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Looking for an easy job?

 Looking for an easy job?

01     Feeling Tired? Then it is correct

Have you heard the story of three masons?

Three masons were building walls, and one person came over and asked, what are you doing?

The first mason said angrily, haven't you seen it? I'm working hard to build a wall!

The second mason replied calmly, as you can see, we are building a tall building.

The third mason said happily, ah, we are creating better lives!

Ten years later, the first mason is still building walls, the second mason becomes an engineer, and the third mason becomes the boss of the two.

They all started as masons, but went on to three different routes. Why?

It is because each of them has a different attitude towards their work.

Destiny is in our own hands. Success or failure is often just a matter of thought. Complaining will eventually make you accomplish nothing.

The sufferings you suffer today, the losses you have suffered, the responsibilities you bear, and the pain you endure will all turn into light at the end of the tunnel, illuminating your way.

Everyone is eager to succeed, but it takes a lot of hard work to achieve results.

You have to know that not every job is satisfactory, not every job can get you a high salary.

There are many people who have toiled and endured hardship and exhaustion for their lives.

Are they tired?

Of course they are!

There is this classic sentence:

"Are you really tired?

If you are, then it is correct. Comfort is only for the dead!"

If it gets really tiring, remind yourself: the easy way is downhill, It is tough because you are going uphill, and with that, you will definitely make progress. "

No job is easy, and successful people never complain.

Treat suffering as the route to success, and you will eventually receive your own glory. It is just a matter of time.

02     There is no easy way out in the adult world

Not long ago, I had a small gathering with friends and we talked about work. One of my friends said he had not closed his eyes for days and his report was rejected by the boss in the meeting, and he felt very ashamed.

The meeting was a lunch meeting, so the boss packed lunch for him and his colleagues, he was very pissed because of the scolding initially but after thinking that there was ‘free‘ lunch. He simmered down. 

Then I smiled and told him: There is no such thing as easy in the adult world, there is no such thing as a free lunch either. Behind all the success is all our time and sweat. 

No matter at what age, if you feel wronged, you can cry, but after crying, your life has to go on. 

There is this Japanese drama that I watched before. The heroine is still asleep early in the morning, and is spammed by her boss' continuous messages. Despite the reluctance to wake up, she got dressed to go to work within minutes. She was yelled at by her boss and cheated by my colleagues at work, even though she was wronged, she still apologized on behalf of her colleagues. That was not all. Her boss assigned her a task that was not within the scope of her duties. Do you feel a sense of familiarity? Aren’t these familiar scenes just a portrayal of our real workplace?

Work will not treat you preferentially because you are the "protagonist", and the work that should be done and the hardships that should be suffered will not be lesser than others. 

Who has not survived the dark night of hardship and only wakes up to see the beautiful dawn?

No job is easy, since you are alive; you have to take the responsibility that belongs to you. 

Life is very tired, but if you are not tired now, you will only be more tired in the future. 

Success and failure walk together, tears and laughter are intertwined, and this is life.

03     Life is like brewing tea 

Have come across such a story:

A depressed young man complained to a respected master:

"Life is always unsatisfactory. Difficulties and frustrations surround me. Is this the only way I can do in my life?"

The master didn't speak, picked up the kettle on the table, made a cup of tea for the young man, and let him taste it. The young man took a sip and said, "Master, this tea isn’t’ fragrant at all."

The master smiled indifferently, took another cup again, and put the same amount of tea leaves in it. Then he slowly poured boiling water into the cup.

After doing it for six times, the aroma of tea had filled the whole room.

It turned out that the first tea was made with warm water, the fragrance of the tea did not come out.

During the second time, the tea leaves were repeatedly brewed in boiling water, and that was why it exuded a clear and mellow aroma. We are like this pinch of tea leaves, and our destiny is this pot of warm or hot water. If you are the pinch of fragrant tea leaves, you should not crave warm water.

Setbacks and tribulations are like hot boiling water. Only when we endure the ups and downs of fate will we exude the richest fragrance of life. The fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold and good tea requires boiling water. This is the eternal truth.

So stop sighing and complaining about your work all day. 

"There is no job in the world that is not hard, and there is no place on earth where people are not complicated. If it is destined to be yours, do it well."

The road ahead is still long. No matter what you have experienced, don't bow to fate easily. You can get through the hardships of life before you get the sweetness at the end.

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