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Do you have these 2 types of personalities to get promoted quickly?

We found that people who grow fast in the workplace can change their roles at any time. They are good subordinates in front of the boss, a good partner in the team, and a good leader in front of their subordinates. To be "good", you need to switch at any time. own role in the workplace.

Good students in the workplace will steal from their teachers

A good student, a person who can grow rapidly in the workplace, must be a person who is good at discovering and summarizing the advantages of others, and using them to benefit himself.

People who are good at learning will abandon all personal preferences, discover the advantages of others, ignore the shortcomings, and then let themselves have the same advantages and grow.

For example, colleague A is good at writing PPT. He is rigorous and rigid, but his work is well-organized. Some people can learn from colleague A's "organized" working attitude and ignore his "rigidity", while some people will infinitely magnify his rigidity and ignore his advantages. People who can discover the advantages of others can not only turn the advantages of others into their own, but also avoid the minefields of others. For example, when dealing with colleague A, they must take into account his rigidity and seriousness, and respect his rigor at work. , Don't make jokes that he doesn't like in life.

People who can't find the advantages of others have such a mentality: they always feel that other people's achievements are easy. For example, I often hear things like "He's just lucky, it's my turn, so can I", "It's all a lie, he just can talk", "He's just related to the boss and has no strengths at all" and so on. But in real life it is that "luck", "emotional intelligence" and "personal connections" that work in the workplace, and these are not what everyone is born with, they are all painstakingly managed over time.

Don't let your lack of effort and inadequacy in learning turn into jealousy, which will lead to slower growth.

Good worker makes plans

We found that there is a type of people who are always clear in the workplace, clearly know their career direction, know what stage they are in in the workplace, know where they should work hard, know how to create conditions, and know how to achieve their goals step by step. .

This is rare. Because more than 90% of people don't know what they want to do in the future, they always take one step at a time, and many people have high ambitions, but they don't know how to operate when it comes to the specific practical part.

So how do you make yourself a person with clear direction? First, a general direction is required, then a plan is made according to the direction, and finally the plan is implemented step by step. For example, just like taking a long vacation to travel abroad (general direction), how to go, where to stay, which attractions to visit (plan), buy air tickets, book hotels (specific implementation methods), as long as you go according to your own plan. Taking small steps to implement it will get closer and closer to the ultimate goal.

See the big from the small, when you really learn how to do something and learn to be a person with clear direction, the career path will become more and more clear.

To sum up, if you want to run faster than others in the workplace, firstly, you must learn to improve yourself, secondly, you must have the direction to work hard and know how to persevere. As long as you improve yourself in these 2 areas, your career path will get better and better.​


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Thursday, March 30, 2023

What is Your Annual Pay Raise?

It is the time of the year to see your report card of the performance for the entire year, at least for most of the companies.

The target salary increment in Singapore can vary depending on several factors, including the individual's job role, industry, and level of experience. According to a survey by Mercer, the average salary increase for employees in Singapore was 3.6% in 2019, and the projected salary increase for 2022 is 3.65%. It is going to be higher in 2023 with 3.75%, surpassing pre pandemic levels.

However, it's important to note that these are just averages, and the actual target salary increment can vary widely based on individual circumstances. For example, employees who have performed exceptionally well may be eligible for a higher salary increase, while those in industries experiencing economic challenges may receive a smaller increase.

Ultimately, the target salary increment should be based on a realistic assessment of the individual's skills and experience, as well as the market rate for their job role and industry. It's a good idea to do research on salary ranges and to have open and honest conversations with your employer about your expectations and goals.

Here are some strategies to increase your chances of getting a higher salary increment:

1. Perform well in your job: Consistently meeting or exceeding performance expectations and taking on additional responsibilities can demonstrate your value to the organization.

2. Build a strong case for a higher salary: Gather information on the market rate for your job role and industry and highlight your accomplishments and contributions to the organization.

3. Negotiate effectively: Be prepared to discuss your salary goals with your employer and be willing to compromise if necessary. Focus on the value you bring to the organization and the contributions you have made.

4. Expand your skillset: Developing new skills and taking on additional responsibilities can make you a more valuable employee and increase your chances of a higher salary.

5. Network and seek out opportunities: Building a strong professional network and seeking out new opportunities can help you identify positions with higher salaries or advance your career within your current organization.

Remember that salary negotiations are a two-way street, and both you and your employer should feel that the offer is fair and reasonable. Be prepared to have open and honest conversations and to be flexible and willing to compromise.

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Friday, March 24, 2023

Cheap and effective 18 tips to live easier and easier

1.   Make the rice nice and fragrant

After washing the rice, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to make the rice nice and fragrant. Add a few drops of oil to the rice that has been washed and ready to cook, and cook with the rice to make the rice fragrant!

2.   How to “unyellow” white clothes

First apply shampoo with a brush, or apply shaving cream and let it sit for four to five minutes before washing, and you can wash it off smoothly

3.    What should I do if I eat spicy food and cry?

Eating spicy food to tears, drinking water will not relieve the pain, but will make it spicier. The best way to relieve spiciness is to drink milk, which can ease the spiciness.

4.    What if the soup is too salty?

If you accidentally add too much salt to the soup, The remedy at this point is to add the potatoes and cook for a few more minutes. Since the potatoes will absorb the salt, just remove the potatoes when you want to serve.

5.    How to make tofu less delicate?

Soft tofu is very easy to break during the cooking process. If you want to keep the tofu intact, you can soak it in salt water for about 30 minutes before cooking.

6.    How to remove wax from apple surface?

If you like to eat apples with the skin, you need to remove the wax on the surface:

1) Put the apple into hot water (the highest temperature that the hand can accept), the wax of the apple will faint at this time.

2) Apply toothpaste on the apple as a cleaning agent, then rinse it off with water, and then eat it.

7.    keep cookies crunchy

When tinning the cookies, add a sugar cube at the same time. Because the sugar cube will absorb the moisture in the jar, it will keep the cookies crispy and delicious.

8.    What should I do if my shoes stink?

Put a small amount of baking soda directly into boots, sneakers, or shoes that are often worn and are prone to odour and moisture. Under the action of baking soda, it will absorb moisture and odour, and soon you will have a dry pair shoes.

9.    fresh-keeping method

In a vase with flowers, adding a little beer can prolong the fresh-keeping period of the flowers. Because beer contains ethanol, it can cut the flower branches, disinfect and prevent corrosion, and also contains sugar and other nutrients, which can provide nutrients for the branches and leaves.

10.  Sharpen scissors

Using aluminum foil, stack two or three sheets of aluminum foil together and cut them with scissors. The scissors will be surprisingly sharp immediately.

11.  Use Hair Dryer on Labels

When buying a gift, the price tag is difficult to tear off. If you use a hair dryer to heat it up and tear it off, it will be easily torn off without leaving any traces!

12.  Cut Chilli

Washing hands with toothpaste works really well.

13.  Preserve bananas

For those who love bananas, the most worrying thing is that the bananas get spoilt easily. However, you can try wrapping the roots of the bananas with plastic wrap, which can prolong its preservation time.

14.  Make Old photos look new

If the photo is old or dirty, wipe it with cotton dipped in alcohol, and it will look like new after wiping.

15.  Use pillow to support your foot for cramps

Put a pillow under your feet every night to prevent cramps from occurring while you sleep.

16.  Remove the musty smell of furniture

When there is a musty smell in the drawer, closet and wardrobe, put a bar of soap in it to remove it.

17.  Keep new hairstyle intact

Just laying a smooth silk scarf on your pillow before going to bed with your freshly done hair will keep your hair from getting mesy.

18.  Make Jewellery look new

If the surface of gold jewellery looks old, use soft leather  with a little toothpaste to gently wipe it, and it will be as bright as new.

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Friday, March 17, 2023

How to please yourself

 01 Treat your body better

1.    Ensure adequate sleep, don't stay up late, it will accelerate aging.

2.    Exercise regularly, whether it is running or ball games, be active.

3.    Running and swimming are the most effective and convenient ways to lose weight and are helpful to the whole body.

4.    You can eat less during weight loss, but you must not skip it, it is not good for your stomach.

5.    As long as you do outdoor sports, regardless of whether there is sun exposure, be sure to wash your whole body after returning home.

6.    Reduce the frequency of mobile phone use. After staring at the screen for a long time, look at the green plants outside the window for a while.

7.    Develop a good habit of drinking water

8.    You must eat more fruits, eat less food with more salt and more oil, and don’t drink milk tea if you can.

9.    No matter how tired you are, don't wear makeup or sleep with wet hair.

02 Keep calm

1.    Don't try to retain something if you can't keep it, and don't wait if you can't wait.

2.    Don't be angry with unworthy people; don't get angry with unworthy things.

3.    Listen to your boss's criticism, but don't take it to heart, don't complain, don't talk back.

4.    Do not quarrel with family members.

5.    Set aside some time each day for meditation. It can be short.

6.    Develop a way to de-stress, such as walking, shopping, or sleeping.

7.    When in a bad mood, can do crazy things, but don't indulge.

8.    Reading is the cheapest but most effective way to destress.

9.    Don't envy others, what should be yours will always belong to you.

03 Make more money

1.    Money is earned, not saved.

2.    The shopping cart must be emptied. If you like something, you must find a way to buy it.

3.     Work is to achieve personal value? No, it is just a tool to make money.

4.    When talking about money with friends, talk openly and honestly without destroying the relationship.

5.    If it can be solved with money don’t use favours.

6.    Within the scope of your ability, use what you can do well, and don't be stubborn when you can't afford it.

7.    Be willing to spend money on books, travel, and, of course, family.

04 Learn to be alone

1.    Guard your mouth when you are in a group, and guard your heart when you are alone.

2.    No matter how lively the occasion is, there is a time to be quiet, and the loneliness at that time is the real loneliness.

3.    Love is not the whole of life, let alone marriage.

4.    No one deserves to please you except yourself.

5.    Cultivate some hobbies, such as flower arrangement, such as fitness, to make the time alone more meaningful.

6.    Don't forcefully squeeze in groups that you can't get into. It's not that you're not suitable; it's that they're not suitable for you.

7.    What a close relationship between men and women, but also leave space for yourself.

8.    Learn to deal with yourself, often to examine your own heart and observe its situation.

9.    Seven points of love is enough, and the remaining three points are to love yourself.

05 Love life

1.    Have at least one dream. If your heart has no place to live, you will be wandering wherever you go.

2.    Be with the person who makes you laugh, the person who makes you cry, he is not worth it.

3.    The most valuable encounter is to meet oneself again at a certain moment.

4.    Reduce ineffective social interaction, shorten entertainment time, and improve your knowledge and connotation.

5.    Always maintain the confidence and ability to raise the corners of your mouth.

6.    Be sincere to friends, affectionate to lovers, wholehearted to family members, and gentle to strangers.

7.    Master several skills, such as make-up, such as cooking, such as writing.

8.    If you like it, go to confession. Go to the place you like. Don't trap yourself.

9.    When you come to the world, you have to look at the sun and walk down the street with your lover.

10.  Continue to be a better version of yourself that is fun, refined, and filled with heart

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Friday, March 10, 2023

15 mean and cruel truths of life

1. 80% of people are lazy and stupid. With a little more effort, you can do better than most people and enjoy the success.


2. Working for ten years does not necessarily mean that you have ten years of working experience, but maybe wasted 10 years for 1 year of experience.


3. We are being eliminated every day. Older age does not necessarily mean that you know more, it is likely that you are just more behind the times. Now the experience preservation period is getting shorter and shorter. It is not an era when young people learn from old people, but an era when old people learn innovation from young people.


4. When an era is over, and the people of that era are still alive. This is cruel, but very common.


5. Many people have died in their twenties and are only buried in their seventies or eighties.


6. Stupid people don't have enough IQ to know they are stupid. This is really a helpless thing.


7. If you always feel that others look down on you. In fact, you think too much. Others can't see you at all.


8. People who are full of anger must have had a hard time. Hatred is a tomb that one has built for oneself. Forgiving others is actually letting go of oneself.


9. Why don't others reason with you? Firstly, he is much stronger than you, and it is enough to crush you directly, no need to reason. Secondly, you are too stupid to understand the truth.


10. Not all people are created equal. You can work very hard, and the final destination you reach may not be as good as the starting line of others.


11. Money is not omnipotent, but money is closer to omnipotence than anything else.


12. Life is like this, there are no ifs, and only the result. Those who dare not gamble have no chance of winning.


13. The biggest tragedy of a person is the refusal to grow and mature.


14. People who don't understand the most are often those who think they understand.


15. As long as you don't do bad things, you are not afraid that someone can do bad things to you.

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Friday, March 3, 2023

ISTJ (Meticulous Examiner)

 ISTJ (Meticulous Examiner)

1. Summary

ISTJs are best described as meticulous, they are extremely rigorous, extremely disciplined and at the same time extremely dependable.

ISTJs are quiet, serious, hard-working, and conscientious. They are highly focused, organized, and accurate, and have a strong memory and judgment for details; ISTJs are always traditional, conservative, listening and They like to state things with certainty and clarity; they value necessary theoretical systems and traditional conventions, and are impatient with those who do not. Because of the above characteristics, ISTJs are often the stabilizers of society, so some books call them "civil servants"

Note: "Poker face" is a common expression feature of ISTJs. There is no expression of emotions and anger. When you meet an ISTJ for the first time, you will feel that you are in front of a statue.

2. Analysis

ISTJs make up about 13%-14% of the population.

ISTJs observe the visible and tangible realities of the world (S) and deal with them objectively (T), and for them, structure, flow, and order (J) are the most important things in everyday life. The I type makes them look a little cold and lonely.

From the combination of letters, we can infer that they are rigorous, objective, logical and pragmatic, follow the rules, and are not very talkative. At the same time, as a person with IJ aura, they are also the type with independent opinions, tenacity, and not easy to be influenced by others.  

ISTJs are the favourite type of children among all primary, middle and high school teachers in schools. They have stable grades, respect teachers, practical, meticulous, self-disciplined and good at memorizing. They are especially favourite of math teachers. ISTJs are naturally sensitive to numbers and extremely gifted.

Note: ISTJs account for the largest proportion of corporate CEOs.

3. Traits and characteristics

ISTJs are dependable, responsible types, and the driving forces behind ISTJs are accountability, productivity, and effectiveness (not efficiency, mind you). Their meticulousness and extreme rigor make them well-suited for jobs such as inspections, checks, and the jobs that have in common the need to make sure the rules have been complied with, such as whether the filling of the form is standardized, whether the last payment has arrived on time, whether the inventory is consistent, etc. ISTJs like a behind-the-scenes, quieter way to maintain the normal order of the entire organization, ISTJs prefer to deal with things rather than people, and they are also one of the 16 types who like to organize things the most. Well-behaved, neat and spotless.

ISTJs especially like to do things they have done before, and like to do some highly repetitive work, such as a safety engineer going to the construction site every day to check whether all safety measures are OK. ISTJs like repetition, and they will feel at ease, secure, and never bored.

ISTJs are very talented in handling numbers, and their ability is to process various materials according to established rules, so we can often find ISTJs in jobs involving accounting, such as finance, accounting, auditing, etc. Like other SJs, they prefer courses involving resource management in school, and ISTJs are generally better at math than other SJs. They are arguably the most conscientious of all types. Therefore, ISTJs have a great interest and talent in checking data and tables. They like to hold a long report and then tick each item on it. , If there is someone around you who carries a shopping list with you every time you go shopping and confirms item by item, then that friend is likely to be an ISTJ. 

In life, ISTJs are a group of very simple or even very frugal people, and when they buy things, they mainly consider cost performance and durability, and rarely care about the appearance or fashion of the goods. ISTJs may be the least fashionable and trendy people among the 16-type personalities. They don't even like to upgrade products too quickly. They usually buy a mobile phone and use it for seven or eight years. Instead, they will like some very old things - antiques, calligraphy and painting, old books, many people in this world like the new and dislike the old, only ISTJs are often "like the old and dislike the new".

It’s not that ISTJs like the old and hate the new, not because they hate the new (although they are often resistance to innovation). As long as the “new” sees actual results, they will quickly implement it and actively promote it.

Acting fast It's their trademark, they like to follow up every project until it's done, ISTJs often put up some so-called "slogans" in the workplace: "Work hard, never waste" "A penny left is a penny earned. Split the money". Clearly, an ISTJ's work is life, and life is work.

Work comes first, which is a common ISTJ belief, followed by family and community responsibilities. When all of this is in order, they schedule entertainment, and they're the typical take-home type of work at the end of the day.

ISTJs specify structured processes, execute them efficiently, and expect others to do the same. When positions are low, they take orders, complain at first, then do, and end up with good results. When they are promoted, they will issue instructions, but they do not push forward or accuse people who do not obey orders. They will formulate all kinds of rules and regulations, processes, although sometimes such rules and regulations and procedures may seem very unpleasant. Inexplicable and even ridiculous, ISTJs also ask everyone to obey.

ISTJs can be great employees, managers, or leaders. The ISTJ's approach to work life is that whatever it is, as long as it works, there must be specific, clear instructions on what to do in a given situation, like a “checklist before take-off." So, a good manager will say "good morning" and "hello" to his employees every day, and once these are on the list, these greetings are done over and over until they become part of the ISTJ's management style. 

In the organization, when others disagree with the ISTJ, the ISTJ will simply show impatience or disagreement. So the ISTJ's behaviour clearly includes "show me", "show me proof" situations - "show me why this saves money", " show me you're right". ISTJs' poor expressions often discourage others, panic and respond defensively. It's no wonder that an ISTJ often feels like a loan collector.

The ISTJ's unabashed style brings a serious and conservative atmosphere to the workplace, an environment that other types find boring to work in. Comfortable chairs, office fittings, and recreational activities are all seen by ISTJs as a waste of time and money, and in the long run, their quest for efficiency can lead to demoralization and lower motivation.

Finally, let’s talk about the disadvantages of ISTJs. The so-called disadvantages are the reverse personality characteristics of ISTJs. It can be said that ENFPs prefer comfortable ones, but almost all ISTJs are unhappy. We mentioned earlier that dream chasers ENFPs are very fond of creativity and innovation, and like to pay attention to people's emotions and growth. On the contrary, ISTJs do not like creativity and innovation, nor do they care about people's emotions and growth, which has become the Achilles' heel of ISTJs. For example, an employee who is filled with hesitation and confusion expresses low feelings about the job, and the scene of the employee's quivering lips or the desire to cry can overwhelm the ISTJ because they have no way of handling the situation for fear of losing control. Also, ISTJs will consider this inappropriate, or at least useless. Ultimately, the ISTJ's response is to tighten control, or simply deny the problem.

4. Preferred career fields

Preferred career fields: business, finance, primary education, law, applied sciences, health care, services, technology.

Typical occupations preferred: Meteorologist, database administrator, health care administrator, financial worker, logistics manager, information director, budget analyst, medical researcher, inspector, agronomist, health practitioner, biomedical researcher, office administrator, Credit analysts, auditors, stockbrokers, detectives, geologists, and engineering technicians.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of the work

 1. ISTJ strengths at work may include:

a)    Accurate in doing things, hoping to get the job done right the first time

b)    Willing to follow established daily schedules and traditional policy

c)    Focus on one project or task with great concentration every time

d)    Ability to work independently

e)    Sensitive organizational skills

f)     Meticulous and attentive to specific issues: facts and details

g)    Believe in the merits of traditional models and be able to follow them

h)    Very strong sense of responsibility; others can trust you to fulfill their promises

i)      Understands a clear work ethic; believes it is important to be efficient and productive

j)      Perseverance and determination to achieve goals

k)    Reasonable, realistic perspective

2. Disadvantages of ISTJs at work may include:

a)    Reluctance to try and accept new and untested perspectives and ideas

b)    Uneasy about change; repulsive to innovation

c)    impatient with tasks that take a long time to complete

d)    Sometimes ignores long-term needs due to short-term goals

e)    Rigidity; difficulty or unwillingness to adapt to new situations when necessary

f)     Difficulty seeing the whole of the problem and the long-term impact of the behavior

g)    Lack of sensitivity to how policies or decisions will affect others

h)    Unwilling to change the direction of effort or adjust the amount of investment when needed

i)      Reluctance to promote necessary change or support carefully considered risky behaviour

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