Friday, March 17, 2023

How to please yourself

 01 Treat your body better

1.    Ensure adequate sleep, don't stay up late, it will accelerate aging.

2.    Exercise regularly, whether it is running or ball games, be active.

3.    Running and swimming are the most effective and convenient ways to lose weight and are helpful to the whole body.

4.    You can eat less during weight loss, but you must not skip it, it is not good for your stomach.

5.    As long as you do outdoor sports, regardless of whether there is sun exposure, be sure to wash your whole body after returning home.

6.    Reduce the frequency of mobile phone use. After staring at the screen for a long time, look at the green plants outside the window for a while.

7.    Develop a good habit of drinking water

8.    You must eat more fruits, eat less food with more salt and more oil, and don’t drink milk tea if you can.

9.    No matter how tired you are, don't wear makeup or sleep with wet hair.

02 Keep calm

1.    Don't try to retain something if you can't keep it, and don't wait if you can't wait.

2.    Don't be angry with unworthy people; don't get angry with unworthy things.

3.    Listen to your boss's criticism, but don't take it to heart, don't complain, don't talk back.

4.    Do not quarrel with family members.

5.    Set aside some time each day for meditation. It can be short.

6.    Develop a way to de-stress, such as walking, shopping, or sleeping.

7.    When in a bad mood, can do crazy things, but don't indulge.

8.    Reading is the cheapest but most effective way to destress.

9.    Don't envy others, what should be yours will always belong to you.

03 Make more money

1.    Money is earned, not saved.

2.    The shopping cart must be emptied. If you like something, you must find a way to buy it.

3.     Work is to achieve personal value? No, it is just a tool to make money.

4.    When talking about money with friends, talk openly and honestly without destroying the relationship.

5.    If it can be solved with money don’t use favours.

6.    Within the scope of your ability, use what you can do well, and don't be stubborn when you can't afford it.

7.    Be willing to spend money on books, travel, and, of course, family.

04 Learn to be alone

1.    Guard your mouth when you are in a group, and guard your heart when you are alone.

2.    No matter how lively the occasion is, there is a time to be quiet, and the loneliness at that time is the real loneliness.

3.    Love is not the whole of life, let alone marriage.

4.    No one deserves to please you except yourself.

5.    Cultivate some hobbies, such as flower arrangement, such as fitness, to make the time alone more meaningful.

6.    Don't forcefully squeeze in groups that you can't get into. It's not that you're not suitable; it's that they're not suitable for you.

7.    What a close relationship between men and women, but also leave space for yourself.

8.    Learn to deal with yourself, often to examine your own heart and observe its situation.

9.    Seven points of love is enough, and the remaining three points are to love yourself.

05 Love life

1.    Have at least one dream. If your heart has no place to live, you will be wandering wherever you go.

2.    Be with the person who makes you laugh, the person who makes you cry, he is not worth it.

3.    The most valuable encounter is to meet oneself again at a certain moment.

4.    Reduce ineffective social interaction, shorten entertainment time, and improve your knowledge and connotation.

5.    Always maintain the confidence and ability to raise the corners of your mouth.

6.    Be sincere to friends, affectionate to lovers, wholehearted to family members, and gentle to strangers.

7.    Master several skills, such as make-up, such as cooking, such as writing.

8.    If you like it, go to confession. Go to the place you like. Don't trap yourself.

9.    When you come to the world, you have to look at the sun and walk down the street with your lover.

10.  Continue to be a better version of yourself that is fun, refined, and filled with heart

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