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The Best State of Life: Half and Half

  • In Dealing with Interpersonal Relationships: Half Awake, Half Confused

In the interactions between people, everyone desires to be shrewd, fearing that they'll be taken advantage of. However, excessive concern for personal gains or losses can lead to misguided actions. Conversely, being moderately confused can often gain more favour among people and make things smoother. When facing criticism from others, it's also good to be moderately confused. Recognizing that each person's cognition and understanding vary, even when you express goodwill, you might receive a cold response. In such cases, silence might be a preferable choice.

  • In Marriage: Half Management, Half Acceptance

If one becomes too meticulous, constantly critical of others, life will become entangled in endless disputes. Behind mutual tolerance in a marriage lies the support of an outstanding blunt-force quality. Being overly sensitive often leads to frequent quarrels and distress. If both parties refuse to yield, serious disputes and tension will ensue. However, if both parties take a step back and view the problem from the other's perspective, it can ease the situation by half. A successful marriage involves half management and half acceptance.

  • In Work: Half Pursuit, Half Letting Go

An online saying goes: "There are no unreasonable workplaces, only unreasonable mindset." The workplace is a battlefield without gun smoke, where one must manage not just the relationship between people and work but also the relationships between people. Good interpersonal relationships bring happiness and high efficiency, while poor relationships make work stressful, causing a desire to escape. Work's quality directly affects happiness. Sometimes, the harder one tries, the more unattainable the goal feels. There seems to be a gap between reality and idealism. Faced with dissatisfaction, knowing when to let go is important. Letting go doesn't mean being indifferent but rather abandoning mental burdens. Do not compare yourself with others or show off at the workplace. Learning to compromise can solve many unpleasant situations. Treating work well is treating oneself well.

  • With Money: Half Striving, Half Content

How one treats money reflects their cultivation. Being a bit confused, gaining less, and giving more might seem like a loss on the surface but actually distances one from greed, resulting in peace of mind. Don't fear loss; sometimes having too much becomes a burden. Letting go brings freedom. Money earned in one's lifetime is finite, but greed knows no bounds. Don't lose your health chasing after money; earn a set amount of money but nourish an interesting mind. People often ignore the beauty around them while longing for the unattainable. Strive for what destiny provides; let go of what isn't yours. A heart that is content is not swayed by materialism, always perceiving happiness. Half striving, half letting go, is the correct perspective on money.

  • In Life: Half Hustle, Half Serenity

The most delightful part of life lies in its simplicity. The real pleasure in life doesn't come from luxurious food and drink but rather from the simple joys found in own grown vegetables. Material comforts make up a part of life, but true joy comes from spiritual pursuits. Life cannot exist without the necessities, but if they dominate and the soul is absent, life becomes meaningless. The best state in life lies in the pursuit. A serene mood, leaving room for life to breathe, allows you to sense the beauty. Overstraining in life is a form of harm. Taking things lightly, not blindly following, and not becoming entangled is key. Extremes in life are both regrettable. Half and half is the best state in life.

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