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Learning to give up is the beginning of the road to wealth and freedom

All the poor people are stuck in a trap, and all the rich people are busy setting up traps, many poor people cannot even react and thus trapped for life. So when you get up in the morning, don't be stupid and read useless entertainment news or click on funny pictures. This is the most conducive time for us to do creative work, because this is the moment when the mind is at its clearest. Take out a book that is normally hard to read and read it for two hours, then work hard, work hard to make money.

We need to make money to survive, and to make money, we need to rely on a flexible brain, learn to manage resources, do reliable things. For example, a friend of mine had an advertising company, made a fortune, and then began to speculate in stocks. He has no knowledge in stocks, lost a lot of money then came a relative's serious illness, completely left him bankrupt, also owed a lot of foreign debts. He was also depressed and lost confidence, and did not want to do anything.

Although he had no money, his friends would think of him and invite him out to a party. Once, during dinner, a friend said that he needs help to name his child. There came an opportunity, so he gave that friend a call and said, "Let's do a naming service, and I'll package your interest as a means of making money.

I'll find the clients; you just take care of the naming. His friend didn't hesitate to say yes. I immediately started printing business cards, but also a virtual company name, the name of the buddy to do the packaging, these for him to do this kind of advertising people, it is not a problem. The next step was to start running around the hospital non-stop. He looked for doctors or nurses in obstetrics and gynaecology to work with, and gave people a hundred percent of the commission for every single name business they introduced. This is considered precision marketing, once there is business, people will contact him.For the company naming business, he found a business and industry agency to work with. Later, he found someone to do a website, through a variety of channels of marketing, within a year he was up, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I know a lot of people in the process of starting a business, everything to save money, then we will talk about saving, saving is a traditional virtue, but I always think too much saving is a disease. Many people just talk to the poor about how to save money and to the rich about how to cultivate their bodies and strengthen their spiritual civilisation. It's all about making a living, I get it. Those who burn incense and kowtow in temples are all millionaires and multi-millionaires, and those who usually stay with monks and talk are also rich people. Monks are human beings too, and all human beings have human nature!

For example, if we make money on the internet, some people have been straightforward and don't bother to spend money. They quietly feel their own way, a few months have passed and there is nothing to gain. Thinking that there is nothing to lose, anyway, there is no money invested, the key question is, by others pointing out, instantly enlightened, on the road, how much money can be earned in a month? As we all know, all the secrets to making money are things that people figure out for themselves, the key question is, do you have that kind of wisdom? Everything is simple, and everything is not. The so-called secrets of making money, whatever you don't know, will always be a secret.

There are also many friends who do business on the Internet, some by their own deadlines, desperately, making money. But really want to make a lot of money, you have to rely on paid promotion, free promotion not only to rely on physical strength, but also to fight with the rules of the platform, a little tired. But paid traffic channels, is to spend money to test, only constant testing, constant spending money, it is possible to burn out experience. Most people care too much about money, so it is impossible to spend money to test the experience.

For example, on a high altitude glass walkway, although you know that this glass is 100% safe, but, you are still scared inside. So, to be a paid traffic channel, you have to think of money as a tool. Go test. A brother asked me about going to a local public website and spending $3,000 to see if he could make money. He asked me if he could guarantee to make money. If you can make money, you'll do it, but if you can't, you won't. I then said: it's not a matter of making money or not, it's a matter of your thinking. You have to get into the habit of spending money; it's a sure way to your wealth freedom. So, just spend the 3,000, it's not killing you, you should be happy and happy to spend it is. The road to wealth freedom, the road to paid traffic, is all measured out. People who are not willing to spend money are basically not connected to wealth freedom.

To survive, we must give up, we must die to free ourselves and release value. When you go to work, crazy to release value for the boss, when you work alone, desperately to release value for customers. Frankly speaking: releasing value like crazy and being habitually crazy is a habit. With this habit, we are all meat-eating lives in any field. So whoever can create wealth for society, society will reuse them. Don't move to complain that the sunshine of society can't shine on us, if we are so much higher than others, how can the sunshine not shine on us?

In fact, a man, with no woman and career, to a large extent is a person without courage caused by, for example, entrepreneurship, this thing, not many people dare to do, pick up this thing, the same not many men dare to do. A lot of people don't dare to spend money on learning, or they hesitate to do so, dragging their feet and making themselves worthless. Then he'd rather spend the money on useless entertainment. So those of us who are determined not to have any interaction with such people, all our actions, must be marketing, must be making money, must be doing the right thing. All words, solved by marketing!

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