The eight golden periods of financial management in life, have you missed them?

In this new era of rapid economic development, everyone will not be afraid to talk about money. In the past, talking about money hurt feelings, but now you need to have money to talk about feelings? Therefore, everyone wants to make more money. There are definitely not a few people who are desperate to make money, and there are very few who are willing to manage money. However, when you want to manage your finances, you find that you have missed the best time. Okay, today, let us talk about the ten major financial opportunities in life.


The first is the budding period. It is the period before our secondary school. During this time, our financial resources are coming from our family members or relatives. This money is basically negligible, and it won't be of much use even if it is saved. So the suggestion is that you invest in your hobbies, what you like to do, and what you like to invest in. To put it bluntly, just do what you want.


The second is the ignorance period that is, after the secondary school period and entered the college period. For this period of time, we are actually ignorant of financial semi-liberalization. Part of the source of income is still obtained from home, or from a part-time job outside. The financial resources during this period can do something, and here I am here to suggest that you make a life plan for yourself, and then use the money to find a training class that you like and be interested in, so as to enrich yourself so that you can have a good skill when you enter and leave the society.


The third is the shell-breaking period. At this time you have entered the society, bid farewell to the school days, become a member of society, and also a member of the workplace. You have survived the low-paid internship period and passed the probation to finally become a full-time employee. However, there is still not much money. At this stage, my advice to you is to learn how to plan your financial structure, you must develop a good financial management habit, and persevere, don't be a Moonlight clan. When you enter the workplace, you are easily influenced by the outside world, and you go back to blindly pursuing ridiculous things. It is inevitable that a person wandering outside will encounter tricky things and the family cannot help in time, so developing a good financial management habit can benefit you throughout your life.


The fourth is the development period, which refers to the period from the beginning of work to marriage. During this time, we have gained a certain amount of savings and self-confidence. Suggestion is to choose investment and financial management wisely.

Insurance: accident insurance, medical insurance, etc.

Investment categories: P2P financial management platforms, stocks, funds, etc.


The fifth is the maturity period, which is the period during which you are married. At this time, you will consider buying a house, buying a car, starting a family, and many other things that will generate economic consumption. During this period, suggestion is to leverage on the loan amount, which is reasonable. The amount of loan is also a financial management tool. It is better to save some spare money to invest in financial management than to save money to buy a house in full, so that money can make money.


The sixth is the stable period. At this time, the family is almost stable. At this time, your family has a new member, a child, and the cost of raising a baby is not small. At this time, we recommend  that you avoid the stock market. For a high-risk investment, you can choose less risky financial management methods to ensure that children can grow up healthily without the pressure of family economic problems.


The seventh is the stressful period. During this period, it can be said that there are old and young children, the tuition and living expenses of children, the living expenses of the elderly, medical expenses and so on! During this period, suggestion is to choose a stable financial management method..


The eighth is the relief period. At this time, the child no longer needs you to raise, and the money on hand is more generous, just do within your means.

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