Friday, April 5, 2024

The Toughest Aspects of Life

What is the toughest part of life?

In life, regardless of your position, there are inevitable challenges. Each sentence tells the undeniable truth—once you read it, you'll understand!

The Hardest to Maintain is Health Having a healthy body is life's greatest fortune. Having health doesn’t mean you have everything, but without it, all else is in vain. Keeping a healthy body is the greatest responsibility to yourself and your family. With good health, you can be there for your loved ones until old age, witness your children grow, and take care of your parents. Only 4.3% of the global population has perfect health; approximately 3.2 billion people (about a third of the world's population) have five different diseases simultaneously; over half the population has ten different diseases at once. Presently, just by having good health, you're already ahead of 95% of the global population. Maintaining health is the most challenging, especially living longer in good health. Ensuring balanced meals three times a day, getting a full 8 hours of sleep, and doing 30 minutes of exercise daily—these might sound simple but are incredibly difficult to practice, and many can't accomplish it throughout their lives.

The Most Challenging to Change is Habit Why do they say "rivers are easy to change, human nature is hard to change"? This is because changing a person's temperament is most challenging when it comes to altering their habits. A person's temperament throughout life is, in essence, a combination of numerous habits. Just 21 days of consistency can create a habit. In life, seemingly trivial habits contain significant power. Good habits can shape a person's success, while bad habits can destroy a person. Aligning one's actions with one's beliefs is incredibly challenging. Understanding principles is easy, but putting them into practice is very difficult. This is why we often comprehend many truths but still struggle to live well.

The Most Inscrutable is the Human Heart The depth and treachery of the human heart are more profound and dangerous than the deepest seas and valleys and more complex than the ever-changing clouds. Because the human heart is deeply hidden, outsiders can never fully comprehend it. Life is short, spend time with those who bring joy to your heart. For those you can't understand, don't guess; for those you can't tolerate, stay away; for those growing distant, let go. Never hastily conclude that you deeply understand someone; never naively believe someone deserves your profound trust. Some words are best left heard without being taken to heart; some things are better understood without being openly discussed; some people are better known without being exposed; some feelings are best let go of without being fixated. Not everyone deserves your full investment; not everything is worth giving your all. Approach the world with kindness; most importantly, protect yourself amidst changing relationships.

The Hardest to Retain is Time

Time seems short, fleeting like an arrow, sometimes slipping through like a stream of water. Time flies by like a swift arrow, never to return. Day after day, year after year, time ceases to exist, leaving only irreversible past events. People live through life, and often, problems keep coming. The river of time flows relentlessly, unchanging for itself. Unless it's life and death, nothing is insurmountable. Cherish every moment now; don't wait to regret when it's lost; don't wait until old age to rue!

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