Friday, September 30, 2022

How to become poor?

Most people complain about being poor, but have you ever thought about the real reason you are poor?

01 Hesitate

Indecision is more likely to lead to poverty than recklessness. If you do not have a stand, no matter how good you are in other aspects, is always easy to be pushed aside by those who are determined in the race of life.

02 Procrastinate

When it comes to procrastination, many people must have this problem.

In fact, a lot of times procrastination is just laziness and avoiding problems. Faced with the current difficulties, we procrastinate again and again, unwilling to face and solve it. Thinking of procrastinating for a day is a day, and I always make excuses for myself: "I'm too busy today, I have too many things to do, it doesn't matter if I do it tomorrow..."

But if you keep repeating this, you will fall into a "more and more boring work" and "more and more boring life", and then you will become more and more negative and lazy. Finally, with the accumulation of time, you will have a strong sense of guilt and self-denial, and become more and more anxious.

03 Never last long-

80% of the failures in the world come from giving up halfway. You have never experienced the joy of persevering in doing one thing successfully, because perseverance is boring and full of setbacks for you. Almost everyone has made ambitious life plans, but few can persevere to the end. Very few, let alone the last, many people give up after the first three days.

04 Afraid of rejection

Maybe many people  feel the same. The difficulties they feel in interpersonal relationships are actually more or less related to "fear of rejection", such as the sudden departure of a lover, being betrayed, and being alienated.

And this kind of rejection can be very subtle. For example, if you give the other person a smile or a look, the other person does not respond to you. In fact, these sensitivities come from your own self-esteem.

And a person who can let go of self-esteem and do things is a person who is focused on goals and results. And people who put their self-esteem first, always pay attention to the attitude of others towards themselves when doing things in interpersonal communication. Therefore, the more useless a person is, the easier it is to be obsessed with those insignificant bottom lines and self-esteem.

05 Limit yourself

This means always doubting your own abilities. For example, if you want to do something, but there are always several reasons for you to feel that you can't do it, before you try to do it, deny yourself and find a bunch of reasons for yourself not to put in the effort.

In fact, all your mediocrity and failure are due to your own self-imposed limitations.

06 run away from reality

Escape from reality is something that many people have done before.

There are 5 characteristics of people who are prone to escapism:

1. Frequent daydreaming. They prefer to create a small world of their own.

2. A free and unrestrained life is actually a longing for a life of idleness.

3. Indulge in online games or fantasy novels, they can lead you into that fantasy world and let you escape from the daily reality.

4. I feel that the real world is cruel, but when I pursue my daydreams, I will always be hit by real life.

5. Unable to face an uncertain environment, because in the small world you create, you can find a sense of security.

07 Always find excuses for self

When you make a mistake, your first reaction is to make excuses to defend yourself. People who like to make excuses all have one common feature: they don't have a strong professionalism, they don't have persistent pursuits, and they don't have a firm belief in life.

So when they encounter pressure and encounter difficulties, they don't want to bear it. In the face of risks and challenges, they will also choose to retreat at the first time. And holding back forces them to make excuses for themselves.

08 Cowardice

I am afraid of being criticized by leaders, I am afraid that my ability will be denied by others, I am concerned about the evaluation of others, I am afraid of making mistakes, and my efforts will not be rewarded.

I remembered a sentence: "I don't dare to work hard to think about myself, for fear that I will finally know that I am not a genius. However, there is still a glimmer of hope in my heart, so I am not willing to be with the rubble."

In fact, it is a weak mind, unwilling to face setbacks.

09 Refuse to learn

Many people think that learning is painful, and it is better to be comfortable and not make a change.

So, when you become poor, don’t blame others. Your current life is caused by yourself. If you want to live a good life, you must change your mediocre status quo. Persevere; be bold, and not afraid of setbacks. This is your road to success.

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