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Be Kind to Yourself, Don't Get Angry

Of all the emotions, anger is the most detestable and violent. Indeed, anger not only fails to solve problems but also triggers a series of issues in life, work, and relationships. Moreover, it can harm our bodies, leading individuals to unknowingly fall into frustration, congestion, and even result in the formation of nodules and other diseases. Thus, adjusting our emotions is crucial in dealing with ourselves and life.

When you feel anger, try silently reciting the following three sentences. Keeping calm leads to a naturally balanced state of mind.

Anger is punishing yourself for others' mistakes. Why do people feel angry?

Perhaps because they feel that others' rudeness offends them or others' selfishness infringes upon their interests. Anger arises as a means to vent internal dissatisfaction.

However, anger does not resolve issues but instead creates a series of troubles in life and work. Worse, it can damage your health.

"Anger is punishing yourself for others' mistakes."

There was a reported incident: A man passing through a toll booth suddenly began knocking on his car window seeking help, claiming his wife suddenly experienced limb paralysis and difficulty breathing.

Upon questioning by the staff, it was revealed that the woman in the car had argued with her husband over trivial household matters. She felt her husband was not understanding enough, which made her more and more angry. Quickly, she began experiencing numbness in her arms and legs and even felt oxygen-deprived in her head.

Fortunately, due to timely medical assistance, the woman's symptoms quickly subsided. However, not everyone might be as lucky.

In a state of extreme anger, individuals might likely develop respiratory alkalosis. Those affected might exhibit symptoms such as numbness in the lips and limbs, chest tightness, palpitations, and high blood pressure in milder cases. Severe cases might lead to fainting, disorientation, and could even result in coronary ischemia.

Clearly, anger can sometimes pose a threat to life. However, it's not the person who angered you but yourself who ends up bearing this. Therefore, no matter the situation, it's important to advise oneself not to get angry. After all, in this world, nothing is worth trading your physical health for.

When facing unpleasantness, ask yourself first: Can I resolve this? If you can, try your best to do so. If not, then let it go.

Anger Begins with Foolishness and Ends with Regret

Some people, due to anger, affect their own health; others ruin their own prospects because of anger. However, almost all anger begins with foolishness and ends with regret.

The character for "anger" in Chinese, "" (nù), has the radical for "slave" on top and "heart" at the bottom. Once immersed in the trap of anger, you become a slave to your own mindset, led by the nose with the word "anger."

In that moment, due to a temporary loss of control over anger, you may commit irreversible mistakes. Therefore, if you wish to avoid regret and unnecessary trouble, you must learn to control your emotions.

As the saying goes, "Calmness brings wisdom." Only when you calm down can you find the energy and time to discover the best solutions to problems.

Being Enterprising Is Better Than Being Angry, Changing Is Better Than Complaining

Everyone experiences the seven emotions and six desires; it's a common human experience. Happiness can turn into sadness, and tranquility can become anger. However, anger is the most powerless weapon for the incompetent.

Truly wise people understand that being enterprising is better than being angry, reading is better than arguing, and changing is better than complaining. There's a story of a young artist who received a commission from a merchant. The merchant agreed to pay the artist $10,000 for the artwork, allowing the artist creative freedom. However, when the young artist finished the painting, the merchant, seeing the artist's limited fame, only wanted to settle for $3,000. Though the artist felt unhappy, he said only two words: "Not selling."

Subsequently, the young artist became more diligent, continuously honing skills and expanding knowledge. Many years later, he became a renowned artist and held an exhibition. The paintings displayed at the exhibition left the merchant sweating; a painting that once cost only a fraction now held a value of over $100,000.

There's a saying: "When you are weak, bad people are numerous." This is because, during such times, they might bully you without consequences. However, once you become strong, the world will perceive you differently.

Therefore, when facing unpleasant situations, don't just release your anger; instead, contemplate how to transform this energy. When you invest time and effort into self-improvement, not only will you discover the endless possibilities of life, but you'll also leave behind those who once made you angry.

Ultimately, true growth comes from managing one's emotions. When you learn to let emotions flow, live peacefully, and release extreme emotions, you'll find inner peace, and life will flow more smoothly.

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