Friday, April 8, 2022

Do you feel happy spending money?

Not necessarily.

Some people feel distressed and anxious every time they spend money, because they think that they spend money again. People who do not feel stressed spending money are not as many as what we think.

Spending money is somehow shaping us inherently.


Every cent spent is defining our life

One of the popular marketing strategies is to entice us to treat ourselves better.

I chatted with my friend the other day, and she told me something very interesting, that she was sorting out her expenses over the past few years. She found that her expenditure was not as much as she imagined, and the place where she spent the money was very different from what she had expected.

At first, she felt that she had spent a lot of money on books and courses, but eventually found that the money spent on social networking was actually the most, and the money for books and courses only occupied a small part of the total expenditure.

This prompted her to start thinking: what kind of person she is and what encouraged her to make those decisions.

Indeed, the money we spend is inherently shaping us, allowing us to better understand who we are.

A person who loves to eat will study which store has delicious food every month, and the cost of food will be high and a person who loves freedom and scenery will spend more money on travel.

We may think that it is who I think I am, that is why I have a certain consumerism inclination. In fact, consumption is also affecting us in some way.

A person who always buys cheaper products due to discount availability, and a person who pays attention to product quality and beauty, will naturally have a different temperament.

There is no right or wrong but to state that the impact of consumption is indeed subtle.


The more you know how to spend money, the more you know who you are

Some people feel that they are always spending money, but is there really such a thing as “Wasting money”?

It can be said that this is more about how well a person understands oneself.

When I clearly know who I am, what kind of things I need, what kind of living environment I need, and what products to use, then the consumption decision is naturally very clear.

It is not because a person has insufficient self-control and spends money indiscriminately, but because he does not know what he wants, so he can only spend money blindly. Therefore, a person who knows how to spend money will naturally choose a product that suits him well, whether it is a simple shower gel, a piece of clothing, or even a house.

Of course, it's not that the more expensive the better, but the best for you at the moment.

Take for example, a piece of clothing. If it feels comfortable to wear and can highlight one's own personality, then it is suitable, regardless of the price. It can cheap or expensive.

At the same time, if the money is spent, and it does not make me more aware of what kind of person I am and what I need, then it is indeed a waste of money.


The philosophy of spending money is also the philosophy of making money

Rich people like to say “People who don't know how to spend money won't make money.”

This sentence makes sense for me. When you can't even spend money, naturally you have no motivation to make money, and you don't know how to make better use of money.

And spending money is like making money, the simpler the more powerful.

It has nothing to do with price or income, just about who I am.

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