Friday, November 11, 2022

Poor people are more generous than the rich?

We often heard that the richer the people are, the stingier they become, and the poorer people are more generous. In fact, it does not mean that rich people are really reluctant to spend money. They know that money is very hard to earn, and they will spend on the necessary but definitely not wasting it. The poor on the other hand like to save face, their hard earn money are used to pay for their meals with their friends, buying branded items for everything.

I came to know of an acquaintance, he is just an ordinary company employee getting a fixed salary every month, but when he saw other people buy branded clothes, watches, mobile phones, cars, etc., he also want to follow suit. A friend asked him, you don't have much salary a month, but your salary cannot match the standard of living right? He said with a wry smile, he borrowed from friends, relatives, credit cards, from whatever sources as long as he could borrow, and he was overwhelmed with just paying the interest every month. And soon enough, there was no source of income during the epidemic, and all the borrowers are rushing to repay the money. He sold almost everything he could, and finally sought help from his family members to repay the debt.

For the poor, the most excessive thing is having lots of time. Time passes so slowly during work, time is spent to play games, watch TV etc. All the time is wasted and nothing is achieved in the end.

Rich people feel that they don’t have enough time every day. They either try to make more money, or try to improve their abilities and make themselves better and better everyday. Even if there are many things that cannot be done during the epidemic, it is a pity that time is wasted in vain so they are either studying or researching how to carry out work more effectively. Learn to solve some challenging problems. After the epidemic, you will find that the gap between the poor and the rich is getting wider and wider. Because the rich are using this time to improve themselves, while the poor is spending time playing games, watching TV, and wasting time.

Most of the poor people like to sleep in late, and they sleep until late in the afternoon. I have seen some people sleep all day when they have nothing to do.  If you spend most of the day sleeping, how can you still have time for anything else.

Rich people are looking for time to study every day, and try to control their sleeping time to the minimum. Some people sleep only four or five hours a day. No matter how late they sleep, they will still work on time the next day, and still being energetic. People who are as good as others are working hard, and we have no reason not to.

Rich people eliminate the unimportant things in their lives. For example, they rarely waste time, they insist on getting up early every day, exercising, dealing with work, and recharging themselves for study. It is because they have bigger goals and more things to learn.

The poorer the people are, the more generous they are. Time, money, work and study can all be wasted, but what cannot be wasted is sleeping, eating, drinking and having fun. They think that's the most important thing. So it's getting poorer in the end!

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