Friday, December 9, 2022

What happens when you read often?

1. When a person is thinking, his eyes will become different.

There are many good-looking and beautiful boys and girls in life. When you look at his eyes, his eyes may appear very bright and radiant, but after a long time, it seems that something is missing.

When we communicate with people who read a lot of books, you will find the determined look in their eyes. We will unconsciously think that: This is a person with ideas.

There are also people who don't like to read but love to think and have their own point of view and that is inseparable from their experience.


2. Emits the aura of calmness.

Outsiders see them and the intuitive feeling is quiet.

This should be one of the characteristics and that is to be able to concentrate. (It refers to being able to sit down to read, without conflicting with the daily activity.)

It is because they enjoy alone time, and even solitude. They can sit, read and write for hours. During these hours, It is only him and the book.

Reading also builds the emotional stability and compassion for life.

We should read something that resonates with us spiritually, makes us feel life, and allows us to look at ourselves through the life experiences of others.

That is, something that can make us think, impact our thinking, and form values.

That's what it means to read and think.

This is why everyone recommends famous books because what they write are profound propositions related to life and people.


3. It is easier to grasp the key points.

It can also be said to be able to see the essence of something. People, who read a lot, think a lot, continues to train their logical thinking through reading.

In this way, whether they are speaking or analyzing problems, they can have an overall view and looks at the big picture.

When others are still stuck on who is to blame, he already sort out his thoughts and think of solutions.

It's also comfortable to chat with them, because their logic is clear and easy to understand. Just like for people who dislike mathematics, when they manage to figure out and understand a big problem, they will be very happy and have a sense of accomplishment.


4. Can understand what other people say, and let others understand what he says.

Reading is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to gain knowledge, and then gradually understand the law of the occurrence and development of things, become more aware of human nature, and gain insight into world affairs.

There are people do not read much but are very wise. Note that I said wisdom not quantity of knowledge.

Some people know a lot, but only stay at the surface. Because he only store but do not digest knowledge. Some people do not like to read books, but they have extensive experience and they are equally wise.

The tough part is to digest what you have read and to think and apply practice in your own way.

Reading actually increases your experience.

The one who reads a lot will also put himself into someone else’s shoes. That is to stand on the other side's point of view and answer a question from the point of view so that the other side can understand. For example, when his peers asked him what he was doing, he would say he was doing new media. When he went back to his hometown, his aunt asked him what he was doing, and he would say: write advertisements for others to make money.


5. Not condescending and aggressive.

In fact, people who really read and think a lot will not look down on this or that.

Because the more books you read, the more you realize your own insignificance; the more you realize that people's thoughts are ever-changing, and it is impossible for everyone to be the same as you; the more you will understand that everyone has their own difficulties.


Reading is like drawing a circle. Inside the circle are the books you have read, and outside the circle are the books you have not read. The more you read, the bigger the circle, and the bigger the unknown part outside the circle. We should thrive to read as much as we can.

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