Friday, December 2, 2022

Are you lost in life?

When a person has no goal and direction, or experiences some failures, he will become more and more confused and demoralized!

There may be times when we have no goals, don’t know what we want, what we can do, or experience some setbacks, being questioned and distrusted by others, making ourselves confused and at a loss! When life is at its lowest point, don't be impatient, rush for success or give up yourself! The more difficult it is, the more you have to calm down, slow down, find out your own shortcomings and improves yourself! If you really don't know what to do, sit down and read. Reading not only allows you to learn more, but also allows you to calm down and face difficulties calmly and change your irritable mood!

Books are actually the best teachers for each of us, and the guiding light for us to move forward. Each of us has started reading since childhood, but very few people really understand it. Why? Because there are not many people who really study hard, only a few people change their destiny through reading, and most people feel that they are not suitable for reading, they are not interested, and they cannot learn it by themselves. This is just an excuse for most of us that’s all, or they gave up before they found their hobby. Of course, reading does not refer to the knowledge in books. When we step into the working world, each of us has to survive. In order to live, we have learned a lot about what we don’t like, what we don’t want, and what we don’t like. , what we hate has finally become our ability to survive! However, these are all forced to do it. Just imagine how many of us are really willing to pick up books and learn by ourselves, maybe very few. Just like when we go to school, how many people like it from the bottom of their hearts and have a clear goal to read, and more people just read for the sake of reading.

Each of us has different ideas, different goals, different hobbies, different positions, and the results of what we do are naturally different. When you are a factory worker, you just need to finish your work and get the money you deserve every month. When you are a farmer, you only need to plant the seeds on time and plant the crops well every year. When you're a boss think about buying more stuff every day to make more money. When you are a manager, you think about how to improve the work efficiency of employees and complete tasks on time every day. The same job, the same environment, some people are getting better and better, and some people are still doing it for a lifetime.

The most important thing for each of us is to understand ourselves first, do you want to live a life of misery, or do you want to make some achievements? Do you want to live a normal life or live a noble life like others! If you want to live poorly, then you don't need to waste these hours thinking about living a good life, and don't envy other people's lives. Live your life down-to-earth, and don't complain about the injustice. If you want to change yourself, you must put in practical actions, don’t be afraid of hardships and fatigue, the effort and the gain are always proportional! If you are thinking every day, but not taking action, it is better to live a normal life and waste so much time! Even if you have a small goal, as long as you take action, then you are halfway there. If you are just pretending, then you are just deceiving yourself and deceiving your life. 

Some people work steadily, but there is no substantial change, then you have to think carefully about whether your thinking is wrong, or your approach is wrong! Still not trying hard enough! Or force yourself to do something that you are not interested in at all! If you're in the wrong direction, you'll never reach your destination!​​​

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