Friday, August 19, 2022

Are you smart? Part 2

5. Smart people have a growth mindset, while ordinary people have a fixed mindset.

Smart people think that failure is their learning opportunity, and smart people think that the real failure is the failure to grow. Smart people are willing to accept failure, review problems, and try to do better next time. When smart people are being queried, they will see it as opportunities for reflection and improvement. Smart people are constantly improving and will not let themselves stay stagnant.

Ordinary people have a fixed mindset, thinking that failure means that they have no talent in this area. They are more concerned with their face and self-esteem. They are unwilling to face failures and challenges, because their mindset is that they can't go wrong if they don't act. The success of ordinary people does not come from progress, but from other people's evaluation of themselves. Ordinary people will not reflect on the problem, and will attribute the problem to the external environment or others.

6. Smart people are the masters of money, and ordinary people are the slaves of money.

Smart people pay attention to their own needs, smart people do not love money, smart people only love what money can bring, family, friendship, opportunities, growth, time, and freedom. Ordinary people just love money. Ordinary people think money is more important than themselves.

7. Smart people like to review problems, and ordinary people like to avoid problems.

When encountering difficulties, confusion, and upset, smart people will regard this as an opportunity for their own growth. They conduct ‘anatomy’ on themselves, discover the cause of the problem, and avoid making mistakes next time.

When ordinary people encounter difficulties, their first reaction is to ignore them, and they don't want to mention it again. As a result, precious opportunities for growth are missed.

8. Smart people always do things within their own circle of ability, and ordinary people are always deadlocked with things they are not good at.

Smart people know very well that what can make them live happily is what they do what they excel in, so smart people spend a lot of time trying, the purpose is to find what they like and are good at through experimenting.

One's own advantage can only be discovered through multiple times of experimenting.

Some people play games well, then become a game host; some people like to think and can be a learning blogger; some people love to travel, so be a travel blogger. Smart people always survive where they have a competitive advantage. This is the first step in winning the competition.

Ordinary people are unwilling to discover their own advantages and are always bound by a set of rules. Thus they spend a lot of time and energy to make up for the things they are not good at.

A lot of people will tend to spend their lives doing something that they don’t excel in, just because that particular job looks more ‘correct’ for others.

9. Smart people always pay more attention to adequate sleep, healthy eating, and exercise, while ordinary people are just the opposite.

Smart people understand that adequate sleep, healthy eating, and persistent exercise are the most basic things for continuous improvement, a healthy mentality and overcoming failure.

Smart people understand that with a good body and energy, nothing is too bad.

Ordinary people are on the contrary. Greasy diet, alcohol, and overeating are just satisfying the current physical desires, trying to get more work done by prolonging the working hours. They enter into the vicious cycle of having bad health and affect their work.

Let’s start having the mentality of the smart people so that we can all have a fruitful life ahead.

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