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Change yourself, start with managing habits

Change yourself, start with managing habits

What planted is habit, what harvested is destiny.

"How can I live my life well?"

Managing Habits.

"If you develop a good habit, you will never be able to enjoy the interest it brings. If you develop a bad habit, you will be paying off endless debts for the rest of your life."

A good habit is like an intangible asset, and managing a habit is to add value to life

01     Good habits make life, bad habits destroy life

Good or bad habits will not only determine the success or failure of an event, but also affect a person's destiny.

The English poet Dryden said: We make our habits and then habits make us.

A study also shows that more than 40% of people's daily activities are the product of habits, rather than their own active decisions. What really affects life is often not big choices, but small habits.

Multiple Nobel laureates got together years ago.

The reporter asked one of the scholars: "Which university did you go to and learn what you think is the most important thing?"

"In kindergarten," the scholar said calmly.

The reporter continued to ask: "What did you learn in kindergarten?"

The scholar replied: "Learn to give half of your own things to your friends; don't take things that are not yours; keep things neatly; wash your hands before eating; apologize when you do wrong; take a short nap after lunch; observe the nature. That's all I've learned, fundamentally."

Habits have a profound impact on a person's life.

James Clear, a well-known American habit researcher, also revealed:

What determines our quality of life is the quality of our habits.

02     Why are the poor poor, why are the rich rich?

After five years of investigation and research, it was found that many good habits possessed by the rich are not possessed by the poor at all.

These habits are: read often, insist on getting up early, spend 30-40 minutes thinking about problems every day, and not conform to the crowd blindly.

These things are relatively easy to do in the short-term, but very difficult to stick to in the long-term. But as long as you stick to it and form a habit, your life will change amazingly.

British philosopher Bacon said that habit is a tenacious and huge force that can dominate life.

If you want to excel, you must understand that habits determine your future.

The famous American statesman Franklin studied for only one year before being forced to go to the printing house as an apprentice.

In his youth, Franklin lacked self-discipline and could not even find a decent job for a long time. After deep reflection, he found that the key to success lies in developing good habits and perfecting his personality.

So, he summed up the 13 good habits needed for success, namely:

Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity and Humility.

Then use these habits as goals, find all kinds of bad habits in yourself, and correct them one by one.

Franklin said that excellence is a habit, and life can be successful only if good habits accompany life.

Life is nothing but the sum of countless habits.


The book "The Power of Habit" depicts a true story.

The protagonist, Lisa Allen, started smoking and drinking at the age of 16, and her life was in a mess. These bad habits made her body fat and bloated. She used to live in debt, and when she was in her 20s, she was taken into hiding by a debt collection agency for asking for $10,000 in debt.

She also doesn't have a stable job, and the longest job she held was less than a year.

It could be said that her life was terrible.

At the age of 34, Lisa made up her mind to change her lifestyle.

At first, she just insisted on running and developed good exercise habits, and gradually changed her eating habits, working habits, sleeping habits, saving habits, and study habits.

Through the change of one habit, the change of another habit is driven, and Lisa's life is also changing quietly.

She stopped drinking, quit smoking, and started studying hard, pursuing a master's degree.

Finally, she managed to lose weight, found a long-term job, bought a house, and got engaged. Good habits are the stepping stone to a better life, and bad habits are the stepping stones to the corridor of failure.

In many cases, it is not when you become excellent that you can have good habits, but when you have good habits, you can become better.

Samurai Furukawa, the author of "How to Quit Bad Habits", also had many bad habits. When he realized that these habits brought a lot of trouble to his life, he was determined to quit these bad habits one by one. He strictly controls the sleep time, no longer stays up late, and insists on going to bed on time at eleven o'clock every night;

In order to eliminate procrastination, he went to the company an hour earlier every day to handle the most important work;

Weekends are no longer about sleeping until you wake up naturally and spending the day lazily, but getting up early to make plans for a new day.

After three months of regular life, he successfully lost 8 kilograms and regained his past look and self-confidence.

When you get rid of one bad habit after another, you can take back control of your life.


Jobs said this:

"In the first 30 years of your life, you develop habits;

For the last 30 years of your life, your habits define you. "

In the book "The Power of Habit", three methods are mentioned and shared with you.

1. Identify the habits you want to cultivate and reward yourself in time.

When you complete a stage, reward yourself once and motivate yourself positively, so that you can persevere and persevere.

For example, stick to fitness, stick to it several times a week, and reward yourself with a small gift after sticking to it for a month.

2. Set up "touch buttons" that is simple, obvious and easy to implement.

The so-called "touch the button" is when you see or think of something, start to act immediately, without delay.

For example, if you want to read before going to bed, you can put a book under your pillow. When you touch the book, you immediately put down what you are doing, and open the book to read a few pages.

If you want to get into the habit of getting up and running in the morning, set an alarm clock, get up immediately and go for a run when the alarm clock rings.

3. Between "touch the button" and "reward", repeat the habit.

Between "touching the button" and "rewarding," repeat, repeat, repeat, and keep going.

When a behavior persists for more than 21 days, the body will remember this action and form a natural habit.

What a person sows is habit, and what he reaps is behavior; if he keeps doing, what he reaps is destiny.

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Best Investment that you can have

Best Investment that you can have


What is the best investment in life? A good answer is: invest in yourself.

No one can take away what is in you and investing in yourself will keep you motivated throughout your lifetime.

One is to invest in your own health.

Life is like a marathon. There will be pit stops along the way for us to recharge to carry on with the race and in order to continue the race, we will need healthy bodies. Long-term exercise and staying healthy not only make people full of vitality, but also strengthen their mental state and to face the all the difficulties and struggles in life.

The more effort you put into health today, the higher your happiness index will be tomorrow. A healthy body involves many hours of sweaty workouts in the gym; delicate and smooth skin is inseparable from a long-term self-disciplined lifestyle.

The greatest success in life is to live healthily. Your investment in your own health is your best weapon against time.


The second is to invest in your own capabilities.

The society is constantly evolving, and being content with the status quo is bound to stagnate. Only by running hard can we go further and further. There is a saying: "The meaning of growth lies in increasing life experience, enriching life experience, constantly being aware of introspection, and infinitely approaching maturity." In the past, we have walked a lot and have rich experience; in the future, we will continue to increase our experience. , Increase your own knowledge.

If you learn one more skill, you will have one more choice in your life. Keep learning and improve yourself is a compulsory course for every adult.

Whether it is reading a few books, obtaining new knowledge, or learning a new skill, gaining a new experience, it is all about widening the boundaries of life and enriching one's life.


The third is to invest in your own family.

I once saw a video. A man has a successful career, but his life is not comforting: when it is late at night, he is busy socializing with customers, leaving his wife alone at home; on weekends, he is busy making up for sleep, ignoring his children; even during meals, he was still busy with the company's business and had no time to talk with his parents.

The most regrettable thing in life is nothing more than putting a lot of energy and patience working hard outside and having no warmth from family after work. After all, family members are people who live under the same roof, sharing all your joy and sorrows. The journey of life will never be the pursuit of wealth only, and the warm and precious memories that can't be found if you miss it.


Wealth has a price, happiness is priceless. The happiest state in this life is nothing more than accompanying and chit chatting with my family.

Life is a process of continuous investment. You will reap where you pay. The greatest generosity for the future is to dedicate everything to the present. Only by sparing no effort to invest in yourself can you see returns in the future. I hope you will be full of energy, with a progressive career, and a warm family for the rest of your life.

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Why insist on exercising? This is the best answer I have ever seen

Why insist on exercising? This is the best answer I have ever seen


I have heard of such a sentence: "Exercise is an investment that will not make people regret. When you start to fall in love with exercises, health will also fall in love with you."

My aunt is a retiree but she still gets up at 6 o'clock every morning. She will run at the park connector, and then goes home to make breakfast and start her daily life. When the sun sets, she will go out and jog again, and she persisted for several years. Now that she is nearly 60 years old, she still looks like she is 30 years old. I asked her why she loves exercising so much. She said: "When I was young, I had a serious illness, and I learnt to cherish my life. I exercise every day to make me feel more at ease."

The body is the foundation of a happy life. If life is a series of numbers, the body is 1, and money, fame and fortune are the 0s at the back. Once there is no 1, there is no point in adding more zeros behind. Most people who like exercising have a healthier and stronger body. Exercising well and strengthening the body are the base for a person to cope with life.


Exercise not only toughens the body, it also makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed.

I was browsing Facebook a while ago and I came across the posts from a friend. When she was young, she used to be very successful, but suffered a major setback ten years ago. She became depressed and obese for a period of time, and she did not dare to talk to others. When I came across her post recently, I found that she has fallen in love with fitness. Not only has her body regained fitness, she also looks very refreshed. She often shares her daily routine of running and exercising.

I wonder if you find that those who love to exercise seem to be more optimistic. They rarely worry about what happened, and they rarely fall into emotional troughs. Exercise can't help us solve the problems we encounter, but it can give people a way to release bad emotions and make people more positive.

Just imagine, after letting the sweat take away the gloomy mood, wont the person's state be more positive?


The process of exercise is also the process of strengthening yourself. This is especially true for the seemingly boring repetition actions; you can develop good habits and overcome your weaknesses.

I came across this pair of parents; they were very worried about their child. He was timid and weak, and he did not dare to take the initiative to speak to his peers. The teacher suggested that they take their child to learn Judo and run more often. One year later, the child became more masculine and bolder subconsciously. The reason is that the child had strengthened his physique and self-confidence during sports and the children's willpower has become stronger after being thrown in Judo, and he can endure hardships without escaping.

Exercise can cultivate stronger mentality. People who exercise for a long time are mostly good at controlling their emotions and have higher endurance; they have clear goals and strong focus; they don't get trapped by the past and are not afraid of failure.

I have heard of such a sentence: "If you want to get angry, then start running." Exercise is a good medicine for resolving worries, embracing life and self-change. Go exercise, every drop of sweat you shed while exercising now will not disappoint you in the future.

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Should you work for your relative?

Should you work for your relative?

Why do you often hear people say that no matter how poor you are, you should not go to work with relatives?

The most fundamental reason is that he thinks he is helping you, and you think you are helping him.

I heard this story from my friend. He graduated from university when he was 24, and there was once his uncle went to pay a visit to his house. He noted that my friend was graduating soon so he wanted my friend to be responsible for marketing role in his company.

The situation at that time was that, based on his academic qualifications and abilities, he should be able to find salary of 3k a month. Finding a job will not be difficult at all, but since his uncle initiated it, with a monthly salary of two thousand five thousand. He decided to accept the job.

He also believed that his uncle would not treat him badly, so he agreed and went to work in this uncle's company. His salary remained stagnant during his tenure of 1.5 Years with no bonuses. He decided to talk to his uncle about increment of his salary based on his demonstrated ability and performance. However, the talk did not go well and our relationship became sour.

His uncle was not willing to give him any bonus, only willing to raise his salary to 4k. His uncle said that he provided a very good platform for him to learn since he was a fresh graduate at that time. You see, his uncle thought he helped my friend, and my friend thought he was helping his uncle, so there is really no need to work for relatives. There are vast opportunities out in the market.

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Let investing be your last job

Let investing be your last job

Be it you are a rich owner with many businesses or an ordinary working class, everyone should invest to upgrade their financial capability, and ultimately achieve financial freedom and even spiritual freedom.

Investment should be everyone's first job, and last job in life.

01     Investment is not only making money way, but also a kind of forced savings

For Warren Buffet, when his children ask him to buy something non-essential, Buffett always rejects them due to the idea of inflation.

Now every 1 dollar saved is likened to planting a seed, and that dollar can grow into a towering tree in the future.

Financial freedom is also the freedom of mind. Freedom of mind, regardless of rich or poor, one always feel satisfied in the past, feel at ease about the present, and full of longing for the future.

02     The essence of investment is to share the fruits of economic development

Now it is more and more difficult to do business in the world, because the threshold of all industries-whether it is the technical threshold or the capital threshold, is getting higher and higher. For ordinary people, even for entrepreneurs who have many years of business experience, it is difficult to grasp.

According to the 20/80 theory, in all industries, 20% of enterprises must ultimately share 80% of the profits of the industry.

Let investment be the first job of life.

Imagine a person who doesn't understand stocks at all, invested $10,000 in the average stock market in the United States in 1900. By 2000, the $10,000 will be compounded to $340 million. If it is a fixed investment of US$10,000 per year, the total investment of US$1 million will accumulate to US$3 billion by 2000.

Such an amazing return, in fact, the average return rate is only 11%, which is the power of compound interest.

Some people think it’s incredible, and some people think they look down on the power of this 10% compound interest. But in fact, how many years does it take for an ordinary working-class worker to accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars in capital? Basically never.

Compound interest through investment provides at least one possibility, and many people are already practicing this and achieving good results.

One can achieve financial freedom, but we will need time to have wealth accumulation.

03     Work is not only a means of making money, but also a means of realizing the value of life

Many people are eager to retire, eager to travel around without working. If you really don’t work, your spiritual energy is very low.

The ideal state is to have a job that you can control, never retire, and enjoy.

Investment is a very ideal choice.

As the eighth wonder of the world, compound interest determines the magnitude of our final wealth. In addition to the investment principal and the annual compound growth rate, it is the longest possible investment period. Therefore, compound interest is the compound interest of the growth of the company, and it is also the compound interest of time.

Even after the age of 60 and 70, we can still rely on investment to have a continuous income stream.

Use investment to realize personal value. Enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of investment.

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