persevere, and one day you will look back and find that you have read a lot of books. You have also made great progress.


I remember when I went to my grandma’s house when I was young, I always felt that it was very far away, and I always felt that I had walked for a long time. Every time I went, I will go to the house of my classmates who was close to my house to play for a while, then I go to play with other classmates. I found that it was not far away, and I think it was very interesting. I don't feel so tired after making the stops. In fact, it is a very simple principle. Divide a big goal into many small goals. Children like to play, and they can play with their classmates after walking for a while. With motivation, you won't feel so tired. The goal of our efforts in life is the same. If we divide the goal into many small goals and achieve them one by one, for example, after finishing studying today, you can reward yourself for playing a game for a while, and when you finish tomorrow, reward yourself with a drumstick. It's very interesting. I have a small goal every day. If I achieve the small goal, I will gain something. If I persist in it for a long time, I will find that I am very close to my big goal. People have to learn that in order to let them improve, and they also need to learn to relax properly, so that they can have the motivation to go further. If they just work hard, they will feel that there is no fun, and they will also lose motivation, and they will not be able to persevere and will easily give up!


Learn to seek gradual progress, and you may find changes in your life. If you push yourself too hard, it will be counterproductive and choose to give up instead!

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What have the rich people around you taught you?

Friday, August 18, 2023

What have the rich people around you taught you?


1. There is no same starting line at all, it is all deceptive.

2. Rich people prefer to exercise and read books, and stay away from bad people and bad things.

3. Rich people are more cautious about marriage.

4. Rich people are more stingy, they will not spend impulsively, let alone buy useless things.

5. The time of the rich is more expensive. Spend money to save time and buy time.

6. Beauty is very cheap in the eyes of rich people, owning is not as good as leasing.

7. Rich people are very cautious in making choices, and they don't make decisions on the basis of brainstorming.

8. The original family and parents of the rich are reliable and clear-headed.

9. Rich people are more diligent and self-disciplined than poor people.

10. Rich people are ruthless to others and even more ruthless to themselves.

11. Rich people have high EQ and IQ, and no one is stupid with a lot of money.

12. Money measures everything, including feelings, morality, quality of life, life, and the attitude of people around you.

13. The money in the pocket is not the same, so we can't understand each other.

14. Rich people don't care about other people's lives or the international situation, but only focus on themselves.

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"Spending money" is an art, but you must not be reluctant to spend these three kinds of money

Friday, August 11, 2023

"Spending money" is an art, but you must not be reluctant to spend these three kinds of money

Billionaire Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, said: " Spending a sum of money wisely is as difficult as earning it."

Seeing this sentence, you may be thinking, in order not to fall into the trap of consumption, I struggle to control my desires every day, for fear that one day I will not have enough money to spend, but you tell me that it is difficult to spend money?

In fact, it doesn't mean that spending money is called being able to spend money, it's just called buying things.

Spending money is a skill as well as an art. How to make every penny you spend worth the money is a master.

Careful planning has risen to be an essential skill for every adult's life.

However, some money seems to be saved now, but more money will be spent to make up for it in the future.

And some money seems to be a kind of loss now, but if you look at it from the perspective of development, it can bring you double returns.

1. Don't save money on human relationships

Favours can bring you temporary convenience, but it may also bring unexpected burdens.

B works as a copywriting planner. In addition to her own job, she will take on some part-time jobs in her spare time.

Once, a friend found B and said that it was his current project and needed some copywriting planning, could he ask her for help.

B agreed to her friend's request, and it took a few days to complete it as required.

After receiving the plan, the friend never gave any feedback. B couldn't help sending a message to her friend, asking if the plan was feasible.

The friend told B that the company was very satisfied with her plan, and then mentioned the friendship between the two of them, and made things easy, without any mention of remuneration.

Not long after, because there was a problem with the plan that needed to be changed, her friend contacted B again, hoping that she could help to change it. Unexpectedly, B blocked her friend's account.

In life, we often hear the words "We have such a good relationship, so you can help me." They are unwilling to pay in the name of friendship, thinking that they have found a bargain, but lost their precious friendship.

There is a saying that goes well: "Don't be afraid to owe favours to others, as long as you know how to pay them back."

Whether it is feelings or friendship, the relationship can only be stable if both parties work hard and pay together.

On the contrary, if you blindly ask for it and calculate gains and losses everywhere, others will just stay away from it.

In this world, no one treats you well for no reason, and there is nothing that should be taken for granted. Every effort made by others needs to be responded and rewarded. Therefore, money for human relations cannot be saved.


2. Money for self-appreciation cannot be saved

I saw a question: What is the best investment? Stocks, Futures or Funds?

​There are answers such as Investing in the stock market can lead to gains and losses, and investing in business can lead to gains and losses, but investing in yourself is sure to make profits without losing money.

"Rather than having money, it is better to be valuable."

I believe everyone has a deep understanding. There is no stable job in this world. A large number of business establishments have been cancelled, and it has become a contract system since the pandemic.

only by constantly improving yourself and improving yourself can you resist the wind and rain of life.

I was deeply influenced by a classmate. No matter how much salary I have now, I must develop “the habit of spending some money for my future ."

Therefore, every month he will spend 5% of his salary to invest in himself and learn a skill, such as buying professional books, attending a writing camp, signing up for a financial management course, getting a certificate, and learning a skill. Skin care and more.

he recorded all these expenditures in the account book one by one, and set a goal for himself to save up the tuition fees for the courses to be registered little by little every month.

It has allowed him to be promoted in the workplace and his salary has also been increased. He doesn’t feel sorry for the money spent in this way. It allows him to improve every day.


3. Don’t save the money of honouring your parents.

As the saying goes: "There is no love without a reason, and there is no hate without a reason."

The only love in this world that does not ask for anything in return and works hard is the love of our parents for us.

Our parents worked hard to bring us up. In order to keep us fed and clothed, they cut down on food and clothing and saved money to pay for our college education, so that we can get in touch with the outside world and broaden our horizons.

But when we grew up and stayed in the big cities to work, we found that our parents who were far away in their hometown had already had gray hair, and they were really old.

Taking advantage of the fact that our parents are still there, besides going back to spend more time with our parents during the holidays, we will do our best to take them to the hospital for a physical examination once a year, take them to buy some gifts, and give out red envelopes for the festival... …

As children, we must not save money for honoring our parents.

"A person can earn a lot of money by cleverness, hard work and luck, but it takes wisdom to spend it.

How to manage money correctly is a topic that each of us needs to learn.

Learn to use money seriously, spend it in the right place, and use it wisely. This is the meaning of making money.

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How to spend the first salary meaningfully?

Friday, August 4, 2023

How to spend the first salary meaningfully?

A girl in Hangzhou used her first salary to buy a mobile phone for her best friend" rushed into the hot search and caused heated discussions.

Netizens expressed that "this kind of girlfriends is really enviable", " please give me a dozen girlfriends like this". The girl expressed that she wanted to make her best friend happy for a lifetime, and would spoil her no matter what.

Of course, there are also different voices, such as "Why don't you buy it for your parents first?" and so on.

01 Salaries handed over to parents

This reminded me of how the first salary in my life was spent?

My first salary was very low, like only $800. I gave $500 to my mother and kept $300 to buy daily necessities.

At that time, I was young and my thoughts were simple. I just want to earn money and give it to my parents to subsidize the family. I want to help my parents save money for my younger brother to study.

Therefore, my first salary income is basically handed in in full, and the use was very simple. I didn't buy gifts for myself, my family or friends, I didn't do anything earth-shattering, and I didn't have any special meaning.


02 Buy a gift for someone you love

Although my younger brother is younger than me, he worked earlier than me.

My younger brother's first job was to work as an assembly line worker in a factory. After working hard for a month, my younger brother was very happy when it came time to get paid. He went to the factory very early that day.

When I went home in the afternoon, I brought back a watch and said it was for me. The dial and strap are both gold, delicate and beautiful, and I have liked gold since then.

The younger brother said that he had visited several watch shops and thought this one was the best.

I was so moved that I was about to cry. I was afraid that he would make a joke, so I suppressed my tears.

Since then, this watch has accompanied me throughout my youth, from going to school to working until now, I still keep it. This should be the most valuable of my assets, at least in my eyes.


03 How to spend the first salary

The first salary, no matter how much or how little, is a reward for our hard work when we first enter the workplace. Different people treat their first salary differently.

Some people have understood the difficulty of their parents, and began to learn to live on a budget, save a small part of their salary first, and use the rest to pay some fixed expenses, such as rent, water and electricity bills and so on. Some people will use their first salary to express their gratitude to those who have helped them, such as wrapping a red envelope for their parents, preparing a small gift for their mentor... In fact, it doesn’t matter what you give, what is important is the content contained in it.

There are also people who reward themselves with the first salary and experience the harvest after hard work. There is nothing wrong with this.

Make an appointment with friends for a dinner, buy home the lipstick that you have wanted for a long time, and send yourself a bouquet of flowers, watch a movie with your loved one, record your happiness in the day's account book, and set the next "small goal" by the way..

How does it make sense to get the first salary? There is no standard answer. But no matter how you arrange it, it is recommended to save money, learns to keep accounts, spend rationally, don't spend extravagantly, and leaves some living expenses for yourself while celebrating happily. Because I still have to live for the next month, I will rely on the saved wages.

Do you still remember the first time when you were paid your salary? How much did you spend? Do you have any good memories? 

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