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50 small habits worth sticking to for the rest of your life to keep refining yourself

1. Drink a glass of warm boiled water every morning when you wake up. One, it will hydrate your body and allow it to recover from sleep; two, it will clear the impurities in your intestines; and three, it will balance the stomach acid, which will be more helpful for the next meal.

2. Insist on doing 20-30 deep squats every day. Not only can you exercise and relieve fatigue; you can also make your beer belly gradually disappear.

3. Do not always have only three minutes of enthusiasm, when you want to do something, it is recommended to turn off or away from the mobile phone, computer all communication devices, and then find a quiet environment to do things seriously.

4.Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't drink milk tea, drink less sweetened drinks, eat less puffs, doughnuts and other high energy foods; in short: don't eat too much of anything that tastes too good.

5. No matter how busy you are at work or other things, you should eat three meals a day on time; especially breakfast, you must eat it.

6. Read at least one book a month if you have the opportunity and the means to do so. It is not limited to any book, as long as you like it, but read something nutritious.

7. No matter whether you are now reading or not, you should insist on learning every day; no limit to the type, as long as you like; even if you study for five minutes every day, you can refine a lot over the years.

8. Watching short videos can be addictive, but don't get addicted to them; playing games is also the same thing, just relax properly, there is no need to waste too much time here.

9. In the underground, bus and other occasions, speak as quietly as possible. It's respectful of others and you're doing yourself a favour.

10. If you are not in a private space, it is best to wear headphones when listening to music, otherwise it will make people feel less good about you.

11. habitually change "thanks" to "thank you", whether it is an acquaintance, a stranger, or a delivery boy or courier, after receiving help from others, you should say: "thank you "This is not a question of politeness, but of quality and education.

12. If you feel too much stress or anxiety, you can try to "meditate" by closing your eyes and breathing deeply to relax your body. Don't think about anything else, just let it go for about 5 minutes.

13. At no time should you speak privately about other people's shortcomings, bad words or long-winded gossip.

14. Don't pick up the phone or talk loudly on the phone in sensitive places such as public toilets, as this may cause unnecessary trouble.

15. Try to accept some habits of others that you don't like but are not malicious, and don't care about them no matter what they do, as long as they are not malicious or harmless to you.

16. When you have good food or fun, you can share it with others around you, whether they accept it or not, you will not lose anything.

17. Complain less and do more. Complaining is a sign of an incompetent person, and no one likes to hear your complaints at all. Everyone has their own way of life and discomforts, and it's really okay to look the other way.

18. Don't try to try or desire to make people who don't understand you understand you. People who don't understand you will most likely have a different outlook than you, and no matter how much you try to persuade them, they will only get bored or even resentful. Therefore, for those who do not understand you, you should have less contact with them.

19. Always remember this saying: "For most ordinary people, studying is currently the best investment that can change their destiny only and only".

20.Falling in love is not a matter of sex, let alone a deal, but a long period of time to get to know each other, understand each other, support each other, and gradually integrate each other's opinions and views, not a matter of overnight.

21. Learn to say something nice, it's not flattering and it's a necessary social skill today; complimenting others is the least expensive and most effective form of encouragement; remember: emotional intelligence doesn't necessarily require you to be articulate, but at least to make people feel comfortable with you.

22. Block out ineffective social interaction. A lot of the drinking and partying in your life is pointless and a waste of money, time and energy.

23. There is no need to make so many friends, one or two that you get along with are enough. Leave yourself more time to live a simple, free life.

24. Continuously open up sources of income and cut costs. Learn more, improve yourself and earn more money; reduce unnecessary consumption, and spend as little as you can on things that have nothing to do with your life, and don't fall into the consumption trap set by capitalists.

25. Eat a small and good breakfast, a full lunch and a light dinner.

26. Always remember: don't stay up late, it's bound to hurt your body; if you have to for work and other reasons, don't stay up late for long, otherwise you're trading your life for money!

27. When attending important events and meetings, turn your mobile phone to silent or off.

28. Keep your skincare habits simple. In fact, there is no need to put on famous skincare products when you can keep it simple.

29. If you really want to use a mask, it's best to use an applicator. Don't ask why, the sky is the limit.

30. Eye cream is actually a luxury item, so if you can live without it, don't.

31. When bathing, it is best to use solid soap instead of shower gel. Most shower gels on the market today contain a compound called "oil-based" that creates a "fake slip" that is not really useful and can cause more or less harm to human skin in the long run.

32. Sitting is very harmful, so if you can, reduce it.

33. Always remember the old saying: "A gun is a bird in the head", learn from the tortoise, when the head should be shrunk; do not be foolish to be a bird in the head, if things are successful, the reward obtained is not the most you share; but if it fails, the first harm is you, and it is multiplied by the harm.

34. It is important to learn to say "no" appropriately. Refusing does not mean that you are rude, but also that you have principles. The saying "one more thing is better than less" is still true.

35. When dealing with anyone, keep this principle in mind: people are nice to you out of affection, not out of necessity; therefore, never ask people to be nice to you.

36. The best way to prevent being cheated is: don't be cheap or poor enough for anyone to cheat you.

37. In fact, many things, conflicts, differences and misunderstandings can be solved through communication! So, when you encounter something unpleasant, don't get angry in a hurry, and try to find the other party to communicate first, most likely to be able to solve things.

38. Try not to interrupt others when they are talking, unless you have something particularly important to do.

39. Don't test people's hearts easily, because no one can afford to test them; if you win the test, you are disappointed; if you lose the test, you let the other person down. In short, it is bound to end badly.

40. It is hard to be confused in life, not too shrewd, you can "live" longer.

41. Discipline yourself, every day before you go to bed, give yourself a few tasks for tomorrow, and ask yourself to do them. Remember, don't aim too high and don't lose touch with reality.

42. Be a low-profile person, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

43. Compliment others more often, but don't patronise them. Even if the other person knows that you are only complimenting them, they will still rise in favor of you internally.

44. Always take five things with you when you go out: keys, cash, mobile phone, paper and mask; make it a good habit to check them before you go out each time, and you will have a lot less trouble.

45. Drink plenty of water every day, don't wait until you are thirsty! Especially for girls, drinking water not only helps you to look good, but also reduces the odour on your body.

46. You should eat fruits and vegetables regularly, so that you will rarely get sick.

47. If you want to protect yourself from the sun, it's best to do both physical and chemical methods.

48. No matter how busy or tired you are at work, you should exercise properly; if a job leaves you with no time to exercise, quit if you can.

49. When you are in a bad mood or depressed, try to tidy up your room, maybe you will feel much better.

50. Don't push yourself too hard at any time, life is short, there's really no need to make things difficult for yourself.

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