Friday, November 24, 2023

Be aware of your own weaknesses and strengths

Each of us must learn to look at our own shortcomings and strengths correctly. Everyone will have strengths and weaknesses, but we must look at our own strengths and weaknesses rationally from a correct perspective. Only by facing up to your own superiority can you change yourself and make yourself better.

If a person has shortcomings, if others point it out to you, you must learn to change. Many people are often unable to face up to their own shortcomings because they can't let go of their so-called face. If they compare their shortcomings with other people's advantages, of course they will lose.

A clumsy bird will always be last and be laughed at by other birds. Winter is coming, and all the birds are flying south. It thought that although it was clumsy, it could fly to the south first, so that it would never be ridiculed by others, and it didn't want to be the last one.

When it was ready, it flew to the south by itself, but it couldn't remember the direction to go to the south, and soon lost its way, so it had no choice but to fly back. When it returned, it found that other birds were gone.

It had no choice but to continue flying to the south alone, and lost its way while flying. It didn't know what to do. Eventually winter came, it was frozen to death on the road.

It is not that the path of the clumsy bird flying first is suitable for everyone. Just like this bird, you must first look at the problem from a rational perspective and see your own shortcomings. When you are not able to change yourself, you must learn to let go and learn, ask others for advice. This little bird did not correctly analyze its ability because of its own ‘face’. When your ability cannot support your face, you must learn to let go of the so-called ‘face’ and learn. Only by being able to endure the ridicule of others and being able to bend and stretch can one become stronger.

There are many such stories in life. We see that many people always like to compare themselves with others. When others use their mobile phones well, they must have one. When others wear branded clothes, they must own one. When others drive cars, they must have one. They always feel that face is very important, but you have to see if you have the ability to compare with others. Others are rich people. Of course, you can choose what you like to buy.

We are just ordinary people, face is not that important.

We also have to learn to play to our strengths and change our own weaknesses, we cannot change some shortcomings, so we have to make up for them and cover them up with our strengths. For example, if we are stupid, we need to learn more. We can practice ten times or eight times what others know at one time. Not all successful people are smart people, and stupid people will become excellent through hard work. The premise is that if you want to see your own shortcomings, you must learn to work harder than others.

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