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Let investing be your last job

Let investing be your last job

Be it you are a rich owner with many businesses or an ordinary working class, everyone should invest to upgrade their financial capability, and ultimately achieve financial freedom and even spiritual freedom.

Investment should be everyone's first job, and last job in life.

01     Investment is not only making money way, but also a kind of forced savings

For Warren Buffet, when his children ask him to buy something non-essential, Buffett always rejects them due to the idea of inflation.

Now every 1 dollar saved is likened to planting a seed, and that dollar can grow into a towering tree in the future.

Financial freedom is also the freedom of mind. Freedom of mind, regardless of rich or poor, one always feel satisfied in the past, feel at ease about the present, and full of longing for the future.

02     The essence of investment is to share the fruits of economic development

Now it is more and more difficult to do business in the world, because the threshold of all industries-whether it is the technical threshold or the capital threshold, is getting higher and higher. For ordinary people, even for entrepreneurs who have many years of business experience, it is difficult to grasp.

According to the 20/80 theory, in all industries, 20% of enterprises must ultimately share 80% of the profits of the industry.

Let investment be the first job of life.

Imagine a person who doesn't understand stocks at all, invested $10,000 in the average stock market in the United States in 1900. By 2000, the $10,000 will be compounded to $340 million. If it is a fixed investment of US$10,000 per year, the total investment of US$1 million will accumulate to US$3 billion by 2000.

Such an amazing return, in fact, the average return rate is only 11%, which is the power of compound interest.

Some people think it’s incredible, and some people think they look down on the power of this 10% compound interest. But in fact, how many years does it take for an ordinary working-class worker to accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars in capital? Basically never.

Compound interest through investment provides at least one possibility, and many people are already practicing this and achieving good results.

One can achieve financial freedom, but we will need time to have wealth accumulation.

03     Work is not only a means of making money, but also a means of realizing the value of life

Many people are eager to retire, eager to travel around without working. If you really don’t work, your spiritual energy is very low.

The ideal state is to have a job that you can control, never retire, and enjoy.

Investment is a very ideal choice.

As the eighth wonder of the world, compound interest determines the magnitude of our final wealth. In addition to the investment principal and the annual compound growth rate, it is the longest possible investment period. Therefore, compound interest is the compound interest of the growth of the company, and it is also the compound interest of time.

Even after the age of 60 and 70, we can still rely on investment to have a continuous income stream.

Use investment to realize personal value. Enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of investment.

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