Friday, November 10, 2023

Learn to keep things simple, the less the better

Each of us has shortcomings and our own way of life. If we can persist in so many things, then we are not human beings, but gods. We all understand the truth that things must be reversed if they are too extreme. If we demand too much of ourselves, it will be counterproductive. Just like a spring, the tighter it is pressed, the higher it will rebound, but if it is pressed too hard, it will deform and lose its elasticity.


Learning self-discipline is a good thing, but is it difficult for you to do a hundred things well? You have to do this and that every day, whether you are tired or not, and it is definitely impossible to do all these things well. Smart people like to simplify things, just grasp the main thing, just like doing business, we can see famous companies around the world, the top 500 companies, they all It is to specialize in one thing to do well, such as software, mobile phones, computers, daily necessities, etc. They all focus on one thing and do it well. No company will make all the products, focus on one field, and the more specialized the better. Just like a small can of Coke, others concentrate on making Coke, and it is not yet a world-class company. No matter what you do, the more specific and simple you are, the easier it is to succeed.


There is such a thing as the king of chopsticks, the king of rubber bands, and the king of straws. Although it is a very simple thing, it is enough for you to focus on it and do it well with your heart. Instead of wanting everything, you get nothing.

I remember when I was young, there were many clothes sellers. They sold whatever they saw others selling. They had all kinds of clothes in a mess, and some even sold shoes. Their feeling was that the more things there were, the more people would come to buy them, they will earn more. But in fact, the business is not good, and it feels like a mess, just like a grocery store. People are dazzled and don't know what to buy. Another thing is that you are not professional at all, and there is no guarantee for things.

Later, some people took the professional route, and those who sold suits opened a branded suit store, and those who sold shoes opened a branded store. In this way, the business did not decline, but the business got better and better.


At that time, I did not want to understand the truth, and then I slowly realized that this is a major, just like when we go to school, we have to choose a major when we are in the university, because it is impossible for us to learn all subjects well, there are not so many There is so much time to learn, our energy is limited, and we can't digest what we have learned.


The same is true in life; we have to learn to simplify life instead of making everything extremely complicated, which will waste a lot of time. If we want to learn a skill, we should concentrate on learning it well, instead of wanting to learn everything and not learning anything well in the end. We can see that only those who concentrate on doing one thing become elites and experts. And those who think they know everything and know everything have no achievements.


We have to learn to simplify life instead of complicating it. Just like when we wear clothes, we would like to have a few pieces of clothes every season, especially women, who like to buy clothes. Women have a lot of clothes, but in the end they only wear a few pieces, and there are a lot of clothes to buy. Wear it once or twice and it will be permanently in the closet. People will achieve success in whatever aspect they focus on. 

If a man wants to be successful, he must put all his focus on his own career. We all watch TV, and we will find that the more successful people are, the less they take care of their families. Because in order to do one thing well, you have to give up some things. It is impossible to have your cake and eat it too. If a person is very family-oriented and handles the family affairs well, he will not have the energy to do a good job in his career.  We have to find a balance. To do this, you must learn to simplify things. You can’t say that you buy vegetables, cook, wash clothes and take care of your children every day, so that your wife is satisfied that you are a qualified husband. It is impossible that you still have time to do a good job in your career. 


To do one thing well, you have to give up many other things. Just like professional players spend a lot of time training every day, they will definitely not have much time to spend with their families. If you want to do things well, you can only take time off Go home and spend more time with your family. You can't run home every day.

Therefore, we have to learn to be willing, to be willing to gain, to simplify many things, and to concentrate on the most important things, so that you can do one thing well and become an expert elite in the eyes of others.

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  1. Hello Minimalist Lifez,

    Thanks for writing your thoughts. I agree with you - my family and I keep to a simple lifestyle. We live in a HDB flat. We take public transport. We eat at hawker centres. We don't travel to exotic locations for holiday. We hardly attend social gatherings. Yet, there is peace and contentment in the family. And I have never been in a happier state of mind. A simple life can bring wonders.

    Previously, I thought I need to put in long hours at work in order to build my career and achieve better remuneration. I tried to reply emails on the fly. I work while waiting for my kiddos to finish their enrichment classes on weekends. But over time, I realized it is not the VOLUME of work that I do, but the VALUE that I contribute that matters. So nowadays, I tend to be selective of 'arrows'. If I don't see the value in a particular assignment, I will ask my boss to give it to somebody else. At the same time, I ensure I provide top quality service to my clients so that during annual evaluation, they are more than happy to put in a good word for me to my boss. This strategy worked very well for me.

    In short, to do one thing well, we have to give up on many other things. But certain important aspects of life such as FAMILY and WORK do not need to be contradictory to each other. There are always ways to have both a fulfilling career and a happy family life.



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