Friday, December 23, 2022

The really smart people live only 1% of their lives


This is something interesting to share with you guys.

Two days ago, when I got off work and took the lift, I met two girls in their twenties.

A girl with short hair was leaning against the corner of the lift, holding her forehead with her hand, looking very uncomfortable.

Another girl with a ponytail standing next to the short-haired girl:

"Did you know? XXX is here to shoot a TV series!"

"I saw from the photos that XXX is really handsome!"

"Have you watched the TV series that went viral recently?"

"The male protagonist in it is really good-looking, and he is on par with XXX!"


The short-haired girl was silent, not saying a word.

The ponytail girl finally asked, "Why don't you talk?"

The short-haired girl replied, "Does what you just said have anything to do with me? I only care when my headache will heal."

This seemingly impolite answer hit me.

One of the trademarks of maturity understands that 99% of the things that happen every day are meaningless to us and others.


We often spend our time on 99% of useless things, but ignore that 1%, which is the most worthy of attention.

Because in our life, we have to understand one truth:

There needs to be a clear boundary between people. This boundary is not only the physical distance to be maintained, but also the psychological distance.

It can be summed up in two sentences:

Your own life is your own, nothing to do with others;

Other people's lives belong to others, not yours.


I have a colleague, A, who often complains to me that life is so tiring.

"I feel exhausted after a day, and I come home from work and lie down on the sofa, feeling like I haven't accomplished much all day."


Because she came to the company at nine o'clock in the morning, turned on the computer, she saw some tabloids in her news feed, thinking that that was not bad, clicked on it and took a look, 10 minutes have passed.

Then she was typing non-stop, and heard colleague B discussing colleague C's gossip, oh my, she also heard about this, she had to chat.

Then she went on to rush out the monthly report, her colleague sitting in front of her stuck her head out: "How about this lipstick?", and then she became interested again...

Every move of the outside world can disrupt her rhythm, and at the end of the day, of course, she feels tired and fruitless.

Baumeister, an American psychologist, once put forward a famous theory called "self-depletion".

The so-called self-depletion means that you seem to have done nothing, but every choice and struggle you make is depleting your psychological energy.

With every ounce of mental energy you expend, your execution decreases.

This is why it is widely believed that the simpler people are more efficient, and the more restrained people go further.

Because they can stay away from the things that are 99% irrelevant to them and spend time on more important things.

99% are useless, so what is 1% of life?

This is 1% of life.

Give up 99% of irrelevant information, don’t let others interfere in your life, and don’t let outside disputes and relationships disrupt your rhythm, and spend your time on more worthwhile things.

Only this way will you be truly efficient and your heart will enjoy real peace.

I have a principle called: Never intervene easily in the private life of others. "

A person's true maturity is to understand that other people's lives have nothing to do with their own.

All the behaviours that try to interfere in the lives of others are looking for trouble for each other.

As Jack Ma said:

"When I used to worry about world peace, I had a bad time;

Later, when worrying about others, many are unhappy;

Until I stopped worrying about things that had nothing to do with me, and suddenly found myself getting better and better. "

SO the meaning of 1% of life is:

Do not intervene in other people's lives, do not impose your own ideas on others.

Only this way can you achieve true minimalism and enjoy a truly pure life.

The space of a person's mind is limited, and only by removing the unnecessary, can it be filled with more important parts.

Forget irrelevant people and things, and put your time and energy into the most important 1%.

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