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Revitalize Your World: The Magic of Quality Sleep

How long has it been since you had a good night's sleep?

Medicine cannot compare to diet, and diet cannot compare to sleep.

A good night's sleep surpasses all tonics for health.

Proper sleep is the best respect for life.

One of the greatest mistakes humanity makes is trading health for material external things.

Recently, a nurse friend of mine encountered health issues, transitioning from a compassionate caregiver to a patient. Working at the hospital often meant night shifts, leaving her so tired upon returning home that she'd collapse into bed. The chronic lack of sleep left her fatigued, and she appeared much thinner. It wasn't until one day when she finally broke down.

During a late-night, she suddenly felt a fever in her abdomen, feeling dizzy and having severe insomnia. Rushing to the hospital at dawn, the doctor took one look and said, "Just by looking at you, I can tell you haven't been sleeping well."

Her irregular sleep patterns had weakened her immune system, impacting the functioning of her body's organs, especially deteriorating her gastrointestinal function. The doctor's prescription was succinct—just four words: "Get enough sleep."

Our bodies rely 30% on medical treatment and 70% on self-care. Only with adequate sleep can one live well. In today's fast-paced life, avoiding late nights has become the hardest thing for us to discipline ourselves.

Proper sleep is the most precious luxury for every adult. \"Staying up late has become a show of dedication, working hard has become taken for granted. When life is gone, who will protect whom?" Life is a marathon, and ultimately, health is what matters. Health is the '1', while career, money, status, family, and others are the trailing '0's. Without '1', no matter how many '0's are added, they mean nothing.

Being kind to oneself, avoiding late nights, is the best respect for life. A good night's sleep enables a good life in the latter years. Turgenev once said, "Sleep is like the cool wave that cleanses all unnecessary thoughts from the brain." Good sleep is the best cleansing for the brain.

Life is tough, relying 30% on treatment and 70% on self-healing. And the body's best self-healing ability is through sleep. Proper sleep is the best care for oneself. Caring for oneself is the start of a lifelong romance.

Good Sleep is the Panacea for All

In the book "Why We Sleep," an author delves into the realm of sleep, beginning with the statement: Scientists have discovered a revolutionary elixir for prolonging life. It enhances memory, increases attractiveness, helps maintain a slender figure, reduces appetite, prevents cancer and dementia, lessens colds and flu, and reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes. It also boosts happiness, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. This versatile remedy isn't a luxury but sleep. Good sleep is the cure for everything.

Good sleep is the best investment in oneself. "The smarter you are, the more you understand the need for rest." "Ordinary people are bothered by trivial matters while eating, and their sleep is often fraught with dreams and scattered thoughts. A practitioner focuses only on the present, eating mindfully when eating and sleeping with no other distractions." We may not control the environment, but we can adjust our mindset. Adapting to nature and the path to wellness, eating and sleeping are essential; sleep is revolutionary. It's our sleep bank. Those who manage their sleep bank well can live better. A capable person can control their rest rhythm and understand the significance of good rest to lead their life. Good night, may you sleep well!

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