Friday, November 25, 2022

Work harder when you are younger to make your life easier later

Learn to deal with crises early, and employers prefer to employ younger people nowadays. For example, after the age of thirty-five, it is difficult for people to find jobs, let alone those without skills.

Most people will not realize it and when they really reach that age, they realize that it is too late. Some people may have heard of it way before, but they feel that it has nothing to do with them. When that day comes, if you don’t have any experience with a stable job, you will need to accept jobs of lower pay. If you look at the employment websites, you will realize that many companies do not want to consider employing people over the age of 35.It is not because they are not skilled and unfamiliar with the business, but because they feel that they are getting older, they do not have the vitality, passion, or hard work of young people. With so many young people out of work now, how can it be their turn? Those over 40 years old will have more difficulty to find a job. They can only do things that young people are unwilling to do, such as security guards, doormen, sanitation workers, and coolies on and off the construction site. There's really nothing left to choose from.

When you are young, you should work harder and think about your future. When you are in your 30s or 40s, a person's burden is the heaviest. There are elders and kids to take care of. If the other half does not have a stable job, and the burden is all on you, if you have no job and no income at this time. Then you can imagine how tough your life will be.

When you are young, it is time to lay a good foundation for yourself and not waste a lot of time sleeping, playing, enjoying. Although you enjoy it when you are young, what follows is the real beginning of your misery. So we should learn as soon as possible, to work hard, to struggle. When you reach a certain age, you want to work hard and struggle, but you find that you have no time or opportunity to do that, because you have to earn money to support your family, you can live frugally, but how do you support your family? . We all make mistakes when we are young, but probably not many people really realize they are wrong. Some people say that we don't even know we made mistakes, so how can we correct and change ourselves?

The first thing to do is to learn to study, to read, and to improve one's own cognition. Now people's living standards have improved, and young people are not like people in their teens and twenties who have to take up family responsibilities when they start a family and start a business.

Today's people always feel that they are under a lot of pressure with heavy burden, but if you look at each generation, which generation is not under much pressure. Don't always use such reasons as an excuse , If you don't believe it, go home and chat with your parents, chat with your grandparents, and see how they lived at that time. If you don't cherish it now, don't work hard, the days of suffering and tiring are waiting for you later!

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Learn to stay awake at all time and make less detours in life

Friday, November 18, 2022

Learn to stay awake at all times and make less detours in life

Every single step counts in life!

Each of our lives is a live broadcast, with no replays, no pauses, and no way to start all over again. So we must learn to wake up early. Each of us is not a god, and we make mistakes. But we must keep ourselves awake and realize our mistakes as soon as possible.

A person's life is incomplete without making mistakes. So don't grieve over your mistakes, but get out of the wrong path and get back on the right track as soon as possible. It is difficult for many people to realize their mistakes. When the mistakes have a certain level of impact, they will wake up. A petty thief may feel that he will be fine if he steals something from someone else if he is not found out. Slowly, he will always take a fluke. When he is caught one day, he will realize that he is doing something wrong, when the greed gets out of control, he may never have the chance to look back! It's not that he don't know he has made a mistake, it's that his greed has taken over his mind.

As everyone makes mistakes in work, life, love, family and so on, we have to learn to find mistakes and get out of them as soon as possible.

Some people can realize their mistakes, but it is difficult to correct them. This is because they have not realized the seriousness of the problem. For example, if you usually smoke, you know that it is harmful to the body, but it is difficult to quit. But if it seriously threatens your life, most people will quit, and smoking will be negligible relative to physical health.

If a person is not serious at work, he will realize that he should have worked hard in his younger days when he has kids as well elders to take care of. As long as you can realize your own problems, and you are willing to change and correct your mistakes, you will have less detours in life.

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Poor People are more generous than the Rich?

Friday, November 11, 2022

Poor people are more generous than the rich?

We often heard that the richer the people are, the stingier they become, and the poorer people are more generous. In fact, it does not mean that rich people are really reluctant to spend money. They know that money is very hard to earn, and they will spend on the necessary but definitely not wasting it. The poor on the other hand like to save face, their hard earn money are used to pay for their meals with their friends, buying branded items for everything.

I came to know of an acquaintance, he is just an ordinary company employee getting a fixed salary every month, but when he saw other people buy branded clothes, watches, mobile phones, cars, etc., he also want to follow suit. A friend asked him, you don't have much salary a month, but your salary cannot match the standard of living right? He said with a wry smile, he borrowed from friends, relatives, credit cards, from whatever sources as long as he could borrow, and he was overwhelmed with just paying the interest every month. And soon enough, there was no source of income during the epidemic, and all the borrowers are rushing to repay the money. He sold almost everything he could, and finally sought help from his family members to repay the debt.

For the poor, the most excessive thing is having lots of time. Time passes so slowly during work, time is spent to play games, watch TV etc. All the time is wasted and nothing is achieved in the end.

Rich people feel that they don’t have enough time every day. They either try to make more money, or try to improve their abilities and make themselves better and better everyday. Even if there are many things that cannot be done during the epidemic, it is a pity that time is wasted in vain so they are either studying or researching how to carry out work more effectively. Learn to solve some challenging problems. After the epidemic, you will find that the gap between the poor and the rich is getting wider and wider. Because the rich are using this time to improve themselves, while the poor is spending time playing games, watching TV, and wasting time.

Most of the poor people like to sleep in late, and they sleep until late in the afternoon. I have seen some people sleep all day when they have nothing to do.  If you spend most of the day sleeping, how can you still have time for anything else.

Rich people are looking for time to study every day, and try to control their sleeping time to the minimum. Some people sleep only four or five hours a day. No matter how late they sleep, they will still work on time the next day, and still being energetic. People who are as good as others are working hard, and we have no reason not to.

Rich people eliminate the unimportant things in their lives. For example, they rarely waste time, they insist on getting up early every day, exercising, dealing with work, and recharging themselves for study. It is because they have bigger goals and more things to learn.

The poorer the people are, the more generous they are. Time, money, work and study can all be wasted, but what cannot be wasted is sleeping, eating, drinking and having fun. They think that's the most important thing. So it's getting poorer in the end!

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8 Sentences that make you strong

Friday, November 4, 2022

8 Sentences That Make You Strong

1. Always keep 30% mysterious

Absolute honesty to others is absolute harm to yourself.

​It is likened to the trailer for the movies, and when it is not well done, it becomes boring.

​As soon as you know someone, revealing yourself completely will make people disdain to get closer to you, because you have nothing much to understand.

​When talking with ordinary people, only reveal 30%, when talking with acquaintances, only 50%, when talking with family members, only 70%,

​When you have your own secrets, it gives people more desire to understand you.

2. Low-quality social interaction is not as good as high-quality solitude.

​​When children quarrel, they will always say, "I will never be friends with you again." Adults don't need to say it, they just don't keep in touch.


3. Never aim for things beyond your means

Beautiful women are pleasing to the eyes, and virtuous women are pleasing to the heart;

​​When you are not strong enough, you should be less greedy for women who are too beautiful

​Any person or event can bring you as much happiness as it will bring you the same amount of pain.


4. Others can laugh at themselves, but you cannot follow along.

​Communicate with people and know how to "report good news instead of bad news"

​When someone asks about our impression of others, if you can praise it, don’t just say it’s okay, and if you can say it’s okay, don’t belittle it.

​Same caring words, but if you word it differently, the meaning will be different.

Be careful 

Be careful on the road

Be careful of being hit by a car on the road

​The third sentence is the truth, but often people don’t like to hear the truth.


5. You don't have to stab people, but you must have thorns on your body.

Good people are rewarded, but nice people don't.

​I can treat you to dinner for 1,000, or drink 2,000 of wine, but you have to pay back the 100 you owe me. This is the rule.

​No matter what your relationship is, whether it involves money, you must make a clear distinction.

​​Economic ability is proportional to the right to speak at home


6. Don't be lazy

"Help me make a ppt?", "Send me one of this thing?" These are not desirable.

​One's results doesn't come out of thin air, it comes from time or money.

​People who are unwilling to come out after calling twice, don't make an appointment next time. The strong do not like to be in the company of the weak.

​Sometimes some people don't seem to care about you at all. Don't be complacent, but it's because you are not important at all.


7. When hesitating to eat or not, do not eat;

When hesitant to buy or not, do not buy;

When you are hesitant to do it, do it now!

​“Actions” always have to keep up with “ideas”

​If you want to do something, you must take action. Accidents may be one step faster than tomorrow. Some regrets are irreparable for life.

​If you want to go to a distant place, you have to find a way to feel it; what you want to do, you can do it even if you are not ready.


8. Society is not that complicated, what is complicated is the human heart

​No matter what the outside world is like, what can affect you is actually the few people around you.

​There is no ability to change the world; at least you can choose who to walk with.

3 secrets men must understand:

1. When you get richer and richer, someone will naturally like you.

2. When you don't take your feelings seriously, your pain is much less.

3. What hurts you is not the unfeeling of the other party, but the persistence of your fantasies. 

6 sentences to make you sober:

1. Stupid people do not have enough intelligence to know they are stupid. This is really a helpless thing.

​The speed at which you find yourself stupid = the speed at which you can make money in the future

2. When an era is over, but the people of that era is still alive. This is a cruel, but very common thing. ​Most people come from the past and live in modern times with the thoughts of ancient people. 

3. Don't always feel that others look down on you. In fact, you worry too much, and others can't see you at all. Having no money and always wanting to talk about dignity is the modern version of the emperor's new clothes.

4. Why don't others reason with you?

​First, he is much stronger than you, and it is enough to crush you directly.

Second, you are too stupid to understand the truth.

​Confidence is a double-edged sword. When you meet someone who is better than you, trusting him is more effective than trusting yourself.

5. Everyone is not born equal, you work very hard, and the final destination may not be as good as the starting line of others.

The world above the clouds cannot be seen by the naked eye, nor the darkness hidden under the sun. The cheapest thing in this world is that you are poor and you always want to be a good person.

6. Life is like this. There are always countless people watching you live, but there are always very few people who help you.

Don't try to make real friends when you're not strong enough.

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Tips on making working night shift & staying up late is not so harmful

Friday, October 28, 2022

Tips on making working night shift & staying up late not so harmful

This is what I have been practising and I am going to share with you guys because I think it is very good. You can also try it if your work requires frequent night shifts or overnight shifts.

1. If you have already decided to be on duty, or work after 12 o'clock, when it is 12 o'clock, you should find a chance to sleep or take a nap. Not much, 10 minutes, just 10 minutes. It doesn't matter if you sleep or not, as long as you close your eyes and rest for 10 minutes, you will feel that you can go on again, like fast charging. Note that the time must be 12 o'clock, not 11 o'clock, not 12:30.

This is especially for useful for nurses. Each hospital department may be different, if your department is more humane, you can try leaning on the chair for 10 minutes. Don't lie down!! ! You raise your head, or move your chair to lean somewhere, and squint for 10 minutes.

2. Make up sleep after the night shift, don't fall back to sleep as soon as you go back. Don't be like this; the most tiring thing about night shifts is that when you get older, you can't make up for the night shift, even resting for a few days. This kind of sleeping method of falling asleep does not achieve the effect of relieving fatigue at all.

You can consider sleeping like this: For morning and afternoon, get up no matter how hard it is.

For example, if you get off work at 4:00 in the middle of the night, come back and set the alarm clock and sleep until 10:00, get up to eat something, and take a walk on the balcony to see the green plants and the sun. Then take a nap at 11:30 or 12, sleep until 3 or 4, get up for a walk and play, and  have dinner. If you still feel tired, you can use the foot soaking bag that nourishes and sleeps at night, soak your feet, and then go to bed early, you can sleep at 7 o'clock without any problem.

This sleeping method can restore your physical and mental strength. Go to work in good spirits the next day!!

If you stay up all night and get off work at 8 or 9 in the morning, the same goes to you, you have to wake up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and the following steps are the same as above.

This kind of sleeping method seems to be very frustrating, especially every time I wake up, but if you give it a try, it can really supplement your physical strength!!

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Come and see what is missing in your body?

Friday, October 21, 2022

Come and see what is missing in your body?

1. With white hair: lack of "folic acid, vitamin B6"

2. Dry skin: lack of "vitamin A"

3. Hair loss: lack of "lysine".

4. Rhinitis: lack of "B vitamins, vitamin C"

5. Yellow eyelid: lack of "vitamin E"

6. Dry and yellow hair: lack of "vitamin E"

7. Swollen gum and bleeding: lack of "vitamin C, vitamin K"

8. Tone: lack of "vitamin B, vitamin C"

9. Acne, freckles: lack of "vitamin C"

10. Sleeping leg cramps: lack of "calcium and magnesium"

11. Eye bags, dark circles: lack of "vitamin E"

12. Vertical Ridges in Fingernails: lack of "protein"

13. Acne: Lack of "vitamin E, vitamin A"

14. Athlete's foot: lack of "B vitamins"

15. Dull hair: lack of "vitamin A, vitamin E"

16. More dandruff: lack of "selenium, vitamin B2"

17. Oral ulcers: lack of "protein or vitamin B2"

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10 Advices for Life

Friday, October 14, 2022

10 Advices for Life

1. Learning ability

Keep learning. After the age of 30, people's desire and energy for learning will plummet like a roller coaster, so the best time to study is now. When you enter the society, you will rediscover the meaning of learning: you need to deal with people, so learn the art of communication; you need to work in the media, so you learn media operations; you work in an office, so you learn to write articles and learn photography; keep yourself in a state of "charging" all the time.


2. Social Power

Build effective networking. The rich have a wider social circle than the poor, and unlike our usual belief, such a social circle is not waiting for you to "get rich" "It only started to build after that, but it is constantly enriched in the process. Start learning to expand new social circles through work relationships and existing social channels.


3. Health Power

Live a healthy life. All physical functions of a person will reach their peak in their 20s, and then start to decline. If you don't pay attention, wait until 5 years have passed. Even if you have achieved work results, you will be half bald at that time. , Potbellied, having sallow complexion, gastrointestinal disorders... After the age of 30, there are more opportunities to face, and there are still so many years in the future, what are you going to do? When you establish a set of regular habits from work and rest to diet and exercise, you can spend the least amount of energy and get the best health.


4. Economic power

Learn financial management from scratch. The meaning of learning financial management is not to let you invest, but to establish the concept of financial "income and expenditure". The biggest problem of many people is not that they earn less or spend more, but they don’t know how the money they earn is spent. Start by keeping a monthly income and expenditure record to see how much money you earn and how much you spend. Remember, the best way to manage money for all people is to save.


5. Affectionate

Take care of your parents now. Many young people who work hard outside often have such a mentality: I don't have time to take care of my parents now, but when I develop, I will make up for it. In fact, after the age of 30, your parents will truly enter old age, facing a series of problems such as health and retirement, and some of them will leave you early or "forget" before you even get "developed". you". If a person is working hard in the city, he should always call them, learn to understand their worries, ramblings, and dullness, take out part of your income to buy insurance for their parents, ask them to have a medical examination every year, and occasionally bring them out. Go out for walks, climbing the mountains and looking at the sea while they could still move. Your parents will always be your strongest backing in your struggles outside.


6. Emotional power

Learn to deal with emotions. This is also a problem that plagues many people, especially some negative emotions, such as irritability, depression, sadness, jealousy, etc., will greatly affect a person's behavior and choices. If you want not to be a slave to your emotions, you must start paying attention to your emotions in your 20s, learn how to regulate negative emotions, how to intentionally create positive emotions, and keep yourself in a healthy and positive mood.


7. Execution

Eliminate procrastination. The essence of procrastination is confrontation.. There are many ways to combat procrastination, but the one that works the most for me is to establish and break down goals. You only have to set yourself a plan like "achieve certificate in your profession" ", and in a few months to start preparing to review and prepare for the exam” and so on. Setting yourself a goal and breaking it down will keep you from escaping because there is a "deadline" everywhere.


8. Interest

Stick to a few long-term interests. We all have many interests and hobbies when we are young, but not all of them can last for a long time, especially after working. Imagine the boring life with no hobbies at all. After a day of busy work, go singing and playing with friends, or completely immersed in another activity that attracts your full attention, is actually the most helpful to relieve work fatigue. More importantly, some persistent interests, under certain conditions, may accidentally become a sideline that changes your destiny.


9. Image

Reshape your personal image. From the age of 25 to 30, this may be your last chance to change your image, because at this time you begin to have some financial strength and can change your personal image in all aspects from clothing, skin care, makeup, hairstyle, etc. according to your needs. You should also pay more attention to your external image in these 5 years.


10. Innovation

Learn to let go and forget. This is a very important ability for people in their 20s. Life is likened to travelling. When you have too many things on you, you can't continue to travel light. Some things are to be given up and forgotten. For example, when you were young, the relationship that turned sour, the friendship that parted ways or the difficulty to get through college, the embarrassment when you failed a course... These you once thought would affect your life it’s actually not as important as you think, you should forget it. There are more important things waiting for you to do. If you don’t empty the memories of the past, you can’t begin a new story.

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