Friday, November 17, 2023

Learn to manage your emotions

Each of us will have our own personality, our own temper, emotions. These good personal habits can make a person mature and become better. If you can't control your emotions well, it's easy to do wrong things and let yourself be negatively affected.

Since childhood, we have all been scolded and praised by adults. If you do something wrong and are blamed by adults, you will be unhappy and uncomfortable. Similarly, when you are praised, you will be happy, encouraged, and more willing to do things well. Children are innocent, and they will express their feelings. Each of us lives in a different environment, and the impact will be different. Adults will also be affected as long as they are together for a long time. If we are with people who are very positive and optimistic for a long time and will encourage you in everything, then you will do better and better. If you are with a group of people with long-term negative emotions, you will always complain and complain when you encounter problems. If you lose your temper and blame others, you will also be affected, and you will gradually become resentful and self-defeating. A positive and optimistic person is like the sun, which will radiate its heat to shine on others wherever it goes. A negative person is like the moon, which will make it dark and gloomy wherever it goes.

What kind of teacher will teach what kind of students, just like our parents and teachers were the most impactful when we were young. We spend the most time with our parents, so we are most influenced by them. Parents are our best teachers. There are many things that we cannot change. For example, our parents are something we cannot choose, and it is inevitable to be influenced by them since childhood. Many of our parents will have negative emotions that affect us, such as bad temper, blaming others for problems, shirking responsibility, and so on. Or we were scolded by our parents, Sometimes I can't control my emotions and quarrel with them. But you will regret it afterwards. Although their method is problematic, it is also for our own good. When we quarrel with them, not only can't solve the problem, but it will increase the family conflict.

We will also encounter many unsatisfactory things in society, being blamed by others, having disagreements with others, being wronged by others, and being criticized by leaders. Each of us will encounter these problems, but how can we deal with them better?  Quarrelling or fighting and quitting will not solve the problem at all, but will make it more serious.

We must learn to accept different opinions from others, learn to control our emotions, and learn to accept with humility when others say that you are not good. Even if you are right and others are wrong, don't argue with others too much, because this is fundamental It can't solve the problem, but it will affect your emotions and affect your judgment on things. When we sometimes make mistakes, they are caused by losing control of our emotions, being emotional, and losing rational judgment.

Some things are originally small things, but because of irrational and emotional loss of control, they will lead to big mistakes. For example, when two people bump into each other accidentally, everyone feels that they are not at fault, and one person is emotionally abusive and unreasonable, which will arouse the emotions of the other person, who may become more and more emotional and lose their minds and fight , At this time, one may lose emotional control and if no one persuades him, it may lead to a big mistake. If we can control our emotions and admit a mistake to others, even if it is not your fault, others will not hold on to it. Even if the other party is unreasonable and scolds you a few times, you ignore him, Things are over. .

We often watch some games, TV dramas, live broadcasts and so on, and we will find that those who don't know how to control their emotions are easy to make mistakes. I have seen some live broadcasts. Some people say that they can't stand arguing with others after a few words. Some people who can control their emotions, they just ignore them, and some people will laugh it off when they are scolded, and it will pass. The same thing is handled in different ways, and the results obtained are completely different.

Learning to control your emotions and manage your psychological changes will allow you to better judge the right and wrong of things and deal with problems better. Don't let your emotions control you; it will do you no good but bad. Problems that could have been easily dealt with can easily complicate the problem if you can't control your emotions. It is a science to manage your emotions well, and it allows you to improve and deal with problems better.

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