Friday, September 23, 2022

How to avoid being scammed?

 If you only think about making money when you have no money, you may fall into a trap.


When a person is in a desperate situation, especially because of money, it is difficult to be rational.

01 People who have no money are actually easier to be fooled


There is an interesting statistic.


Among the people who buy used cars, the chances of the rich being scammed are much lower than those who are poorer.


The reason is that rich people tend to buy high-end cars when they look for cars, and the former car owners cherish them very much, and there are fewer problematic cars.


Those who have no money often only pay attention to the price. The cheaper the better, but it does not conform to the law of value. Usually, cars with very low prices have many problems.


This shows that people who have no money pay too much attention to cost considerations, are short-sighted, and often evaluate things by paying less and getting more, and are blinded by the joy of taking advantage. Liars often take advantage of this, and the success rates are high.

02 Everyone can make and save money


Many people find it difficult to make money. But the difficulty is that many people are unwilling to do it, not that they do not know how to do it.


It can be summarized into three aspects: long, medium and short:


Long term: Invest in yourself and make yourself valuable. Taking advantage of the time, take a few more exams and certificates to make your value higher. The higher the value, the more people will come looking for you, that is, sending you money.


Medium term: Although it being said many times, I still have to say that when you have money, try to save some. You do not know when the savings can be critical to save lives.


Short-term: if It's really not possible to have some leftover cash, do part-time jobs. If you teach at school, you can help others with tuition after get off work to subsidize your family; if you sit in an office during the day, you can also deliver food and drive a taxi at night. Although it is hard, but steadfast, when danger comes, sometimes you can get through it.


03 Making money requires long-term and reasonable planning


There are no so-called cures and quick fixes for the basic problems of life. Make predictions and develop strategies ahead of time.


In the workplace, the first step in planning is to have a goal. You must have a very precise goal of making money to guide yourself. For example, how much money your goal is to make this year and how much you want to achieve in salary.


With a goal, one has to abandon the unrealistic idea of ​​getting rich overnight. People who dream of falling gold from the sky all day long often lose the ability to act, leaving only empty fantasies.


Warren Buffett, has been in the financial world for more than 60 years. In fact, the average annualized rate of return is only about 20%. If one year's income is only considered, many people around him may benefit from investing in stocks for one year.


But he insists on long-term investment and value investment. Therefore, the accumulation of wealth at an annual growth rate of 20% for more than 60 years is an astronomical figure.


Step by step, it is the truth.


Many times, it is not the pie that falls from the sky, but the bait of the liar.


Only by thinking about danger in times of peace, abandoning the dream of becoming rich, keeping a sober head and keeping your feet on the ground, can you avoid becoming a prey of a liar.​​​

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