Friday, January 14, 2022

How to save money during grocery shopping

Since the start of pandemic, I have been spending more on groceries and cooking at home. I was curious how I can reduce unnecessary expenditure on groceries so I did research to how I can make grocery shopping more cost efficient.

  1. Eat before you go shopping. If you go shopping hungry, you’ll spend a lot more.  Grocery stores purposely let the smell of baking bread waft through their bakery aisles, triggering the cravings of unsuspecting customers. To avoid coming under a sudden hankering for carbs, stay away from the bakery.
  1. Avoid prepared food. They will most probably cost more for the convenience.
  1. Make a list. Sit down to make a shopping list. Make the list comprehensive enough to include everything you need, then stick to it! There’s no point in planning your shopping if you’re going to add impulse items to your shopping cart when you get to the store.
  1. Do not take your children or your spouse. If you have kids, this one should be self-explanatory. It’s difficult to stick to a shopping list when you have other people throwing things into the cart.
  1. Take a calculator. Be prepared to put things back on the shelf if the numbers don’t add up. Get in the habit of including prices on your shopping list, and set priorities so you’ll know what not to buy if the prices aren’t right.
  1. Take cash only. If you set realistic food budget and only take that much cash to the store, then there’s NO WAY you can overspend! Leave the credit card and the ATM card at home, and you’ll have no choice but to stick to your budget.
  1. Buy in bulk, especially for non-perishables items.
  1. Consider shopping from bottom to top to grab a better deal. Most of the expensive items are placed around 1.5m off the ground (or at ‘eye level’) where most customers are looking for and grabbing items to place in the cart.
  1. Get the smaller shopping cart or better still, get the basket. It is more psychological, it is the same theory as you are likely to eat more food when you get a bigger plate. Thus get a basket so that you don’t fill up the shopping cart.
  1. Shop from inside out. Grocery stores will most probably place the essentials at the back; this will help to reduce the time and money in the other aisles.

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