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20 brutal truths about society that are so hard to take, yet you have to admit

Let's say a very harsh truth: when a person is born into a poor family, the odds are that in the future, that person will be an average person.

If I ask you a question: "What is the most important thing in this world?"

I believe many of you would say: time, life, health, love, affection, sun, water ...... However, I would say that you are all wrong! Personally, I think money is the most important, if you don't believe me, I will analyze it step by step below for you to see.

The fact that the boss is able to buy an hour of your time for a couple of dollars means that time is not worth anything.

When a person is in critical condition and goes to the hospital, as long as there is no money, the hospital most likely will not save.

If health is more important than money? Then why are there still many people who are willing to work overtime and stay up all night for the sake of that pitiful salary, regardless of their health?

Some people say, "Money can't buy love". This statement is true, but love without money is rarely successful in reality.

Natural resources like sunlight, water and air, which everyone can have, would not be worth much.

So, although money is not everything, it does matter in a way; especially for ordinary people like us, where money is, so to speak, of paramount importance.

So, what should we do as ordinary workers to make a more secure life? Why not take a look at these few harsh social truths below.


A person, only when he is bent on getting money, he will live through, live to understand, live more intelligently. The most difficult thing to do in this society is to transfer the money from other people's pockets to your own, which is what we call "making money".

When a person is out in society to make money, he or she will find ways to claim benefits for themselves, thus improving their thinking and cognitive skills.

For example, when you are running an online shop, you are constantly thinking, exploring, analysing and summarising your experiences every day, so that your online shop turnover can be improved.

To open an online shop, you not only have to learn skills such as operation, design, copywriting, marketing and accounting; over time, all your abilities will be enhanced and when you look at a thing, you will also see it more objectively and comprehensively and know the logical principles behind it.

Therefore, earning money can force a person to make progress, and it can also force a person to improve his or her professional skills so that he or she can better adapt to the society. Only when a person earns money will he or she have a more profound knowledge of this society and really understand the mechanism of its operation.


When a person belittles you, no matter how well or flawlessly you do, he will still talk down to you. Therefore, when you meet this kind of person, try to stay away. With his words, you will become more and more inferior, less and less self-respecting, and you will always be afraid of doing anything, and you will never develop and progress.

When he is your boss, you need to find a way to get away from him. If you work with him, all you will ever get is criticism, blame, belittlement, contempt, and even abuse.


It is well known: the fastest way to make money is to take advantage of the information gap. For example: among all people, only you know the gap of a certain software, and then you can make a lot of money through this technique.

However, the current era of rapid development of information, a lot of knowledge, technology has long been open and transparent, ordinary people want to make money from the information gap has become much more difficult. Therefore, when a person tells you a way to make money for no reason, you should be extra careful, he is most likely to lie to you.

A very simple truth: when a money-making road to take the initiative to find you, it means that this road has long been known, not to make money; either the other party wants to cheat you of investment, course fees, etc., do not fall for the scam.


Remember the saying: the biggest stumbling block on the road to making money, that is feelings!

We all need to understand: money in many cases, will be much more important than feelings. As long as there is money, feelings can be slowly cultivated, everything is not a problem; but without money, even if you have deep feelings, no one is willing to make money with you.

In today's society, marriage is a very costly affair. A house, a car, bride price, all kinds of expenses, which does not cost money? If you don't have money, you should be single. No one will be stupid enough to marry someone who doesn't have money.

I believe we have all seen such an example: a few people from the same village invest in a business together, and at the beginning, we were united and had small successes.

However, as time went on, some of them started to be lazy. When the other partners saw this, they didn't dare to say anything for the sake of face and affection. So the lazy ones get more and more reckless, leading to a steep decline in performance and eventually to bankruptcy. There is another possibility: the common uneven division of money, which is also likely to lead to bankruptcy.

Or, there are many couples who run small shops and restaurants together and see their business booming, but in the end the two start to fall out over the sharing of money, or even get divorced.

Therefore, in the way of making money and starting a business, it is best not to partner with people who are too close with you, you must be ruthless and give up your feelings, so that you can start a successful business.


Remember this: if you want to make money, you have to be thick-skinned, shameless and unethical! Anyone who follows the rules of morality, who loves to save face, who is affectionate and shy, the odds are that they will not earn any money.

As an ordinary worker, we all need to understand one thing: the so-called moral rules are merely tailored by the strong for the weak. The strong are strong because the strong never follow the moral rule and dare to break the inherent rules in order to eventually stand out from the crowd.

The weak are weak because they have always followed the rules set by the strong, and have spent their lives in a world planned by others, like rats in a cage, so how can they become strong?


If you don't want to be ordinary, if you want to make a lot of money, then don't have a moral burden. If you don't want to be squeezed and exploited, then go ahead and squeeze and exploit others! There are so many "leeks", if you don't harvest them, someone else will. The best way to get out of poverty is to join the ranks of capital, to change from passive to active, to teach the world that it is better for me to be negative than for others to be negative.

Think carefully: which of the people around you who are working honestly and in a disciplined manner have become rich? Which one of them has been able to achieve glory and prosperity? They all work hard day in and day out, but in the end they can only afford to eat and sleep, and they may not be able to afford a house or a car for the rest of their lives.


When you have no value, you have more friends, but also useless. The phrase "more friends, more roads" is one-sided, and should be: when you have a good journey, the world is your friend; when you are poor and struggling, even girlfriends, relatives do not want to know you. This is the naked reality, and I hope you can understand it.

In short, you have to rely on yourself at all times. Think about it, the people who are willing to make friends with you are usually about as strong as you are, and the odds of getting ahead are very slim. Besides, even if they do get rich, the odds are that they will leave you behind. You should not be surprised, this is human nature.


You have to be careful of those people who are full of good sense, benevolence and morality, these people are bad at heart, but they often teach others to be selfless, to be grateful and not to be concerned about gains and losses ......

There is a song that goes like this: "If only everyone gave a piece of love, the world would become a better place." There is nothing wrong with the intent of this lyric, but the prerequisite for it to be realised is that everyone has to abide by a moral code. Think about it? If 99 out of 100 people give selflessly, but one person not only doesn't give, but also takes for himself what the other 99 people have given. And that person is the "capitalist" who teaches people to be selfless.

Therefore, please be careful with your kindness and love, don't give blindly and don't help others blindly. For example, if your boss asks you to work overtime day and night every day, this is not called giving, it is called oppression and exploitation.


When a person is born in a poor family, this person in the future, the probability will be an ordinary person.

Perhaps you will never know, nor have you experienced, how inferior a child from a poor family of origin is inside. From a young age, he has no money and cannot buy the toys he wants. His parents always teach that the family is poor, so don't give them any trouble outside. So when he was bullied, he was afraid to say anything for fear of giving his parents too much trouble. Over time, they become more and more timid, afraid to try anything, and they don't even have the strength to speak up.

They are afraid of failing, of getting their parents into trouble, of getting into trouble that the family cannot afford ...... In the end, they can only bear the grievances and tears in silence, and gradually give themselves up under the ridicule and bullying of others.

In other words: children from poor families are like those who have just put on sandals from bare feet, walking carefully for fear of breaking them ...... Their thinking is: they no longer expect tomorrow to be better, they just hope that tomorrow will not be worse than today.


The easiest social skill: looking good, which is the most useful, least expensive and lowest risk method. To put it bluntly, when you're good-looking, your farts smell good; when you're ugly, you can't even breathe right.

So when you are good looking, you can use that to make a lot of money; when you are not good looking, and have no money or talent, then you either have to work honestly or find another way to forge a new path.


Friends, have you ever heard the saying: "Money is spent, and the more you spend, the richer you get". It says that people who are frugal with their money will never earn it. The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a lot of money to spend.

But you know what? Do you know who is saying these things? The answer is the capitalists and various lending institutions. Their aim is simple: they want you to spend and take out loans so that they can get something for nothing.

If you don't believe me, you can try it out: take the tens of thousands of dollars you have saved up with your hard work, go drive a Mercedes, go buy a LV, go invest, and see if you starve to death first or make money first in the end.


Solve the problem of getting out of poverty first, and then solve the problem of getting out of being singles.

The reason is simple: when you're poor, you're all about making money and don't bother with anything else. Only when you have money can you survive, and only then can you think about anything else. And of course, you should not imagine that you will find a rich woman or a rich man who will give you money. There is no denying that some people have succeeded, but think about it: would such a good thing happen to you? If you were so lucky, why are you still so poor?

There is another very real reason: when you are poor, no one wants to be in a relationship with you. Especially not the men. As long as you don't have money, none of those crooked women will want to marry you.


Sleep is a very important thing, and we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. When a job takes up most of your time, making you even sleep is not enough; or, every day let you stay up late and work overtime, or even overnight ...... these jobs are not worth, can quit it. We poor people were already miserable, don't even want our own health? Now you use your life for money, you'll have to use money for medicine in the future, and it's not enough to make ends meet.


Whenever you can, save as much as you can, and don't spend as much as you can.

The reason is simple.

Firstly, the bosses nowadays, when they don't like you, they can fire you at any time, so the risk of you losing your job is high.

Secondly, hospitals are so expensive that you have to pay for all kinds of tests and fees to get in, so you can't afford to get sick.

Thirdly, the mortgages nowadays are so cold and ruthless that you cannot cut off your mortgage payments even in special times like the current epidemic. If you break your mortgage, your house will be gone, but you will have to keep paying the loan; if you can't finish it in this life, let your children and grandchildren pay it for you; if you pass on the loan, your children and grandchildren will have endless loans.

Fourth, nowadays, prices, housing prices and fuel prices are all rising, but only wages are not. If you spend recklessly again, you probably won't be able to save money.


All the relationships on the network, are dispensable, are consumption, you must know how to properly abandon. For example, you have a lot of friends in a certain letter, a certain voice, a certain game, who talk to each other. Therefore, you think you are a socialite. In fact, these are virtual, only briefly comforting your emotions and not at all useful in reality. What's more: it's hard to tell right from wrong on the internet, and there are many scammers, so you should be careful.


Remember one thing: what you can't have now is equivalent to what you don't have now. For example: the pie your boss draws for you, the promises your boyfriend/girlfriend gives you, the things others casually promise you ...... don't believe in any of these, they don't exist.


If you are born in a poor or average family, you have to do this: stay away from the poor education your parents gave you.

To put it mildly: the very fact that your parents were so poor means that their level of knowledge, cognitive ability and thinking patterns were somewhat flawed. Therefore, the education, advice and guidance they give you is basically incomplete, unobjective and unreliable, so don't listen to them. If you listen to them, the chances are that you will be like them in the future.

Of course, you can learn from their approach, attitude and social experience, as well as their maturity, love and reasoning, but don't listen to their guidance on key issues.


The reason why you may think a person is not emotionally intelligent is because you are not important in his heart. When he is to important people, his emotional quotient will pull up in a straight line.


Always keep this in mind: "Anyone who says that he can take you to make money, don't believe it! His purpose is simple, he just wants to earn your money. When you find a business, investment projects are low threshold, low risk, high return, the project is often a high input, high risk, low return, and will certainly end up with no money!"


When you have money, in the eyes of others: you are all merits; when you do not have money, in the eyes of others: you are a complete failure.

If you don't believe me, you can pay more attention to the people around you. Whenever a rich person can't afford to spend money, he is said to have the virtue of thrift and frugality; but when a poor person can't afford to spend money, he is said to be "a poor man, and a stingy one, yuck!"

In conclusion, I sincerely hope that you will not remain poor all your life. For it is too hard to be poor, to put in the most work and not get the rewards you deserve. To work hard all your life and not even be able to afford a small house ...... I also believe from the beginning: the world will get better and better and the number of poor people will get smaller and smaller.

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