Friday, December 30, 2022

A Letter to the 2022 Self

A tradition to sum up 2022. It has been so fast, another year has passed.

In the past three years of the epidemic, everyone's life has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Changes in the environment and the onslaught of pressure have caused many people to neglect themselves, leading to various problems in life.

Physical discomfort, emotional instability, uneasy state of mind, sluggish state...

I agree with a sentence: "Even if you are in the dark and the ditch, you must love yourself unconditionally."

The more difficult and difficult times are, the more we need to take care of ourselves first.

Don't let the disturbing epidemic affect your life and mood.

1. Improve immunity and have a good body

What did you understand during the epidemic?

The most praised comment below is: Immunity is a person's greatest competitiveness.

During the epidemic, many people either neglected their health for work or ruined their bodies for entertainment, resulting in a continuous decline in body resistance.

It was only when the body was overdrawn and various diseases came to the door that I realized:

You only live once, and there is nothing worth trading your health for. As the British philosopher John Locke said: "Health is necessary for our career and life. Without health, there can be no happiness."

This epidemic is a lesson for each of us.

While sounding the alarm for us, it also gave us the opportunity to fully introspect and adjust our daily routine.

Under the epidemic situation, we must take good care of our bodies and improve our lifestyles.

Adhere to eating on time every day, going to bed early and getting up early, exercising regularly, and living a regular life.

Continuously enhance immunity and prevent viruses, but also build a strong body for yourself.

A good body is the prerequisite for a good life.

2. Manage negative energy, don't let life lose to emotions

Some people say that the epidemic is an amplifier of emotions.

With the development and changes of the epidemic, everyone is experiencing emotional ups and downs.

We will get angry because of a word from others, and we will be inexplicably annoyed by a trifle.

In the impetuous moment, if you can't control your emotions well, it will make the already disrupted life worse.

If you allow yourself to be surrounded by negative emotions, your life will slide into the bottomless abyss.

Life is not easy, everyone has bad times.

In the face of those sudden accidents, only by keeping calm can you not consume yourself in negative emotions.

If you encounter any problems, communicate with the people around you in time, and you can also go out to relax, calm down and meditate.

Under the epidemic situation, please learn to control your emotions.

Only by managing your negative energy well and being less emotional can you deal with the ups and downs of life rationally.

3. Adjust your mentality, life will be smooth

"Life is not as good as you think, but it is not as bad as you think."

If you treat it negatively, your eyes will be full of devastation; if you face it positively, there will be hidden turning points everywhere.

Think of this sentence:

"Life is like a boat sailing in the sea, and the mentality is the steering wheel in our hands, controlling the course of progress."

Everyone hopes that life will always be good and smooth, but there are always some ups and downs that we have to face.

Only a positive attitude can lead us to level the waves and reach the other shore of hope.

Under the epidemic situation, adjust your mentality, change what can be changed, and accept what cannot be changed.

When you calm down, even if you are in despair, you can find the hope of turning against the wind.

4. Cultivate some hobbies to inject vitality into life

In the past three years of the epidemic, I don't know if you have such a moment:

Being isolated at home for too long, not knowing what to do, feeling like every day is long;

The work pressure is very high, and I blindly watch videos and play games, and my heart is extremely empty;

I feel that life is too bitter, without a trace of color, and life is very boring and monotonous.

In the end, I can't cheer up or be interested in many things, and my happiness disappears without a trace "Ordinary people must always live in fun, and life is valuable."

Under the epidemic, only by maintaining curiosity and love for life can we live life to the fullest.

Facing the uncertainty of the outside world, we must learn to find our own happiness and grasp those tiny happiness.

It can be reading a book, learning a dish, or raising some flowers and plants.

It could also be listening to a song, watching a movie, or learning a new skill.

During the epidemic, no matter how difficult the situation is, we must learn to refine the beauty in trivial daily life.

In the days of irritability and depression, a beneficial hobby is a comfort when you are busy, a fulfillment when you are free, and a support when you are low.

"One must have interest in life to be alive."

Learn to constantly enrich your life, and those who have poetry in their hearts will always be able to live a life full of enthusiasm. Three years of the epidemic is a big test for everyone.

Everyone was in a hurry, and there was no time to care.

However, the more flustered the day is, the more you must learn to treat yourself well, take care of your body, and calm your mood.

One day, the epidemic will slowly disappear, the mountains and rivers will return to their original appearance, and the ice and snow will gradually melt.

And you and I, after surviving this cold winter, will meet a better version of ourselves.

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