Friday, March 31, 2023

Do you have these 2 types of personalities to get promoted quickly?

We found that people who grow fast in the workplace can change their roles at any time. They are good subordinates in front of the boss, a good partner in the team, and a good leader in front of their subordinates. To be "good", you need to switch at any time. own role in the workplace.

Good students in the workplace will steal from their teachers

A good student, a person who can grow rapidly in the workplace, must be a person who is good at discovering and summarizing the advantages of others, and using them to benefit himself.

People who are good at learning will abandon all personal preferences, discover the advantages of others, ignore the shortcomings, and then let themselves have the same advantages and grow.

For example, colleague A is good at writing PPT. He is rigorous and rigid, but his work is well-organized. Some people can learn from colleague A's "organized" working attitude and ignore his "rigidity", while some people will infinitely magnify his rigidity and ignore his advantages. People who can discover the advantages of others can not only turn the advantages of others into their own, but also avoid the minefields of others. For example, when dealing with colleague A, they must take into account his rigidity and seriousness, and respect his rigor at work. , Don't make jokes that he doesn't like in life.

People who can't find the advantages of others have such a mentality: they always feel that other people's achievements are easy. For example, I often hear things like "He's just lucky, it's my turn, so can I", "It's all a lie, he just can talk", "He's just related to the boss and has no strengths at all" and so on. But in real life it is that "luck", "emotional intelligence" and "personal connections" that work in the workplace, and these are not what everyone is born with, they are all painstakingly managed over time.

Don't let your lack of effort and inadequacy in learning turn into jealousy, which will lead to slower growth.

Good worker makes plans

We found that there is a type of people who are always clear in the workplace, clearly know their career direction, know what stage they are in in the workplace, know where they should work hard, know how to create conditions, and know how to achieve their goals step by step. .

This is rare. Because more than 90% of people don't know what they want to do in the future, they always take one step at a time, and many people have high ambitions, but they don't know how to operate when it comes to the specific practical part.

So how do you make yourself a person with clear direction? First, a general direction is required, then a plan is made according to the direction, and finally the plan is implemented step by step. For example, just like taking a long vacation to travel abroad (general direction), how to go, where to stay, which attractions to visit (plan), buy air tickets, book hotels (specific implementation methods), as long as you go according to your own plan. Taking small steps to implement it will get closer and closer to the ultimate goal.

See the big from the small, when you really learn how to do something and learn to be a person with clear direction, the career path will become more and more clear.

To sum up, if you want to run faster than others in the workplace, firstly, you must learn to improve yourself, secondly, you must have the direction to work hard and know how to persevere. As long as you improve yourself in these 2 areas, your career path will get better and better.​


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