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Slow Down, Everything Has Its Arrangement

Lately, there's been a topic that's gained much attention: What principle do you regret not understanding earlier? One person’s response was: Impatient people won't go far. This statement is very insightful. As the saying goes, "Haste makes waste." To live a good life, while hard work is important, sustained patience is even more vital. The more one strives for greater accomplishments, the more one needs to learn to take it slowly. Many times, slow action turns out to be the most effective.

A life lived in too much haste will become a disaster. There's a real story about a young teacher who had extremely strict demands of herself and had made many plans for her life. She said, "I set a goal to be promoted to associate professor within two years, so every day I've been tirelessly writing papers and working on research. I also planned to move to a larger house, providing a better life for my children. I felt I must seize my young years, working hard; otherwise, I would fall behind, and my child would be affected." Later, due to unbearable back pain, she went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor diagnosed her with advanced breast cancer. That moment was an eye-opener for her. Seeing her one-and-a-half-year-old child, her beloved husband, and her parents aged overnight because of her illness, she was full of regret and reluctance. In her final moments, she said, "If I could start again, I'd choose to spend quality time with my child, buy my parents shoes with the money meant for a car, and not push so hard for a bigger house. To be with those I love, even in simplicity, is warm." However, life happens only once; there’s no rewinding, only cherishing the present can avoid a lifetime of regret. But sometimes, we're too eager for success, too eager for dazzling achievements, too eager to be seen as an outstanding individual in the eyes of others, which often leads to constant challenges and makes life a disaster. I deeply resonate with this: Even after giving your all, you're still just an ordinary person, so accept your ordinary self and enjoy the happiness of an ordinary person. Step by step, move forward, slow down when weary, and make adjustments promptly when making mistakes—this is the way to go further.

Slow Down, Everything Has Its Arrangement

The busier life gets, the more we should slow down.

I had a friend who has been living in a whirlwind in recent years. She runs a beauty salon, a thriving business that generates substantial income. On the family front, she takes care of her children, looks after her parents, and manages household chores seamlessly, being regarded as an "excellent wife" by many. I asked her how she managed to do this so effectively, and her response genuinely surprised me. She said, "Who said one can't balance career and family? You just didn't see the moments when I struggled in anxiety. My child will take the high school entrance exam in two years, what if he doesn't make it into a prestigious high school? In these years, the fluctuating business due to the pandemic has me contemplating whether to start another side business to be more secure. This anxiety often keeps me awake all night. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed; it's too painful!" She shook her head, saying, "Look, I'm losing my hair."

One time, she read a listener's message about being cheated by a friend for $400,000 in pursuit of profit. This made her realize that life should not be too rushed, that everything should take its course.

Since then, she consciously slowed down: no longer anxious about starting a side business, focused solely on running the beauty salon. She no longer does all the housework herself. Sometimes she does a bit more, other times she's less meticulous when pressed for time, and non-urgent tasks are put on hold. Her approach to her child's future shifted from excessive anxiety to respecting and trusting him, which improved their parent-child relationship. It is said that good results come from slow progress, and peace in the heart brings tranquillity. Rushing will hurt your feet, forcing will tire your heart. Slowing down, savouring life thoroughly, and moving through life slowly.

In life, we must pause, re-evaluate our goals, appreciate the beauty on both sides; and in daily life, learn to adjust, stay calm in busyness, not waste time in leisure, steadily moving forward at our own pace.

Slow Down, Everything Will Be Arranged

I once read a story: "During our wedding, my husband and I gave it our all to buy a house. No grand wedding, no flashy ring, just a brief honeymoon. Back then, we were short on money, but we were still happy because we believed that good days would surely come. Slowly, we built our careers, worked together, and put in joint effort. Our dreams came true one by one. Now, I am content and happy. Just do what you can, work hard, take it slowly, and everything will fall into place."

Yes, the more we're in a predicament, the more we need patience. Preserve what belongs to you and don't be hasty. Remember, the more winding the path, the more astonishing the views; a bitter script is certain to have an unexpected good ending. Believe that now is the future, and everything is arranged.

Here's a story from an internet user: A boy fell seriously ill at the age of 13, almost losing his life. In the most critical moment, the doctor declared him critical twice, and he spent a month in the ICU before being out of danger. When discharged, the boy was wheelchair-bound due to limb weakness, and the doctor said to his parents, "This child might remain like this for life." The parents were heartbroken but didn't trust those words. They massaged him every day, starting with basic movements and never gave up. The boy saw the children in the village going to school lively, feeling he was only a burden to his family, considering suicide. But deep down, he had a voice telling him not to give up, to take it slow, that his future wasn't like this.

Eleven years passed, and the boy from the past became a medical graduate from a medical university. Life works this way: going slower offers hope and surprises. In life, everything has its time. If you feel like you're in a low point in life, please don't be anxious, put in effort steadily, and wait slowly.

I wholeheartedly agree with this saying: "Life's achievements come from persistent effort and appropriate waiting." Keep calm, don't rush, move forward steadily, keep your enthusiasm, and life will arrange itself. Don't be hasty to get good things, nor to overcome difficulties. Uphills require a slow walk, and downhill needs stability. Remember, health is the most precious wealth, not to be carelessly spent. What's achieved through health will always remain fruitful. Believe that life has its moments of blooming, life has its perfect rhythm; even though life is full of ups and downs, it will surely bring beautiful results in due time. Let's take it easy, not evade, take it slow, and as we become better, happiness will come as expected.

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