Friday, June 17, 2022

How to promote faster just by changing how you respond?

1. Things assigned by the boss

Good Ans: Sure, I will do it now.


Speaking like this makes people feel that you are doing things neatly and reliably.


2. When encountering bad news

Good Ans: We seem to have encountered some situations...


Speaking in this way, it feels calm and not chaotic.


3. When others speak out their opinions during a meeting

Good Ans: XX's idea is really good!


Speaking like this makes it feel like you can appreciate others and have a team spirit.


4. When you are not sure if you are asked a question

Good Ans: Please allow me to think about it more seriously. Can I reply to you before 1 o'clock?


Speaking like this makes it feel like you are not acting lightly, but a person who thinks twice before acting. Of course, remember to give a reply on time.


5. When asking a colleague for help

Good Ans: This thing is really impossible without you! Colleagues are happy if you speak like this. They usually won't refuse due to their professionalism.


6. Face things you are not sure about

Good Ans: I can challenge myself.


Speaking like this gives people the feeling that you dare to take responsibility and have the spirit of challenge. The next important task will be handed to you.


7. When the workload for you is heavy

Good Ans: The urgency of work I have on hand is like this...


In this way, first let the leader know that your workload is heavy and that you are organized. If it is not for you, you can leave it to others to do it.


8. When you make a mistake

Good Ans: This is my fault, but fortunately...


Speaking in this way makes people feel that you have a sense of responsibility, making mistakes is inevitable, and shirking responsibility will only add to your mistakes. However, there is a knack for admitting negligence, and the impact of mistakes should be minimized as much as possible.


9. Topics that break the awkwardness

Good Ans: I really want to know your opinion on this matter...


Talking in this way can break the awkwardness, and it is also a good opportunity for you to win the favor of your boss, giving him the feeling that you are humble and studious.


10. Face criticism

Good Ans: Thank you for telling me, I will consider your suggestions carefully.


Speaking like this will not make people feel that you are arrogant, and it will be easier to win the trust of your boss.

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