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What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 1

 What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 1

1. Stay away from the ‘poor’ education your parents give you.

After interacting with a few young people who have achieved a "class transition", the biggest experience I have got is, if you were born in a family with very poor economic conditions, the key advice your parents gave you must be wrong.

You can learn their ways of doing things, you can also learn from their maturity, but don't rely fully on their economic teachings. And if you think about it, if they can give the right advice and make the right choices on these things, they won't have to spend their entire lives being poor.

It's not that they don't love you, but they can't teach you how to get out of poverty.

2. Confidence, style, temperament, talent, these qualities that seem to have nothing to do with money, are actually accumulated with money.

When you pay close attention to the young but talented, confident, and arrogant people around you, they must have grown up in a privileged environment since childhood, and their parents are by no means destitute, or the norm citizens.

3. Poverty makes a person timid, afraid to try, afraid to invest, and even cautious about interacting with others.

Only when you are not entrapped by money you can really make the right choice.

4. Money exchanged for health is destined not to bring happiness.

Now that most people have a small amount of money in their hands, various physical problems begin to appear, especially some young people, who have left various irreversible injuries to their bodies at a young age.

The tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for staying up late and working overtime will not let you reach the peak of life, but will make you suffer endless torture in the later part of a long life. By the way, some experts pointed out: 60% of people will use 60% of their life savings for the last 28 days of life.

Regardless of whether this number is accurate or not, it is not worth to exchange health for money. It is necessary to balance health and money. Only in this way can we develop in the long run.

5. Masters are generally good at selling.

When you visit shopping malls often, you will find that the bestselling products are not necessarily the best quality, but they must be the best marketed.

Mobile phones, wine, and clothes are all the same. The ones with high sales and profit are not the best ones; they just sell like hot cake.

Therefore, whether it is a person or a product, you must learn to promote it. No matter how good things are, if it is not well marketed, it is equivalent to a waste product.


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