Friday, September 30, 2022

How to become poor?

Most people complain about being poor, but have you ever thought about the real reason you are poor?

01 Hesitate

Indecision is more likely to lead to poverty than recklessness. If you do not have a stand, no matter how good you are in other aspects, is always easy to be pushed aside by those who are determined in the race of life.

02 Procrastinate

When it comes to procrastination, many people must have this problem.

In fact, a lot of times procrastination is just laziness and avoiding problems. Faced with the current difficulties, we procrastinate again and again, unwilling to face and solve it. Thinking of procrastinating for a day is a day, and I always make excuses for myself: "I'm too busy today, I have too many things to do, it doesn't matter if I do it tomorrow..."

But if you keep repeating this, you will fall into a "more and more boring work" and "more and more boring life", and then you will become more and more negative and lazy. Finally, with the accumulation of time, you will have a strong sense of guilt and self-denial, and become more and more anxious.

03 Never last long-

80% of the failures in the world come from giving up halfway. You have never experienced the joy of persevering in doing one thing successfully, because perseverance is boring and full of setbacks for you. Almost everyone has made ambitious life plans, but few can persevere to the end. Very few, let alone the last, many people give up after the first three days.

04 Afraid of rejection

Maybe many people  feel the same. The difficulties they feel in interpersonal relationships are actually more or less related to "fear of rejection", such as the sudden departure of a lover, being betrayed, and being alienated.

And this kind of rejection can be very subtle. For example, if you give the other person a smile or a look, the other person does not respond to you. In fact, these sensitivities come from your own self-esteem.

And a person who can let go of self-esteem and do things is a person who is focused on goals and results. And people who put their self-esteem first, always pay attention to the attitude of others towards themselves when doing things in interpersonal communication. Therefore, the more useless a person is, the easier it is to be obsessed with those insignificant bottom lines and self-esteem.

05 Limit yourself

This means always doubting your own abilities. For example, if you want to do something, but there are always several reasons for you to feel that you can't do it, before you try to do it, deny yourself and find a bunch of reasons for yourself not to put in the effort.

In fact, all your mediocrity and failure are due to your own self-imposed limitations.

06 run away from reality

Escape from reality is something that many people have done before.

There are 5 characteristics of people who are prone to escapism:

1. Frequent daydreaming. They prefer to create a small world of their own.

2. A free and unrestrained life is actually a longing for a life of idleness.

3. Indulge in online games or fantasy novels, they can lead you into that fantasy world and let you escape from the daily reality.

4. I feel that the real world is cruel, but when I pursue my daydreams, I will always be hit by real life.

5. Unable to face an uncertain environment, because in the small world you create, you can find a sense of security.

07 Always find excuses for self

When you make a mistake, your first reaction is to make excuses to defend yourself. People who like to make excuses all have one common feature: they don't have a strong professionalism, they don't have persistent pursuits, and they don't have a firm belief in life.

So when they encounter pressure and encounter difficulties, they don't want to bear it. In the face of risks and challenges, they will also choose to retreat at the first time. And holding back forces them to make excuses for themselves.

08 Cowardice

I am afraid of being criticized by leaders, I am afraid that my ability will be denied by others, I am concerned about the evaluation of others, I am afraid of making mistakes, and my efforts will not be rewarded.

I remembered a sentence: "I don't dare to work hard to think about myself, for fear that I will finally know that I am not a genius. However, there is still a glimmer of hope in my heart, so I am not willing to be with the rubble."

In fact, it is a weak mind, unwilling to face setbacks.

09 Refuse to learn

Many people think that learning is painful, and it is better to be comfortable and not make a change.

So, when you become poor, don’t blame others. Your current life is caused by yourself. If you want to live a good life, you must change your mediocre status quo. Persevere; be bold, and not afraid of setbacks. This is your road to success.

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How to avoid being scammed?

Friday, September 23, 2022

How to avoid being scammed?

 If you only think about making money when you have no money, you may fall into a trap.


When a person is in a desperate situation, especially because of money, it is difficult to be rational.

01 People who have no money are actually easier to be fooled


There is an interesting statistic.


Among the people who buy used cars, the chances of the rich being scammed are much lower than those who are poorer.


The reason is that rich people tend to buy high-end cars when they look for cars, and the former car owners cherish them very much, and there are fewer problematic cars.


Those who have no money often only pay attention to the price. The cheaper the better, but it does not conform to the law of value. Usually, cars with very low prices have many problems.


This shows that people who have no money pay too much attention to cost considerations, are short-sighted, and often evaluate things by paying less and getting more, and are blinded by the joy of taking advantage. Liars often take advantage of this, and the success rates are high.

02 Everyone can make and save money


Many people find it difficult to make money. But the difficulty is that many people are unwilling to do it, not that they do not know how to do it.


It can be summarized into three aspects: long, medium and short:


Long term: Invest in yourself and make yourself valuable. Taking advantage of the time, take a few more exams and certificates to make your value higher. The higher the value, the more people will come looking for you, that is, sending you money.


Medium term: Although it being said many times, I still have to say that when you have money, try to save some. You do not know when the savings can be critical to save lives.


Short-term: if It's really not possible to have some leftover cash, do part-time jobs. If you teach at school, you can help others with tuition after get off work to subsidize your family; if you sit in an office during the day, you can also deliver food and drive a taxi at night. Although it is hard, but steadfast, when danger comes, sometimes you can get through it.


03 Making money requires long-term and reasonable planning


There are no so-called cures and quick fixes for the basic problems of life. Make predictions and develop strategies ahead of time.


In the workplace, the first step in planning is to have a goal. You must have a very precise goal of making money to guide yourself. For example, how much money your goal is to make this year and how much you want to achieve in salary.


With a goal, one has to abandon the unrealistic idea of ​​getting rich overnight. People who dream of falling gold from the sky all day long often lose the ability to act, leaving only empty fantasies.


Warren Buffett, has been in the financial world for more than 60 years. In fact, the average annualized rate of return is only about 20%. If one year's income is only considered, many people around him may benefit from investing in stocks for one year.


But he insists on long-term investment and value investment. Therefore, the accumulation of wealth at an annual growth rate of 20% for more than 60 years is an astronomical figure.


Step by step, it is the truth.


Many times, it is not the pie that falls from the sky, but the bait of the liar.


Only by thinking about danger in times of peace, abandoning the dream of becoming rich, keeping a sober head and keeping your feet on the ground, can you avoid becoming a prey of a liar.​​​

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One typical day

Friday, September 16, 2022

Is this your typical day?


Morning started with the disturbing alarm.

Roll up the curtain and immediately the harsh sun will make you start the new day.


Came the train with people packed like sardines and you managed to squeeze in. However, there was a long queue at the breakfast shop in front of the company. You looked at the time and knew that there will be no breakfast today.


At the end of the day, you finally ended the day's work. You switched off the computer and was preparing to go home. The boss called you and said, "The PPT still needs to be changed, and you have to work hard!"


You obliged, and turned the computer back on.


After it was finally over, you breathed a sigh of relief, only to find that the company was already empty, and you were the only one left.


Dragging the tired body and you remembered that you have not eaten your dinner.


You reached home and went to the kitchen. You realised that you forgot to wash the dishes that you used the day before. You turned on the tap and began to wash the dishes. After washing the dishes, you escaped from the kitchen and decided to order food delivery instead.


After dinner, you planned to take a hot bath. The water was cold. It turned out that you forgot to turn on the water heater in advance.


You took a glance outside, you slumped on the sofa, and you feel like the saddest person in the world.

Is your day like this?

Time to change the routine.

Go for a walk

Friday, September 9, 2022

9 things you must do when you are down

There is no insurmountable mountain,

There is no spring that will not come.


Someone asked: How did you get out of the unhappy situations?

The best advice is: take a few more steps.


Life is like a cauldron. When you reach the bottom of the pot, no matter which direction you take, if you take a few more steps, it will always go up.


When you are lost, just go and practise these 9 little things.

If you keep practising, you may be able to be enlightened.


01 Analyse Yourself

When you encounter a problem, what is your first reaction?


Is it to escape from reality, shirk responsibility, or to reflect on yourself and find reasons for yourself?


Many people choose the former, but doing so will make a person lose their sense of responsibility and fall into endless entanglement and confusion.


The truly outstanding people often know how to attribute inwardly, reflect on themselves, and bravely assume their responsibilities.


When you persist in self-examination and make up for your own shortcomings day by day, little by little, the scenery you can have in your life will be several times greater than that of ordinary people.


02 Accept Yourself

Life is never perfect; there are always flaws in everything.


Even people themselves, there are always some flaws, but this is what makes everyone different.


Maybe you are sentimental, but sensitive people are often more able to write touching words;


Maybe you are burly, but strong people can better protect themselves and those around them, and give others enough sense of security;


03 Tolerate Yourself

In life, we must not only tolerate others, but also learn to tolerate ourselves.


On the muddy road of life, we have all worked hard for the tomorrow we want, but most of the results are unsatisfactory.


So many people begin to doubt their own abilities and deny their past efforts.


But what we should do most is to give ourselves some time and patience to find new directions.


This is how life is, all suffering will come head-on, but life will also surprise you by turning the corners.


You never know what answer it will give you until the last minute.


 "Although it is very difficult now, this experience may blossom and bear fruit in the future."


When things backfire, you can only take your future life seriously by berating yourself and giving yourself as much understanding and tolerance as possible.


04 Take Care of Yourself

Many people say that life is too short to be kind to yourself.


But there are very few people who can actually do it.


Some people are chased by work performance, and when it is time to rest, they are still fighting in the office until dawn;


Some people are still addicted to social interaction, games, and chasing dramas in the middle of the night.


In the long run, you consume time and your energy.


Everyone should put physical health first. Only when you work and rest regularly can you have the capital to change your life.


It is recommended that you make a schedule for yourself from today and strictly follow it.


Drink a glass of milk before going to bed, stay away from electronic products, and get enough sleep; get up on time in the morning, exercise for a while, and start a new day.


Taking care of yourself is more important than anything else.


05 Manage Yourself

People are more prone to emotional breakdowns when they are at the low point.


Even a little disturbance in life can make you very annoying.


But the destructive power of bad emotions is very great. If you want to vent just because your emotions surged into your heart for a while, you will eventually hurt others, and you will also hurt yourself.


Psychologist Professor Davis has done a follow-up survey of nearly 1,000 people and came to a conclusion:


If a person is in a strong bad mood for a long time, it can lead to the failure of the family, the bad business, or the mess of the good things.


Only by learning to manage your emotions can you take back the initiative in life.


Here, I give you three tips for managing your emotions:


1. Pause and breathe deeply for 12 seconds;


2. Go try running, playing ball, reading... Divert your attention;


3. Review after the event to improve your ability to control anger.


As we learn to reconcile with our emotions, we discover:


Those people and things that made you so angry have long since become a thing of the past.


06 Face Yourself

Many times, we can't do one thing because we spend all our time on entanglement and anxiety.


On the one hand, I am entangled in whether I can do well or not, and on the other hand, I am worried about what others think.


Under such entanglement, in the end, it will only stop moving forward.


The more we face up to our conflicts and seek solutions, the more inner freedom we gain.


Therefore, instead of repeatedly entangled and fearful of the head and tail, it is better to stop internal friction and move forward.


It is only when you act that you can put your troubles behind you and focus on a certain point that you are trying to overcome.


07 Upgrade Yourself


Someone asked: "Who is the first person to get up in a trough?"


The best answer is: "People who have been working hard to improve themselves."


We always envy the ability of others to be so strong and the promotion of others so fast, but we rarely do practical things to shorten the gap with others.


But good life doesn't happen overnight.


Where your time is spent, the flowers of your life will bloom.


In the long years, we need enough patience, silently accumulate energy, and improve ourselves.


When you improve your skills, you can be irreplaceable in the industry;


When you improve your own horizon, you can think broader than others;


When you improve your level of doing things, you will be more harmonious in getting along with others.


As you grow stronger, your opportunities will follow.

08 Praise Yourself

The real uphill road is usually not easy to walk.


Because laziness and fear of difficulties are human nature, between striving to be excellent and just living by, many people tend to slide towards the latter.


At this time, it is also a good measure to set up some incentive mechanisms for yourself to help yourself through the boring period of doing things.


Stephen, the author of "Mini Habits", once shared a story of "challenging 1 push-up".


He set himself a goal: 30 minutes of fitness every day.


But people tend to be lazy, he did not want to start exercising.


One day, he had a whim, why don't I try doing a push-up?


When he was lying on the ground and did a push-up, he thought again: Since I have already set up my posture, I will simply do a few more.


In this way, because of 1 push-up, he gradually developed the habit of exercising every day.


Life is a battle with yourself.


Those who let themselves go will only be abandoned in place;


Only those who change themselves little by little can slowly cultivate their own life under the inspiration of a sense of achievement.


09 Believe Yourself

The most important thing any mature and independent person should do is to believe in themselves.


Because only if you believe in yourself, you can firmly choose the path you want to take when others are not optimistic about you;


When the road ahead is boundless, you can still not forget your original intention and move forward fearlessly.


If you have a dream, you have to defend it. People who don't accomplish anything want to tell you that you can't be great.


In life, every moment is precious. Why don't you focus on people who deny you, why waste your time in confusion.


A person with confidence can turn the small into the great and the mediocre into the miraculous.


If you have set a goal, you must seize the opportunity and try it bravely.


Believe, persevere, success and happiness will come knocking on the door.


The best life is not a smooth ride, nor can it be a smooth ride.


Highs and lows are inevitable stages of our lives.


If at this time, you are in a low period, please grit your teeth and walk again and hold on.


There is no mountain that cannot be crossed, and there is no spring that will not come.

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What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 2

Friday, September 2, 2022

What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 2

What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 2

6. People who are rich and well-founded actually benefit from the accumulation of the previous generations.

The more money you have, the more you pay attention to education. Use money to get more resources for improvement to have an even better life.

You know, no one will simply die of poverty. Many people go to the end only because they lack knowledge, and this is the most deadly, because ignorance will bind you and drag you into the abyss slowly.

7. Rich people often lie to others, but never lie to themselves.

The characteristic of the rich is that they can deceive. They will deceive people in order to create value, boost morale, and achieve benefits.

Some very powerful people can even send you a wrong message without telling a lie, and you can never see any flaws at all.

However, they have a harsh judgment about their true situation, and they will never be immersed in the beautiful fantasy that they describe. This is completely opposite to the poor.

8. It is difficult for the poor to become true friends with the rich.

Because of the differences in opinions, and lifestyles of the two people are very huge.

Take the level of consumption as an example. The consumption of the wealthy will always increase. If both parties eat or go shopping together, it will be unpleasant for both.

The rich must lower their desires, but the poor only want to meet the minimum requirements. People of different classes have different things every day, and there are very few common topics.

9. People who can boast seem to be more valuable.

To give a very simple example, if there are 2 applications for the job, one of them requests a monthly salary of 5K, and the other requests a monthly salary of 10K. Most people will think that a person with a monthly salary of 10K will be more capable. .

Of course, it is not for you to overvalue yourself. What I want to express is: increase the price appropriately based on your own ability.

For example: if you only have a value of 2K, but you ask for a price of 10K, you will be thrown out by HR.

Therefore, young people must learn more skills, these skills not only provide you with the confidence to speak up, but also become your ‘weapons’ in the future.

10. The lesser the obligations you have, the more victorious you can be

Why? Because you are bold and have the courage to have a go at it.

You can imagine when you have old parents, young kids, a mortgage, or a car loan to take care of; will you be brave enough to use up your savings to invest? Or will you find a stable job and live the rest of your life taking the safer approach?

Therefore, if you want to put up a good fight, you must hurry up when your parents are not old and your children don’t need much support, 25 to 35 years old, a golden ten years.

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