Friday, March 24, 2023

Cheap and effective 18 tips to live easier and easier

1.   Make the rice nice and fragrant

After washing the rice, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to make the rice nice and fragrant. Add a few drops of oil to the rice that has been washed and ready to cook, and cook with the rice to make the rice fragrant!

2.   How to “unyellow” white clothes

First apply shampoo with a brush, or apply shaving cream and let it sit for four to five minutes before washing, and you can wash it off smoothly

3.    What should I do if I eat spicy food and cry?

Eating spicy food to tears, drinking water will not relieve the pain, but will make it spicier. The best way to relieve spiciness is to drink milk, which can ease the spiciness.

4.    What if the soup is too salty?

If you accidentally add too much salt to the soup, The remedy at this point is to add the potatoes and cook for a few more minutes. Since the potatoes will absorb the salt, just remove the potatoes when you want to serve.

5.    How to make tofu less delicate?

Soft tofu is very easy to break during the cooking process. If you want to keep the tofu intact, you can soak it in salt water for about 30 minutes before cooking.

6.    How to remove wax from apple surface?

If you like to eat apples with the skin, you need to remove the wax on the surface:

1) Put the apple into hot water (the highest temperature that the hand can accept), the wax of the apple will faint at this time.

2) Apply toothpaste on the apple as a cleaning agent, then rinse it off with water, and then eat it.

7.    keep cookies crunchy

When tinning the cookies, add a sugar cube at the same time. Because the sugar cube will absorb the moisture in the jar, it will keep the cookies crispy and delicious.

8.    What should I do if my shoes stink?

Put a small amount of baking soda directly into boots, sneakers, or shoes that are often worn and are prone to odour and moisture. Under the action of baking soda, it will absorb moisture and odour, and soon you will have a dry pair shoes.

9.    fresh-keeping method

In a vase with flowers, adding a little beer can prolong the fresh-keeping period of the flowers. Because beer contains ethanol, it can cut the flower branches, disinfect and prevent corrosion, and also contains sugar and other nutrients, which can provide nutrients for the branches and leaves.

10.  Sharpen scissors

Using aluminum foil, stack two or three sheets of aluminum foil together and cut them with scissors. The scissors will be surprisingly sharp immediately.

11.  Use Hair Dryer on Labels

When buying a gift, the price tag is difficult to tear off. If you use a hair dryer to heat it up and tear it off, it will be easily torn off without leaving any traces!

12.  Cut Chilli

Washing hands with toothpaste works really well.

13.  Preserve bananas

For those who love bananas, the most worrying thing is that the bananas get spoilt easily. However, you can try wrapping the roots of the bananas with plastic wrap, which can prolong its preservation time.

14.  Make Old photos look new

If the photo is old or dirty, wipe it with cotton dipped in alcohol, and it will look like new after wiping.

15.  Use pillow to support your foot for cramps

Put a pillow under your feet every night to prevent cramps from occurring while you sleep.

16.  Remove the musty smell of furniture

When there is a musty smell in the drawer, closet and wardrobe, put a bar of soap in it to remove it.

17.  Keep new hairstyle intact

Just laying a smooth silk scarf on your pillow before going to bed with your freshly done hair will keep your hair from getting mesy.

18.  Make Jewellery look new

If the surface of gold jewellery looks old, use soft leather  with a little toothpaste to gently wipe it, and it will be as bright as new.

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