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The truth about shopping you didn’t know: buying expensive stuff is saving money

The truth about shopping you didn’t know: buying expensive stuff is saving money

Many of my friends say that tracking income and expenses is to save money. Trying to save every penny to buy the cheapest things? Wrong, buying more expensive item not necessarily cost more, but maybe it will save more money!

Many people have this experience, go shopping in a big shopping mall, and have eyes set on a certain piece of clothing that may be too expensive.

So he returned home and began to browse shopping websites to see other styles of clothes at cheap prices. He didn't hesitate to place an order due to the difference in price this time.

If you want to buy a laptop, you may go to a physical apple store  but subsequently buy a cheaper version similar to macbook.

These items were purchased under the influence of the idea of ​​"compared to expensive things, they are so cheap." In order to save money, I always buy cheap things I don't like in the past. I buy something not because I like it, but because it is "cheap" and "affordable."

Thus I ended up with lots of clothes and cosmetics that I don’t really like and use. They will eventually expire or go outdated.

So, if you buy the most expensive things within your affordable financial range, you will eventually find that this is actually the most cost-effective. It seems to be contradictory, how to buy expensive stuff and yet  save money?

Let's look at a case study: A and B are two friends who went shopping together and they both set their eyes on a particular coat.

A didn't hesitate to buy it, but B hesitated for a long time, but it was too expensive and decided not to buy it. After returning home, B spent an afternoon on online shopping to find a cheaper piece with similar design. It did seem that B will save more money.

When the coat arrived, B tried it on, and found that he looked bloated. So the clothes were only worn once and placed in the cabinet. On the other hand, A was quite satisfied because of the fitting at that time, and a year later, he was still wearing it.

Therefore, there is only a small amount of clothes in A’s closet, but he lives exquisite, elegant, and high-quality. B’s closet is full of clothes. Every year, he keeps buying, but he always complains about the cheap prices. The quality of the goods is not good.

The difference in consumption concept leads to the difference in life. B looks as if he is very cost efficient, but actually spends more.

Sometimes, cheap goods are like a black hole, devouring your time endlessly.

For those who are pursuing things at low prices, what is the most lacking? Money!

But in fact, what is the most priceless? Time


For those who consume wisely, time is the most precious. Because money can be obtained in multiple ways, but time has passed, we can no longer turn back time even how rich you are.

Just like the above case, when B spent his energy to shop around, A can choose to write an article earned some income. Not only did A get extra income, but also because of the published articles, he gained more fans and increased his reputation. The things he got invisibly was much higher than the money saved by B.

Second, you get what you pay for

The reason why the item is more expensive, surely has a reason behind it.

Third, we will cherish expensive things and try to extend their usage

You spend a lot of money to buy a new iPhone product, you will buy a mobile phone case, a mobile phone film, and protect it. A small bump will make you feel distressed. And when you buy a cheap phone, the care  for it will inevitably lessen. This is true for mobile phones, clothes and shoes, etc.

Finally, expensive things give you different experiences and even change your attitude towards life

The good things can bring to you satisfaction far exceeding the money you paid. From the authentic bags, you can feel the softness and exquisiteness of the leather and the meticulous sewing. Wearing a mulberry silk dress, the drape fabric makes you feel comfortable.

Over time, Once you no longer used to setting cheapness as the criterion for considerations, you dare to set higher goals to make yourself live a different life. This can stimulate your fighting spirit even more.

So, starting from today, consider throwing away those cheap things, don't let them consume your energy & space which you wont be using it anyway. You deserve better.

So are there any money-saving techniques that can be used in life?

They are:

1. Only buy "you need, you fit, you like

2. Buy at the right time

3. Cheap is not necessarily saving money

4. Do you treat it as consumption or investment?

5. Work hard to make money!

Our goal is to save money, not to be poor; to have a quality life that is not wasted. Therefore, the support of high income is always the best and most basic.

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