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Your Sleep Schedule Determines Your Fate

"Are you sleeping well every night?"

Failing to fall asleep at night, struggling to get out of bed in the morning, feeling lethargic during the day...

However, sleep is vital to one's life. The time you go to sleep determines your fate.

People who don't sleep well have already lost from the beginning.

It's Not Just Night, It's Your Life

Staying up late isn’t just about enduring the night; it's about torturing your own life. Do you remember when you started staying up late? Initially, it might have been occasional overtime, binge-watching shows, or chatting with friends. Waking up the next day, unexpectedly feeling more energized, made you continue this stimulating nightlife.

"What's wrong with staying up late?" "I'm young and can handle it." "Everyone else is doing it; why shouldn't I?" These excuses justify your nightly habits. After three months, your sleep becomes irregular, making it hard to fall asleep. After six months, your skin deteriorates, dark circles appear, and your overall health declines. A year later, your immunity weakens, leading to obesity, hair loss, and a loss of physical strength. Until one day, your body suddenly loses control, heartbeat accelerates, weakness in the limbs, difficulty breathing...

It's at this point you realize that staying up late comes at the cost of your life. Poor sleep can lead to diseases. Your nightly sleep duration directly affects your lifespan. Several years ago, the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society conducted a study linking sleep duration and mortality rates. They found that adults sleeping 6.5 to 7.4 hours per night had the lowest mortality rates. Those sleeping less than 4.5 hours or more than 9.4 hours had significantly higher mortality rates.

Sleep reduction might not necessarily mean having more time; instead, it could shorten your lifespan. Staying up late negatively impacts your body. Never underestimate the harm of staying up late; otherwise, your life will be as hidden as those dark nights.

A Disciplined Life Starts with Sleeping Early

The experience of resolving to sleep early yet consistently failing to get to bed makes you reflect. Each time you drag yourself to bed, pick up your phone, and find yourself late-night scrolling, wasting time, leading to regret. Perhaps you intend to play for a few minutes before sleeping, but that brief period never resists the temptation of your phone.

You aim to wake up early, take care of your body, but as years pass, you find yourself sleeping later, feeling exhausted every day, almost never maintaining healthy eating. Day after day, year after year, plans shatter, and anxiety grows, yet there's no consideration of why early sleep isn't achieved.

There's an online list about "sleep corresponding to personality":

Sleeping before 9 PM: Relaxed

9-10 PM: Health Enthusiast

10-11 PM: Disciplined

11 PM to 1 AM: Social Butterfly

 After 1 AM: Night Owl

Sleep patterns reflect personality, and personality determines fate.

The main problem for those who can't seem to sleep early is a lack of discipline. Plato once said, "Self-control is a form of order, control over happiness and desire." If you can't control your daily routine, you can't master your life. Early sleep might seem insignificant, but it changes your perspectives and behavioral norms.

People who can sleep early understand the value of present joy. They grasp the beauty of a simple life. They appreciate the preciousness of time. The famous British novelist Anthony Trollope said, "The small act of sleeping early holds significant power. Consistently doing small, insignificant daily tasks surpasses difficult ones."

An hour before sleeping, put your phone away, read a few pages of a book, and as drowsiness approaches, drift off. Wake up at a set time in the morning, not allowing snoozing to be an excuse. After maintaining a regular routine, you'll find life becomes more comfortable. A disciplined life begins with sleeping early; this is the beginning of a successful life.

Truly Skilled People Control Their Sleep

Some believe, "Sleep is a practice. More important than emotional intelligence is our 'sleep intelligence.'" Sleep intelligence, as per the definition by an American psychologist:

Sleep intelligence measures how effectively your body and mind recover in a given period of sleep. Those who can calmly sleep at any time without being disturbed internally possess high sleep intelligence. These individuals find it easier to gather strength when facing challenges and think more clearly when solving problems. Life is like a battle; no one can achieve everything at once. Hence, maintaining your energy while striving is vital. As Junichi Watanabe once said, "Having good sleep is a genuine talent. Lacking this ability can affect both your health and your work focus."

A genuinely powerful individual actively manages their rest rhythm. Therefore, always remember these three sleep tips: Going to bed on time is the most important thing for everyone.

1. Create a Suitable Sleep Environment

Amidst a busy work schedule, how can you allocate time for rest? "The bedroom shouldn’t have a TV or any other electronic devices. Bring a book each night and read for an hour before going to sleep." Giving up using the phone before sleep, utilizing the bed only for sleep. Creating the best environment for sleep is the key step to successful sleep.

2. Develop a Consistent Routine

Only through a regular schedule can you achieve healthy sleep.

3. Provide Yourself with Some Mental Suggestions

Sometimes, insomnia might result from tasks left unfinished during the day. The stress of life, work problems, emotional issues... these concerns keep people awake. As the saying goes: "Forgive everything before sleeping; do not dwell on the past upon awakening." Learning to "forgive" in the mind relieves distress, making it easier to fall asleep. In life, don't neglect rest due to busyness, or stay awake all night due to anxiety. Proper sleep is the cure for all troubles.

Sleeping well means you've won. "How to get through the lows of life?" A good night's sleep truly is the best remedy. No matter how troubled you are, a good night's sleep will dissipate all difficulties. Even in extreme exhaustion, a good night's sleep brings peace to body and mind. No matter how chaotic life is, a good night's sleep makes your mind tranquil. Sleep soundly, welcome a new day. Give yourself the chance to relax, sleep well, and worries will disappear. A good night's sleep brings mental delight, and good fortune naturally follows. Like this post, wish you goodnight. May you have pleasant dreams and peaceful sleep every night. From tonight, become a happy person by sleeping well.

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