Friday, November 25, 2022

Work harder when you are younger to make your life easier later

Learn to deal with crises early, and employers prefer to employ younger people nowadays. For example, after the age of thirty-five, it is difficult for people to find jobs, let alone those without skills.

Most people will not realize it and when they really reach that age, they realize that it is too late. Some people may have heard of it way before, but they feel that it has nothing to do with them. When that day comes, if you don’t have any experience with a stable job, you will need to accept jobs of lower pay. If you look at the employment websites, you will realize that many companies do not want to consider employing people over the age of 35.It is not because they are not skilled and unfamiliar with the business, but because they feel that they are getting older, they do not have the vitality, passion, or hard work of young people. With so many young people out of work now, how can it be their turn? Those over 40 years old will have more difficulty to find a job. They can only do things that young people are unwilling to do, such as security guards, doormen, sanitation workers, and coolies on and off the construction site. There's really nothing left to choose from.

When you are young, you should work harder and think about your future. When you are in your 30s or 40s, a person's burden is the heaviest. There are elders and kids to take care of. If the other half does not have a stable job, and the burden is all on you, if you have no job and no income at this time. Then you can imagine how tough your life will be.

When you are young, it is time to lay a good foundation for yourself and not waste a lot of time sleeping, playing, enjoying. Although you enjoy it when you are young, what follows is the real beginning of your misery. So we should learn as soon as possible, to work hard, to struggle. When you reach a certain age, you want to work hard and struggle, but you find that you have no time or opportunity to do that, because you have to earn money to support your family, you can live frugally, but how do you support your family? . We all make mistakes when we are young, but probably not many people really realize they are wrong. Some people say that we don't even know we made mistakes, so how can we correct and change ourselves?

The first thing to do is to learn to study, to read, and to improve one's own cognition. Now people's living standards have improved, and young people are not like people in their teens and twenties who have to take up family responsibilities when they start a family and start a business.

Today's people always feel that they are under a lot of pressure with heavy burden, but if you look at each generation, which generation is not under much pressure. Don't always use such reasons as an excuse , If you don't believe it, go home and chat with your parents, chat with your grandparents, and see how they lived at that time. If you don't cherish it now, don't work hard, the days of suffering and tiring are waiting for you later!

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