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ESFP (Indispensable Treasure)

 ESFP (Indispensable Treasure)

1. Summary

ESFP types are playful in life, full of energy, use their intoxication to add fun to others, are adaptable, easy-going, and can participate in extreme activities while being enthusiastic and full of enthusiasm, and do not like to impose their will on others.

In some books, ESFPs are called performers and actors. I prefer to call them " treasures" because they like to show themselves in front of people and use their bodies, expressions, and language to amuse everyone. Look around and giggle with excitement, which is the norm for ESFPs. The ESFP is a curious and often surprising personality type. Excited, flexible, and loving life characteristics make the ESFP so ebullient in any setting. Regrettably, when they are depressed, it also negatively affects others. Fun is what drives the ESFP.

Special Note: ESFPs like to watch entertainment variety shows, adventure novels, love to travel, and are very sensitive to sound. 

2. Analysis

The ESFP personality type accounts for about 8%-9% of the general population.

ESFPs prefer interesting people and things. They love socializing and interacting with people (E), and they like to feel concrete and realistic about what is happening in the moment (S). These feelings are based on supervisors who use personal values ​​to make decisions (F). As a result, they prefer a flexible, natural and leisurely lifestyle (P).

In terms of learning preferences, ESFP students generally do not like physics and mathematics, and prefer hands-on (chemistry) or practical subjects (such as English), but human factors may have a greater impact on ESFPs, which means that if ESFPs Like their teacher, or the teacher likes her (him), which subject will their academic performance be better. This is especially true for ESFPs. So the best way to get them to listen to you or get them to improve their academic performance is to praise! Boast! ! Boast! ! !

As a member of SPs, ESFPs also have similar characteristics to other SPs. For example, being late, doing things based on interest, poor time planning and not good at abstract thinking; but the hands-on ability is quite strong, and can use the body well. ESFP is the most enthusiastic type of interpersonal communication among SPs. ESTP's interpersonal communication is easy to be utilitarian, while ESFPs play with you purely because they like you, which also makes it easy for them to get the most friends and the most friends. wide circle of people. ESFPs are amazingly gifted in theatrical performances, they can sing, dance...especially jokes with little to no learning. ESFPs have an innate sense of humour, they can remember all kinds of funny jokes and say it again and again, even those things that others think are trivial once they have narrated them. Being so funny, their ability to turn the mundane into fun is a must. Therefore, they are usually the pistachios in the group. Generally speaking, if there is an ESFP in a group, many times it will happen that everyone is listening to him alone, and they will easily become the focus and center of various gatherings. .

The term " treasure" is apt to describe the ESFP. ESFPs are the most expressive, enthusiastic, and likable of the 16 types. The word "passionate" is tailor-made for ESFPs, and keeping that in mind will also help find them quickly. ESFPs are also one of the least afraid of talking to strangers, and their F preference actually makes them more likable than ESTPs. In fact, although types like ESTP and ENFP are also likable, they are conditional, that is to say, only a certain group of people will like them. ESFP is likeable, and it is suitable for both men and women. , The old and the young can eat it all, so it can also be called "the heartthrob." A heartthrob does not mean that this person is particularly beautiful; in fact, it is not easy to become a heartthrob simply by being beautiful, because you will be jealous of the same sex, so many people of the same sex will not like you, so it is impossible for you to become a heartthrob.  The amazing thing about ESFPs is that no matter if they are male or female; their same sex doesn't hate them. You have 100 reasons why ESFPs are frivolous, simple, lack depth and sometimes lack of responsibility, and yet you have no reason not to like them.

ESFP especially likes to travel, because travel means adventure, and it means to keep in touch with new and interesting places and people, and constantly discover the beauty of the existence of this world, and this can be seamlessly combined with the character of ESFP.

Although ESFPs have many friends, ESFPs never let friendship become their burden. Their enthusiasm comes and goes freely, and they often move freely between different circles. They feel happy with you, and they will entangle with you. Play, but if the dullness and boredom start to set in, they quickly slip away to find new fun elsewhere. For ESFPs, the whole world is like a playground, and they are at the center of the playground, and their task is to play project after project. Therefore, ESFPs are also the youngest in terms of psychological age among the 16-type personalities, even in old age. They are all old urchins, children who will never grow up.

ESFPs are the 16 types of people who are the most materially casual (spending money like water). Unless there are environmental constraints or work needs, the word financial management is not related to them. Their generosity in property makes their popularity very good, so ESFP is also a type that is very good at selling in general. The vast majority of ESFPs are sales geniuses, not because of how eloquent they are, but because they are so likable that you can't reject his product just because you like him. Likewise, when it comes to love, ESFPs are quite a duck to water. Most of the time, ESFPs, no matter how they look, are not lacking in the favour of the opposite sex, and there are usually many suitors around them. Falling in love with ESFP is definitely an unforgettable experience, because you will usher in the happiest time in your life, ESFP's unique childlike innocence and the ability to make others happy makes them a natural lover and the best.

Special note: ESFPs seem to like to call themselves "babies", and the same is true for men, but they don't express it to outsiders.

3. Traits and characteristics

ESFP's work style is enthusiastic and full of pleasant exchanges. They always get the job done, maybe sometimes they don't show up on the spot like everyone else, they don't always have to be on time, and sometimes they go in and out, but in the end they always get the job done. Also, while ESFPs are always in charge of the various social gatherings in the office, whether it's a birthday lunch, a farewell party, or some other celebration, there are times when they neglect details, such as forgetting to prepare napkins or forgetting to preheat coffee.

Usually, ESFPs are hyperactive, and you might think they burn all the fat and must be in great shape. In fact, ESFPs are always battling obesity regardless of whether they are male or female. 

One advantage of the ESFP is that multiple projects in a work environment go hand in hand. They are empathetic and can inspire colleagues to achieve goals together. They accept changes in their environment happily and flexibly. All emergencies, big and small, are viewed by the ESFP as a welcome spice, not an intrusion. A multi-sided and hectic day may fail to complete a certain task, but it will motivate the ESFP to get to work early the next morning. An unexpected event, a change in the plan can make the ESFP's day fly by, and it is extremely efficient, so working with the ESFP is a lot of fun.

Another advantage of the ESFP is the ability to recognize everyone's differences and their work steps. ESFPs are keen observers, able to sense what is happening to others, and to respond quickly to the actual needs of others.

A final advantage of ESFPs is their attitude towards the pressure of deadlines. No type is as poised as the ESFP, waiting for the final verdict to relieve stress with the right actions. We rarely see ESFPs regretting what has happened. Usually, they feel a little guilty and move on.

Let's talk about the disadvantages of ESFP

Like other types, ESFPs also have their faults, as the existence of happiness itself, ESFPs reject everything that is opposed to happiness, their boring, boring, heavy people or things are the most impatient - repetitive and boring things, people who don't understand jokes, impersonal masked guys - these are all things that ESFPs want to leave quickly, and they also often have a habit of avoiding responsibility because all responsibility seems to them. very heavy. If ESTPs often leave without benefit, ESFPs have a tendency to leave without joy, once ESFPs feel that you are putting too much pressure on them and that talking to you is rather boring, they will not stay with you, which is also Often hurts some people around them.

ESFPs are prone to contempt for procedures and disrespect for organization and order at work. They may never stick to their jobs. While they would have legitimate reasons to explain the absence, the performance could be detrimental in the long run.

Perceiving people, especially ESFPs, have difficulty making schedules part of their lives. They like to focus on the present and ignore the schedule. ESFPs can be troublesome at best, and get in the way at worst.

Another disadvantage they may have is their inability to appreciate the long-term consequences of their behaviour. ESFPs tend to live in the moment and fail to see how their actions, decisions or actions will affect the bigger picture. As a result, travel on a whim and a casual sentence will cause serious consequences that they never imagined. They are by no means deliberately guilt-inducing, but they are always very disturbing to the client.

In terms of personal growth, ESFPs need to look for elements to perfect themselves from the opposite. All an ESFP needs is a little poise, a little depth, a little foresight and a little patience. If they can remove these obstacles while playing to their strengths while imposing a few disciplines on themselves (though this is still difficult to achieve in adulthood), ESFPs can show a gift for service. They can be distinguished lecturers, educational practitioners (especially elementary education), religious leaders, businessmen, athletes or coaches.

4. Preferred career fields

Preferred areas: education, social services, health care, entertainment, business, services, etc.

Typical occupations preferred: Early childhood education, PR professional, labour relations mediator, retail manager, merchandise planner, promoter, team trainer, performer, social worker, dentist, beneficiary, financier, tour operator, special Event Coordinator, Social Worker, Travel Sales Manager, Sports Equipment Salesperson, Financier, and Insurance Agent/Broker.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of the work

1. Advantages at work may include:

a)   Energetic and energetic fun at  work

b)   Ability to adapt well to rapid changes and transitions

c)   Sensitive to others' needs and eager to help them in real ways

d)   Likes nature; teamwork spirit

e)   The ability to make work interesting and exciting

f)   Practical and rich to try

g)   Loyal to the people and organizations you care about

h)   Flexibility and willingness to take risks and try new things

2. Weaknesses at work may include:

a)   Tendency to take things at face value and miss further hints

b)   Dislikes preparation in advance; has trouble organizing time

c)   Difficulty seeing opportunities and options that do not currently exist

d)   Difficulty making decisions

e)   Tendency to view failure as personal criticism and negative responses

f)   Resist the tendency to establish long-term goals and difficult deadlines

g)   Difficulty self-discipline or self-discipline

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