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What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 2

What do the wealthy people teach you? Part 2

6. People who are rich and well-founded actually benefit from the accumulation of the previous generations.

The more money you have, the more you pay attention to education. Use money to get more resources for improvement to have an even better life.

You know, no one will simply die of poverty. Many people go to the end only because they lack knowledge, and this is the most deadly, because ignorance will bind you and drag you into the abyss slowly.

7. Rich people often lie to others, but never lie to themselves.

The characteristic of the rich is that they can deceive. They will deceive people in order to create value, boost morale, and achieve benefits.

Some very powerful people can even send you a wrong message without telling a lie, and you can never see any flaws at all.

However, they have a harsh judgment about their true situation, and they will never be immersed in the beautiful fantasy that they describe. This is completely opposite to the poor.

8. It is difficult for the poor to become true friends with the rich.

Because of the differences in opinions, and lifestyles of the two people are very huge.

Take the level of consumption as an example. The consumption of the wealthy will always increase. If both parties eat or go shopping together, it will be unpleasant for both.

The rich must lower their desires, but the poor only want to meet the minimum requirements. People of different classes have different things every day, and there are very few common topics.

9. People who can boast seem to be more valuable.

To give a very simple example, if there are 2 applications for the job, one of them requests a monthly salary of 5K, and the other requests a monthly salary of 10K. Most people will think that a person with a monthly salary of 10K will be more capable. .

Of course, it is not for you to overvalue yourself. What I want to express is: increase the price appropriately based on your own ability.

For example: if you only have a value of 2K, but you ask for a price of 10K, you will be thrown out by HR.

Therefore, young people must learn more skills, these skills not only provide you with the confidence to speak up, but also become your ‘weapons’ in the future.

10. The lesser the obligations you have, the more victorious you can be

Why? Because you are bold and have the courage to have a go at it.

You can imagine when you have old parents, young kids, a mortgage, or a car loan to take care of; will you be brave enough to use up your savings to invest? Or will you find a stable job and live the rest of your life taking the safer approach?

Therefore, if you want to put up a good fight, you must hurry up when your parents are not old and your children don’t need much support, 25 to 35 years old, a golden ten years.

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