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What is a Mother?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Do you know what a mother is? Some describe her as: She’s the voice that nags when you're cold and need to put on more clothes; She’s the embrace that consoles you when you come home; She’s the one who fills the table with steaming, lavish meals; She’s the one packing your things before you go out; She’s the lifelong refuge that brings peace to your heart.

As time passes, mothers give us quiet companionship and the warmest memories. They dedicate their entire lives, yet seldom seek anything in return.

A mother is someone who hides love in every response.

There's a saying that goes, "The happiest thing in the world is shouting 'mom' and getting a response." This understanding is profound. From childhood to adulthood, each time you come home, as soon as you enter, you call out "mom." Upon hearing her response, you rush into the kitchen to see what deliciousness she’s preparing. If you don’t hear her reply, you search around for her figure. If you can't find her, you ask, "Dad, where’s Mom?" But in most cases, you’ll hear that "Ah" which gives us a response.

The word "mom" seem to hold a magical power. When having a nightmare, calling out "mom" makes you quickly wake up and sleep again after turning over. In times of sorrow, calling out "mom" feels like all the pain finds solace. When facing difficulties, calling out "mom" feels like all problems will be solved. When returning home for a holiday, calling out "mom" makes that heart that’s been wandering suddenly settle down.

Where there's a home, there's warmth; where there's a mother, there's peace.

I saw a video where four generations, from children to elderly, appeared successively in the name "mom." They all wore smiles, but surprisingly, it was deeply moving.

Someone previously mentioned: In the past, I always felt my mother nagged a lot, overseeing everything, needing her permission to eat, do certain things, or wear certain clothes, and more. Later, my mother passed away due to illness. The home no longer had her nagging voice, and there were no more texts from her reminding me to wear warmer clothes when it’s cold. The originally warm home suddenly turned cold. On a business trip to another province one day, with a sudden drop in temperature, looking at the inappropriate clothing in my suitcase, I suddenly felt sad, tears streaming down my face. I deeply missed my mother's nagging, wanting time to reverse and go back to the time when I had her.

Where there’s a mother, there's concern; there's someone who loves you wholeheartedly, thinks for you comprehensively, and worries whether you’re thirsty, hungry, tired, or cold.

Every Response and Every Nag from Mom Holds Profound Love for You

Every response and every nag from Mom contains a deep love for you. This is an indispensable warmth in everyone's growth, contributing to a fulfilled and happy life. They wear a smile, unexpectedly touching.

Someone previously commented: In the past, I always thought my mother nagged a lot, overseeing everything, needing her permission to eat at certain times, do specific things, or wear particular clothes, and so on. Later, when Mom passed away due to illness, there was no more sound of her nagging in the house, and there were no more messages on Whatsapp reminding me to wear warm clothes when it’s cold. The previously warm home suddenly turned icy cold. On a certain day, during a business trip to another province, the temperature dropped suddenly. Looking at the inappropriate clothes in the suitcase, I suddenly felt sad, tears streaming down my face. I sorely miss Mom’s nagging, wishing time could turn back to the days when I had her.

Every response and every nag from Mom holds profound love for you. This is essential warmth for everyone's growth and leads to a fulfilling and happy life.

Mother, the Only Person You Dare to Offend in This World

There's a story once told: A man displayed magnanimity and affability at work, neither obsequious to his superiors nor unfriendly to his subordinates. However, in his family life, his temper often erupted due to frequent quarrels with his wife over trivial matters. One day, his mother unintentionally noticed these two entirely different behaviours he displayed at work and at home. She questioned him, "You’re one person outside and another at home?" The man couldn't hold back and complained to his mother, "Mom, I'm just too tired..." His mother, speaking with heartfelt emphasis, told him, "Who isn't tired from living? But you can't let that control your temper! You should remember that offending your boss might cost you just a job; offending a client might mean losing just an order; but offending your wife could mean losing a home and a lifetime of happiness. Yet, there's one person you can offend, and that’s me. If you're upset, tired, don't raise your voice at your wife, call Mom. Mom will listen, Mom wants to listen."

This story leaves a profound impression. We encounter many people in our lives, family, friends, colleagues, classmates, partners, but no one will forgive you repeatedly like your mother. Even if you shout at her, afterward, if you apologize and acknowledge your mistake, she'll forgive you time and time again. Your mother might be the only person you dare to offend because you know she will always stand behind you, accepting everything about you. However, life's biggest failure is leaving your best smiles for others and displaying annoyance to your mother. In places she can't see, she may feel sorrow and tears due to your repeated criticisms. Only because she loves you, she deeply conceals her own scars. Nevertheless, life is brief, time is fleeting, and a mother's time with us is limited. If, in the future, your memories of your mother are filled with angry shouts from you, regret for not cherishing her, and memories of her carefulness, it will leave you with endless regret. Therefore, if your mother is still around, please give her more happiness, bring more smiles to her.

Mother, the Person Most Worthy of Your Gratitude in the World

Mothers are praised as follows: She is the vast sea, tolerating our clumsiness and stubbornness with infinite patience; she is the gentle breeze, quietly comforting our despair and defeat; she is the radiant light, concentrating on our bloom on life’s stage. Only after becoming parents do we comprehend that no matter how eloquent the words, they cannot fully express a mother’s sacrifices for us. Mothers give us life and accompany us as we slowly grow up. Calling out "mom," she unreservedly takes on all responsibilities, endures all hardships, and nurtures us to adulthood. And all we can give her is endless gratitude. A story that touched many: On a rainy day, someone found a pair of stray cats. The mother cat was no longer there, yet the kitten still thought Mom was just asleep, continually licking the body that had lost warmth. It stayed by the mother during the day, only going out to find food at night. When hungry, it drank rainwater from the street; when starved, it gnawed on twigs. It found a piece of meat in the trash, but despite its hunger, it didn't eat it. Instead, it flew back to its mother, placed the meat near her, and kept licking, as if trying to wake her up. The veterinarian discovered small stones stuffed in the kitten’s stomach. It couldn't bear to eat the good food, leaving it for Mom, feeding on twigs and stones. Animals are affectionate, but what about humans? Every mother is an extraordinary figure among the ordinary. She turns love into every fleeting moment of life. This love might seem trivial, taken for granted, and we might assume it will last forever. Yet, we fail to realize that someday, this love will vanish in an unexpected way. Time cannot be halted, life, however, comes to an end. In our limited time, we must do our best to give our mothers the best latter half of life. In "Reply 1988," there's a dialogue that often strikes the heart: "They say God is everywhere, and that's why he created mothers. When a mother reaches her mother's age, her mother is still her guardian. The title 'mother' strikes a chord." With Mother's Day approaching, may all mothers be healthy and happy, eternally happy.

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What is a Mother?

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