Friday, August 12, 2022

Are you smart? Part 1

1. Smart people have very few things to do, and ordinary people do everything.

This boils down to the question of choice. Smart people tend to focus on things strategically, only choose to do very minimal, but they can do well and turn themselves into experts in their fields. After they succeed, they use their own experience to exchange with the experts in other fields. , In order to expand one's abilities;

Ordinary people tend to do things the other way around. They have to do and chase for everything and that will expend their limited energy and in turn cannot achieve anything worthwhile.

2. Smart people will spend a lot of time thinking about whether it is worth doing even before starting it. Ordinary people often action immediately and take longer time to bear the long-term consequences of wrong decisions which they should not even start doing it in the first place.

Quoting from Einstein: If I have an hour to solve a problem, I will spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem itself, and then 5 minutes thinking about the solution.

Among the people I came across, people can have similar abilities, but the salary difference can be several times. It is because the person with higher salary will know how to gauge and weigh the consequences of going into the various fields and companies.

3. Smart people treasure time over money and Ordinary people think otherwise.

When a smart person is doing something, he thinks about whether the time spent on it is worthwhile and whether it has long-term value. When ordinary people do something, they think about whether it is expensive or not.

4. The purpose of reading books for smart people is to acquire knowledge, and the purpose of reading books for ordinary people is to finish reading the book.

Smart people read books; they don't care how many books they read, or whether they read every page. What smart people care about is time efficiency. That is, in a period of time, how much they have been inspired by reading books. The more knowledge obtained the better.

Ordinary people who read books care about how many books they have read and how many books they have read, and go out proudly saying that I have read 100 books this year, but gain nothing from the books.

The knowledge of smart people is in the head, and the knowledge of ordinary people remain in the books.


Stay Tune for Part 2

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